24 Neon-Orange Nail Designs to Add Some Zing to Your Next Manicure

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While orange nails are traditionally viewed as the perfect summer color, we’re firm believers that this shade works year-round. In fact, if there’s one hue that reigns supreme when it comes to making a bold statement, it’s orange. Whether you want to wear the polish by itself or use it as part of a bigger nail-art design, the vibrant neon color adds a zing to any manicure. The best part: it works on every nail shape, from almond, coffin, square, and more.

“Neon colors are taking over right now,” Jenny Bui, Cardi B’s manicurist, previously told PS as to why it’s so popular right now. Further proof? Orange is an extension of the “peach fuzz” hue that was named Pantone’s 2024 Color of the Year, and it can run the gamut from a light pastel like coral to a warmer shade like auburn.

Depending on your preference, the color can create a gorgeous seasonal manicure of your dreams or the perfect complementary shade for a cool design. (We’re especially excited about neon-orange nail art right now, but maybe that’s just us.) Either way, the options for orange nail designs are endless.

If you need more convincing to commit to new orange nail art ideas, we’ve got you. From sets featuring the classic french-manicure design to glittery nail art, see 24 save-worthy orange nail ideas ahead.

Orange Crystal French Manicure

Put a fun twist on the classic french manicure with orange tips, an almond nail shape, and crystal embellishments. This manicure feels like the first thing you’d see if you searched “summer orange nail designs” on Pinterest.

Neon-Orange Nails

Keep it cute and simple with no designs, like this neon-orange manicure. The color is just as impactful as any nail art, thanks to that gorgeous contrast that it provides against any skin tone.

Matte Orange Nails

Don’t worry, adding a matte topcoat won’t take away from your eye-catching neon manicure. In fact, when opting for burnt orange nails or a deeper variation of the typically very bright hue, the finish makes them stand out even more.

Ombré Neon Nails

Use the fluorescent shade to create a gradient effect that fades into your natural nail color for a look that’s perfect for both long and short nails. Additionally, when it starts to grow out the gap between your nail and the extensions won’t be too obvious.

Orange Swirl Nails

These orange-and-yellow swirl nails will have all eyes on you. This design feels like something out of the ’70s.

Shimmery Orange Manicure

As matte top coats continue to prove: the finish of a manicure matters. So it makes sense that your nails will look extra-alluring when you opt for a shimmery neon-orange nail polish.

Neon-Orange Flame Nail Design

While the flame nail trend has been around for years, it’s still coming in hot present day and makes for a great set of nails. Add it on top of a traditional french manicure and you’ll have a masterpiece like this one.

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Short Orange Nails

You don’t need extensions to make you orange manicure stand out. Spruce up your natural nails by adding neon-orange swirls on top of a neutral base.

Orange V-Cut French Manicure

Ever since taking over social media in 2020, the V-cut french manicure is one of the chicest nail-art trends around and looks even better in orange.

Sculpted Stiletto Orange Nails

Channel your inner artist by playing with dots and abstract shapes to create an orange set that you’ll never want to change.

Outline Orange Nail Art

Want to keep things simple while still having some color in your manicure? A subtle outline manicure with neon orange is the way to go.

Orange French Manicure

You can never go wrong with a simple french manicure. Even better is when the tips are neon orange instead of a traditional white.

Matte Ombré Nails

Combine two chic nail styles — an ombré design and a matte finish — for a head-turning manicure.

Diamond Stiletto Orange Nails

Add diamonds to any nail set to add some extra spice to your design. Tack on a super-long length? That’s a winning combination if you ask us.

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Negative-Space Orange Nails

For a modern twist on the beloved french manicure, try a negative-space design. This one fills the space of the french tip with a brighter orange.

Marble Nail Designs

Let the vibrant hue shine by incorporating a marble effect on your tips. That way, you ca play with more than one orange shade at once.

Mismatched Nails

Get even more creative with your nails by adding a color that’s just as vibrant and bold to your other hand for a nice contrast.

Striped Orange Nails

Play with different shades of orange to create a chic, striped nail design. You can even play with the positioning of the lines on each finger.

3D Orange Nails

Layering neon-orange stripes over a simple base with 3D accents will always make your nails pop.

Tonal Orange Nails

You can never go wrong playing with different tones of orange in a single manicure.

Red-Orange Ombré Nails

Consider this your sign to finally try the Ed Hardy-inspired cross nail-art trend with two complimentary colors: orange and red.

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Clear Neon-Orange Nails

Clear nails can be orange, too. Add some swirls and glitter to create a nail look that you’ll be obsessed with.

Chrome Neon-Orange Nails

Nothing makes a statement quite like chrome nails, and you don’t have to stick to a neutral color palette. The chrome used for this orange manicure adds a gorgeous pearlescent finish to the nail.

Glow-in-the-Dark Orange Nails

Glow-in-the-dark nails are just as fun as an adult as they were when you were a child. You’re grown-up version can even include a bold shade like orange instead of the traditional blue, pink, or white.

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