Kevyn Aucoin Beauty Just Made it Easier Than Ever to Get the ’90s Supermodel Look

Kevyn Aucoin Beauty Just Made it Easier Than Ever to Get the ’90s Supermodel Look

 Kevyn Aucoin puts make-up on model Cindy Crawford in the '90s

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Naomi + Cindy + Linda + Christy = everything, forever and ever. On September 20, Apple TV+ premiered its new documentary The Super Models, which follows the careers of ‘90s-and-forever icons Naomi Campbell, Cindy Crawford, Linda Evangelista, and Christy Turlington. Airing in four parts, the series showcases the four superstars’ rise to fame and everything that came after—as well as those they worked with along the way.

Back when they originally ran the runways, there was one makeup artist these visions turned to time and time again: the brilliant Kevyn Aucoin.

“I was not going to go to any other person but Kevyn’s chair. There was always a line, but I just was like, I’m not going anywhere else,” Naomi Campbell said in the 2017 film Larger Than Life, which focused on Aucoin’s legacy. Even Carrie Bradshaw called him a genius when he had a cameo on Sex and the City.

While Aucoin sadly passed away in 2002, his genius lives on through his makeup line, Kevyn Aucoin Beauty—not to mention the sculpted faces we see each and every day. To celebrate the long-anticipated documentary and pay even more homage to the artist and his muses, the brand curated a limited-edition set—aptly named the ’90s Supermodel Glam Set ($152)—inspired by the looks Kevyn helped immortalize.

Ahead, everything you need to know about the set.

Kevyn Aucoin products next to his book, "Making Faces"

Kevyn Aucoin Beauty

The Inspiration

Aucoin is partially to thank for plenty of iconic beauty trends (see: overlined lips, skinny brows. sculpted “supermodel” eyes and cheeks). Still, there’s one look in particular the new set is based on: the “neutral” look he crafted for Naomi Campbell.

“Paying homage to the era that gave birth to iconic beauty trends that stood the test of time, this limited-edition collection is a tribute to the legendary makeup artist Kevyn Aucoin and the supermodels who became his muses,” says the brand. "This bundle equips you with the essentials to recreate flawless ‘90s makeup looks with a modern twist.”

 Kevyn Aucoin applies makeup to supermodel Naomi Campbell backstage at a Todd Oldham fall line fashion show

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The Products

The '90s Supermodel Glam Set features four products that exude the models’ timeless glamor: Lip Definer in New Nude, a classic brown lip pencil; Volume Mascara, Contrast Stick in Chiseled, a contour stick in a neutral shade; Lighting Glass in Soft Light, a glowy champagne highlighter stick; and Glass Glow Lip in Spectrum Bronze, a bronze shimmer lip gloss.

While there are certain things from the ‘90s that we’d rather leave in the past (Linda Evangelista said she never wants to hear her famous “I won’t get out of bed for less than $10,000 a day” quote again in The Super Models episode 3), the glam isn’t one of them, and this kit is the perfect jumping-off point.

Kevyn Aucoin '90s supermodel set products on a white background Kevyn Aucoin Beauty ’90s Supermodel Glam Set $152.00 Shop

How to Get the Look

Kevyn Aucoin was the expert, and his tips are still top tier. But remember: he was a full face kind of guy. To really get the look, you have to go all in.

According to Kevyn Aucoin Beauty, you’ll want to start with your favorite primer, foundation, and concealer, setting up your canvas for the main event. Then, contour your face with the Contrast Stick and use the Lighting stick to accentuate the high points of your cheeks.

For your eyes, sweep on Volume Mascara. And keep applying! You’re going for a “defined, full-volume look.”

Finally, outline (like, over-outline) your lips with Kevyn’s Lip Definer and swipe on the set’s bronze-y Glass Glow Lip gloss. If anyone asks you to do anything today, make like Linda and tell them to pay up.

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