The Tinted Serum Shoppers Call ‘Glass Skin in a Bottle’ Is on Sale Right Now

The Tinted Serum Shoppers Call ‘Glass Skin in a Bottle’ Is on Sale Right Now

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While the viral trend of ‘no-makeup’ makeup looks effortless, there is a decent amount of work that goes into having a hydrated, luminous, and even complexion. Typically, this requires products that first prep your skin followed by light yet effective makeup. If you prefer a one-step process that accomplishes all of the above, grab U Beauty’s Super Tinted Hydrator, which shoppers call “glass skin in a bottle.” 

The tinted product is both a moisturizer and skin tint in one, and first-time purchasers can get it for 20 percent with our exclusive code DDM20. U Beauty credits its Siren Capsule technology for delivering moisturizing hyaluronic acid to your skin and providing 48 hours of hydration. The formula also includes purified oat extract, peptides, avocado oil, shea butter, organic argan oil, and grapeseed oil to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, moisturize skin, and provide a sheer finish with enhanced color.   

U Beauty The Super Tinted Hydrator

U Beauty The SUPER Tinted Hydrator

U Beauty

Buy on $108 $85

The Super Tinted Hydrator is available in 11 different shades, so you can find the one that best matches your natural color. If you’re unsure of which would suit your skin tone, you can use the brand’s Find My Shade quiz. And applying it is just as easy. Gently smooth a thin layer to dry skin, or about two to three pumps, for a supple and glowing complexion. 

Shoppers noted these results, too, with one saying the formula gives them “really glowy, hydrated skin,” and “gets rid of that visible dryness from your face.” A large number of customers ranging in ages 20 to 60 gave the tinted hydrator five stars, sharing that it is great for anti-aging and remedies wrinkles, dull skin, and dryness across all age groups. 

U Beauty recommends using it in conjunction with the Resurfacing Compound, which . reviewers say it gives them “glass skin and [a] dewy look” so they “don’t need to wear any makeup.” If you do want more coverage, the resurfacing compound also layers nicely under foundation, per one shopper who added that it “blends beautifully and goes well” with SPF and makeup on top.

Whether you’re looking for a new skincare find to streamline your routine or know someone who would love U Beauty’s Super Tinted Hydrator for the holidays, add it to your cart today to achieve a smooth, hydrated complexion, and be sure to use code DDM20 to save 20 percent off your first purchase. 

U Beauty Resurfacing Compound

Resurfacing Compound

U Beauty

Buy on $228 $183


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