Matcha Latte Makeup Is a Gorgeous Green Update to the TikTok-Approved Trend

Matcha Latte Makeup Is a Gorgeous Green Update to the TikTok-Approved Trend

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Everyone loves a latte makeup moment, but in the world of beauty, we’re always looking forward to what’s next. And this time, we don’t have to look very far. Allow us to introduce you to matcha latte makeup, a fun twist on the original trend. In this iteration, picture the creamy matcha latte you pick up at your local coffee shop, but on your eyes. Combining a bronzey face with creamy pops of green on shadow or eyeliner on the lids, matcha latte makeup is the gorgeous green trend you’ll see everywhere this fall. 

As celebrity makeup artist Melissa Murdick (AKA Selena Gomez’s go-to MUA) told us, “The main difference between the latte makeup look and matcha latte makeup is the use of green shades on the eyes, and lip and cheek shades that compliment the green, instead of fully monochromatic brown.” Intrigued? Continue reading to find out all about the trend and how to create your very own matcha latte makeup looks at home.

The Trend

Rachel Rigler first coined “latte makeup” on TikTok in June of 2023, and since then, it has completely taken off. With matcha latte makeup, however, there isn’t a specific person who is owed credit. “I first saw matcha latte makeup on TikTok after the original latte makeup look became popular, and people started doing spinoff versions,” says Murdick. “Thus, the matcha latte look was born.”

Close up of Byrdie associate social media director Star Donaldson in green and brown matcha makeup

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Specifically, “matcha latte makeup is focused on pastel to mid-tone shades of green surrounding the eyes,” Murdick tells Byrdie. “It’s often paired with other trends… like softly-filled, fluffy brows, dewy, bronzed skin, and glossy lips with a slightly deeper lip liner.”

And since matcha latte makeup is all about embracing the eyes, it’s important not to go too overboard on the rest of the face.”When doing matcha latte makeup, you don’t want to compete with the eyes,” shares Murdick. “Don’t go too bright with the lips and cheeks. Also, make sure you stick to hydrating, creamy products on the skin. Matte foundation, too much powder, or powder blush or bronzer can make the skin look flat and heavy, so save those for another look. Keeping the skin fresh provides a really pretty contrast to the matcha shade on the eyes.”

How to Do Matcha Latte Makeup

While matcha latte makeup is primarily about the eyes, it’s also about a natural base (as opposed to a full-coverage matte look). Murdick recommends keeping “the skin dewy and natural-looking by swapping out your foundation for a glowy tinted moisturizer and your favorite hydrating concealer, only adding coverage where you truly need it.” (We love the Too Faced Born This Way Skin Tint, $42.)

After you’ve applied your base, return to the latte makeup roots and apply a cream bronzer, like Saie Beauty’s Sun Melt ($32), to add some dimension. And for brows, a fluffy, natural look is definitely the way to go. All you need to do here is apply your favorite tinted or clear brow gel, like e.l.f’s Brow Lift ($6)—no fill-in necessary.

Close up of Byrdie Beauty Editor Eden Stuart in green and brown matcha latte makeup

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Next, go in with a cream or liquid blush in a neutral pink shade, like Rare Beauty’s Soft Pinch Liquid Blush in Encourage ($23), which will complement the green you’ll apply to your eyes. 

And now for the fun part—the eyes. You can go in many directions with this, but a simple look that doesn’t require pro-MUA-level skill is probably the best move. “Apply your favorite eye primer and find a palette [with] several green shades in it to work with,” Murdick advises. “The ColourPop Fresh Greens Eyeshadow Palette ($14) is amazing for this look because it has the perfect matcha color and a range of other shades to go with it.”

"On the lid, pat on the shade that looks most like matcha (in this palette, it's called Cold Pressed)," she continues. "Blend it out in your crease using a matte, neutral shade (like In SZN). Under the lower lashes, pick another green to sweep on. You can use the lightest, shimmery shade in the palette to add a pop of highlight at the inner corner of the eyes to finish it off."

To complete your eye makeup, curl your lashes and pop on some mascara. You can even go in with a super subtle liner; just try to keep it thin so the focus isn’t pulled away from the shadow itself.

The lips are another fun aspect of the look that should enhance, not take away from, the eyes. “You’ll want to stick to either a neutral pink or bronzey color combo,” shares Murdick. “Line your lips (but don’t fill them in with the liner), then fill in the center using a glossy product like lip oil, lip gloss, or a glossy lipstick.” We think Tarte’s Maracuja Juicy Lip Balms ($24) are perfect for a matcha latte makeup look. 

Once you’re all done, set any areas of your face that tend to get oily (like the T-zone) with your favorite loose powder and a puff; Murdick doesn’t think all-over powder is necessary. Just go in with a luminous setting spray, like Rare Beauty’s Always an Optimist 4-In-1 Mist ($27), and voilá—order up.

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