30 Fall Wedding Makeup Ideas for Every Autumn Bride, From Glam to Natural

Close up of a woman in shimmering eye makeup with glossy lips

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Every season has its charms, but there’s something particularly magical about autumn—the nip in the air, the cozy wardrobe, and, of course, the rustic color palette. If you’re tying the knot during the ‘ber months, the season’s chilly evenings and turning leaves can provide plenty of wedding makeup inspo. Be it a smoldering eye look in deep tones, a rich lipstick moment (or both), there are many ways to channel fall in a style that’s uniquely yours. Ahead, we’ve rounded up 30 makeup looks to inspire any and every autumn bride.

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Cinnamon Lids

Close up of a model with cinnamon eyeshadow and frosty pink lips

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If you want to incorporate autumn into your wedding makeup while keeping things natural, cinnamon eyeshadow is a great way to do so. Here, the lids are tightly lined with black liner, complemented by a touch of glossy pink lipstick.

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Mega Glam

woman wearing black eyeliner on both top and bottom of the eyes and sheer nude lipgloss

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Glam up your autumn wedding makeup by contouring your face, lining your eyes with intense, sharp liner, and finishing with a lip that’s both glossy and shaped to perfection. If you’re wearing a strapless dress, highlight your shoulders and collarbone for maximum impact.

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Blushing Bride

woman wearing taupe eyeshadow on the lids with rose shadow on the bottom lashline

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Don't be afraid to utilize and play with color on your wedding day, especially if you're the type of bride who wants to come up with something creative. Mauve blush tones under the eyes, taupe shadow on the lids, and glossy, rosy lips take autumn bridal makeup to the next level.

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Cranberry Crush

woman wearing soft peach eyeshadow and matte cranberry lipstick

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Cranberry is a hue we see everywhere in autumn, making it a great lipstick shade for an autumn wedding. Paired with rose gold lids and smudged-out eyeliner, we want to wear this look all season (and beyond).

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Natural Glam

woman wearing thin black eyeliner on the bottom lashline and natural rose toned lipstick

@brittsully / Instagram

If you want to enhance your look without going full glam, consider liner on the waterline, soft blush, and a satin, rose-toned lipstick. The result is the perfect natural wedding makeup look that’s both elevated and you.

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Sparkle and Shine

Close up of a model with silvery eyeshadow and cranberry, glossy lips

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If your wedding is a Black tie or formal event, lean into the occasion with shimmery, sparkly makeup. Glistening shadow, stellar falsies, and glossy plum lipstick demonstrate how fun autumn wedding makeup can be.

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Romantic Touch

woman in sheer pink eyeshadow paired with a matte raspberry colored lip

@brittsully / Instagram

Add a touch of romance to your autumn wedding makeup by taking inspo from old Hollywood. Matte, flushed skin, lightly-shadowed eyes, and raspberry lips create an ethereal look with a glamorous twist.

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Shimmery Smoke

Close up of a model with smoky eyes and a cranberry lip

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Switch up your traditional smoky eye by utilizing colors like metallic blues and lilac. The shimmery finish on these shadows is the perfect way to dress up your makeup look for an autumn wedding.

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The Latte Effect

woman wearing smoky brown eyeshadow with a pale muted nude lipstick

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Pairing bronze and brown tones is a great way to achieve contour and depth. The soft browns, nudes, and highlights all blend to create a latte-inspired makeup look you’ll want to wear beyond your big day.

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The Eyes Have It

woman wearing deep green eyeliner on the bottom lashline in a wing style with sheer nude lips

@brittsully / Instagram

Add a twist to your wedding makeup look by incorporating a color you might not normally wear. This lovely green accent, applied as liner to the bottom lashes, gives us something we didn’t know we needed. Tom Ford Beauty’s Eyeshadow Palette in Dark Opulence ($90) is ideal for recreating this unique look.

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Bold Lips, Soft Eyes

woman wearing golden bronze eyeshadow with a bold blue toned red lipstick

@brittsully / Instagram

If bold lips are your thing, you can’t go wrong with wearing one on your wedding day (especially in the crisp autumn season). Paired with soft, shimmering eyeshadow and just enough blush, this look shows how stunning a power lip can be on your big day. Chanel Beauty’s Ultrawear Liquid Lip Color in Daring Red ($45) holds up all day and night for maximum wear.

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Going Grey

actress sophie turner with a grey smoky eye with matte rose toned lipstick

@georgieeisdell / Instagram

Instead of the traditional black tones, opt for something a bit softer for your smoky eye, like this grey palette. Matte rose lipstick and lightly contoured skin tie the look together for maximum effect.

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Au Naturale

woman wearing soft brown eyeshadow all around the eye with bold brows and a light pinkish brown toned lipstick

@amelmakeup / Instagram

Incorporating autumn hues like this soft, chocolate brown on the eyes and keeping the rest of your complexion natural is suitable for any bride who wants to add a touch of sophistication without the drama.

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Not So Subtle

woman with black liner smudged on the bottom lashes and light berry lip gloss

@beasweetbeauty / Instagram

Incorporating a statement moment into your wedding makeup—like this liner applied to the bottom lashline, softly smudged outward—is a great way to achieve a show-stopping look. We love how the rest of the makeup is natural, with glossy lips and glowing skin, making the eyes the focal point (and leaving a lasting impression).

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It's Giving Glam

woman wearing smoky eyeshadow with black liquid eyeliner and creamy rose lipstick with prominent freckles

@vivis_makeup / Instagram

Elevate your autumn wedding makeup by enhancing your eyes and lips for a super glam look. Here, the eyes are lined thick with liquid liner, the lips are shaped with rose-toned satin lipstick, the brows are bold, and the lashes are curled and voluminous. What’s not to love? Surratt Beauty’s Auto-Graphique Liquid Eyeliner ($44) has a precise tip to help you draw the perfect line.

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The Smokier, The Better

woman wearing dark black smoky eye paired with a nude lipstick that has a touch of gloss applied with brushed up eyebrows

@amelmakeup / Instagram

Smoky eyes are absolutely encouraged for autumn brides—which is why this dramatic eye is everything and more when it comes to inspiration. The smoky shadow is applied perfectly (well-blended without looking messy), and the nude lipstick brings a lovely balance to the entire look.

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Inner Highlight

woman wearing light taupe eyeshadow with gold highlight in the inner corners and natural toned lipgloss with defined eyebrows

@amelmakeup / Instagram

Taupe shadow with a mesmerizing highlight applied to the inner corners of the eyes is an excellent way to step up any natural makeup look for an autumn wedding. Add in glossy lips and defined brows to make just the right statement.

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Bold Cat Eye

woman wearing smoky eyeshadow in a graphic wing liner shape with matte nude light tan lipstick and defined brows and cheekbones

@claudiu.burca / Instagram

If you’re a bride who wants to go bold, this cat eye is nothing short of hypnotic. Up the drama by blending a smoky black eyeshadow in a wing shape that extends outward from the tip and bottom lash line.

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Metallic Accent

woman wearing gold glitter in the crease of the lid with black wing liner and false lashes paired with a light pink nude liptick

@claudiu.burca / Instagram

Gold is always in style, especially for autumn wedding inspiration, which is why this eye look—with metallic gold details in the crease—is just *chef’s kiss* in our book.

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Lip Service

Actress Li Jun Li with dramatic makeup including fluttery lashes and bold lips

@danessa_myricks / Instagram

Berry lipstick is the move for an autumn wedding look guaranteed to turn heads. Whether you prefer a cream, matte, or sheer formula, you can’t go wrong with this color.

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Sculpted Skin, Glossy Lips

actress ella balinska with glowing skin with natural eye makeup and shiny crimson red lipstick

@makeupvincent / Instagram

Minimal eye makeup, sculpted and highlighted skin, and a glossy, deep red lip just feels right for an autumn wedding look. With this look, all features are enhanced, and there's harmony between the different colors and textures.

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Chic Smoke

woman wearing a grey smoky eye with brushed eyebrows, dewy skin and very natural brown toned nude lipstick

@pennyantuar / Instagram

Continuing with the theme of smoky eye makeup, you can create a chic smoky eye by blending a grey shadow on the top lid and lining underneath the eyes with the same shadow. The skin is glowing, the lips are naturally nude, and the brows are shaped to perfection.

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Monochromatic Moment

woman wearing a monochromatic makeup look with rosy pink eyeshadow, blush, and lipgloss

@pennyantuar / Instagram

A monochromatic look guarantees your makeup will be harmonious. Pink on the lids, cheeks, and lips gives new meaning to the phrase "blushing bride."

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Espresso Lids, Chocolate Lips

woman wearing a black smoky eye with chocolate lipstick

@aniamilczarczyk / Instagram

Pairing espresso brown eyeshadow and chocolate lipstick creates a makeup look that is smoldering and sweet. Use Victoria Beckham Beauty’s Satin Kajal Eyeliner in Cocoal ($30) to line the top and bottom lashes and as a base on the lids.

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Intense Eyes

woman wearing black kohl eyeliner around the top and bottom of the eyes with soft rose toned blush and lipstick

@aniamilczarczyk  / Instagram

The way this black liner shapes the top and bottom lash line amps up the drama. Intensify your eyeliner by using a kohl formula that glides on easily.

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Soft Yet Sharp

woman wearing an intense smoky eye with a smudged out wing shape in the outer corner of the eyes with matte skin and light plum lip color

@priscillaono / Instagram

Create visual interest by drawing on a sharp line and wing around the eyes, then blending it out softly toward the outer corner. (We also have to shout out the gorgeous plum lips and perfectly defined brows in this look.)

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Stunning Detail

actress rachel zegler wearing intense black eyeliner on the bottom lashline that extends out in a wing shape towards the outer corners of the eyes and a light pink glossy lip color

@makeupvincent / Instagram

A sharp wing detail with an abstract twist instantly elevates your makeup look from day to night. Lips are simple to keep all the attention where it should be—those mesmerizing eyes.

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Warm and Rich

woman wearing warm brown tones on the eyes with intense black eyeliner lining both the top and bottom and a mocha brown and pink toned lipstick with a glossy finish

@davidrazzano / Instagram

The warmer and richer the palette for autumn bridal makeup, the better—especially when paired with a smoldering black liner. Finish with a few coats of volumizing mascara or falsies for maximum impact.

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Make a Statement

woman wearing a graphic wing liner on the top lashline and a matte nude lipstick

@davidrazzano / Instagram

If you want to make a statement with your wedding day makeup, get creative with a graphic winged liner look.

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Rusty Hues

woman wearing cinnamon brown toned shadow with intense black liner lining both the top and bottom eye area, pink blush and peach glossy lipstick

@aniamilczarczyk / Instagram

Rust eyeshadow enhances nearly every eye color and looks especially gorgeous paired with peach lipstick and blush. To add some length and fullness to your lashes, try Ardell Beauty’s easily customizable Naked Trios ($12).

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