Brooke Shields’ New Haircare Brand Includes the First-Ever ‘Instant Shampoo’

Brooke Shields’ New Haircare Brand Includes the First-Ever ‘Instant Shampoo’

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Pamela Hanson

It’s true that we’re experiencing a bit of beauty brand fatigue. There’s a new product or brand launching what feels like every day, making it nearly impossible to figure out what is actually worth it. But, if you ask us, the best brands are the ones who create products with a clear purpose. Think: Tower 28’s eczema-safe formulas or The Ordinary’s straightforward science-backed skincare. It sounds obvious, but specific, solution-driven formulas are ones that stand out in the ever-so-saturated beauty market. The latest example? Brooke Shields’ new haircare brand, Commence, formulated specifically for women over 40.

It's no surprise the fashion icon is throwing her hat in the beauty founder ring, as great hair and Brooke Shields go hand-in-hand. The actor is known for her shiny, healthy hair that has been key to her signature style since the '80s. With a specific demographic, focus on hair health, and vibrant, fun packaging, the brand feels like nothing else on the market.

Commence launches on June 4 with three signature products: the 2-in-1 Instant Shampoo, Thickening Root Serum, and 3-in-1 Leave-In Conditioner. Ahead, everything you need to know about the launch, plus team Byrdie's honest reviews.

The Brand

While we would have bet money on a brow line from the model, a hair brand also feels fitting considering her iconic, voluminous locks. But Shields hasn't always felt so confident about her hair. “My relationship with my hair has changed dramatically," she tells Byrdie. "When I was first heralded for my hair, it didn’t feel earned. Whatever that genetic line is… it didn’t necessarily feel like mine. So I would wash it and that was it. There was this disassociation between myself and my hair—it was other people’s hair. I sat in a chair, someone decided what my hair should look like. But now, my hair colors my whole approach. It’s mine—the health of it, I’m so tied into taking care of it and now I love my hair.”

While the brand takes haircare seriously, Shields didn't it to feel serious. "I wanted the packaging to have a vitality to [it]," she says. "I wanted the products to address the vitality that comes in this era of a woman’s life—this era that’s not usually addressed as that. Instead, we tend to use words like menopause, dry, and just all this negativity. And it irked me because I actually feel fabulous in my life.” 

Commence Instant Shampoo


“I wanted to have the efficacy and also have it be beautiful and sexy and fun—have it be beauty without being white and black and clinical," she continues. "Just because at this age I have specific needs for my hair, why should I be relegated to severe, medicinal, and negative?”

Another must for Shields? “My first demand was large font. As a woman who is 58 I need to be able to read what I’m putting on my hair, and I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been in the shower before and used the wrong thing.”

The Formulas

The brand is launching with three easy-to-use essentials, each of which include its signature Commence Complex. The complex is a combination of ingredients including peptides for aiding in volume and thickening strands, pre- and post-biotics to nourish and soothe the scalp, Acai stem cells to support hair growth, and alfalfa sprout to helps with anti-aging benefits.

Commence is starting with a dry shampoo, root serum, and leave-in conditioner. The trio is meant to create an optimal environment for healthy hair while protecting scalp health. The formulas contain less than 60% water, compared to the industry standard of 80%. The line is also phthalate-free, sulfate-free, talc-free, benzene-free, and is safe to use on color-treated hair.

Commence Leave-In Conditioner


The 2-in-1 Instant Shampoo is an aerosol-free dry shampoo that soaks up excess oil and leaves hair feeling clean and voluminous. The formula goes above and beyond a typical dry shampoo, and moisturizes the scalp with ingredients such as mineral gemstones and hyaluronic acid. “All of the ‘dry shampoos’ on the market… I find to be… egregious,” says Shields. “So we developed the first Instant Shampoo—not dry shampoo—that recognizes on your scalp where you need moisture and where there is too much sebum or moisture.” 

The Thickening Root Serum is all about a healthy scalp to create the optimum environment for thick, healthy hair. Ingredients like zinc, iron, silicon, copper, and magnesium work together to enhance antioxidant protection of the hair and skin. Water Kefir PHA, which is rich in antioxidants, promotes collagen synthesis and cellular renewal in hair and skin. And, last but not least is the serum’s Hair Scalp Complex, which combines sugarcane and fruit extract to target hair loss by strengthening the hair at the root.

Commence Thickening Root Serum


Finally, the 3-In-1 Leave-In Conditioner protects from heat damage, mitigates frizz, increases shine, and nourishes strands. Coconut fatty acids and gac fruit extract increase shine and hydration while Mycofuse Protect, a unique blend from the brand, prevents damage, strengthens hair, and protects from pollutants.

The Reviews

2-in-1 Instant Dry Shampoo

editor after using the Commence 2-in-1 Instant Dry Shampoo

Holly Rhue

"Commence does not want you to call this a dry shampoo—and after trying it, I kind of agree. While it functions similarly to a dry shampoo, the 2-in-1 Instant Shampoo not only absorbs excess oil and moisture, but it also features encapsulated hyaluronic acid to help balance areas of the scalp that become dry between washes. For me, the result is definitely much closer to what I would achieve after a full shampoo than I get from a dry shampoo. This picture was taken after a super sweaty workout; I let the product sit in my roots for 10-15 minutes while I rinsed my body in the shower, then brushed through from root to tip. My hair actually feels clean after using this, not just dry and mattified." —Holly Rhue, editoral director

3-in-1 Leave-In Conditioner

Olivia after trying the Commence 3-in-1 Leave-In Conditioner

Olivia Hancock

"Since my curls are prone to dryness, I have to use deeply hydrating leave-in conditioners. I was eager to put Commence’s formula to the test since it promises to hydrate (with the help of ingredients like gac fruit extract), reduce breakage, and increase shine (thanks to coconut fatty acids). Immediately, my curls responded well to the formula, appearing more smooth and shiny. As my hair dried, I noticed that my curls felt softer and more hydrated overall. Because of this, I definitely plan to keep using this conditioner on wash days. My only complaint? I wish the bottle was bigger. Since I have a lot of hair, I’ll likely run through the conditioner quickly." —Olivia Hancock, editor

Thickening Root Serum

Adi after using the Commence Thickening Root Spray

Adelaide Giesey

“I have very thick and heavy hair, so I am always hesitant to put any product directly on my roots fearing it will only weigh my strands down more. Before trying this serum, which promises to repair and thicken at the root, I tried to keep an open mind as I tend not to have similar products in my routine. My first impressions were that it had a nice subtle scent and lightweight texture. You can apply it to dry or wet hair—I tried both. Diving straight into my dry roots I was impressed with the quick dry time and no weigh-down. If anything, it appeared to give me a little lift which I welcomed.

"That being said, I preferred to apply the serum to wet hair and have it settle as I let my hair air dry. I sectioned my hair to ensure I could get an even application throughout my head and focused extra on the hairline, where I needed the most help regarding thickness levels. There are also many hydrating benefits to this formula which my scalp loved. Overall, this was an easy addition to my regular hair routine that I am excited to keep up with and see the long-term benefits.”

All three products are live now on for $21-$30.


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