Pinterest Predicts the Top Beauty and Style Trends of 2024

Pinterest Predicts the Top Beauty and Style Trends of 2024

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Pinterest is a platform brimming with styling inspiration, but it’s easy to get lost and pin without purpose. Fortunately for us, the people behind the scenes use their robust dataset to predict trends before they go viral—and it’s called Pinterest Predicts.

Their 2024 analysis highlights iconic, unusual, and fun trends for all aspects of life. These ideas can help us make our pins more novel and exciting. Are skinny jeans still out? (Maybe.) What color is everyone painting their nails? Here’s what’s to come in beauty and style in the next year.

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Jellyfish Makeup and Hair

Niche-loving Gen Z and Millenials are embracing this squishy aesthetic that celebrates all things jellyfish. Not everyone will be up for the jellyfish haircut (it’s polarizing), but jellyfish hats and glowing, ethereal makeup are the perfect way to dip your toe into this trend if you don’t want to fully commit.

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Hot Metals

Metallics are back, and not just any metallic. Chrome and cool silver tones dominate everything, from silver necklaces to mirrored nail polish. These aren’t the glittery eye shadows and distressed gold fabrics we are used to loving. Think: shiny, wet, and polished.

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Big Everything

Get out that teaser comb: Oversized hair is back. In addition to fluffy hair, the trend includes large buns or braids. But that’s not the only thing to get super-sized. Expect to see some bold accessories. Grab some large, structural jewelry, or you could get the look with oversized hoop earrings.

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Blue Makeup

What goes great with shiny chrome metals? Blue everything. If 2024 seems like the resurgence of the 1960s, you may be onto something. So far, we have chrome, chunky jewelry, big hair, and some aquamarine eye shadow to finish the look. We understand that blue eye shadow may be too bold a choice to rock every day. For a more subtle take on this trend, try blueberry milk nails or incorporating pops of the color in your outfits.

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Head to Glow

We all love a glowing face, but a glowing body will be just as important in 2024. Take your self-care routine further with a designated body care routine (and don’t skip the lotion and sunscreen).

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Bow Stacking

There aren't many things more dainty than a bow on your clothing, shoes, or hair. In 2024, Millennials and Gen Z will take it a notch higher with not one, but multiple bows. Crochet a bow headband or craft a bow necklace with a scarf for a fashion-forward DIY. Remember to wear both at the same time for the stacking effect.

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Jazz Aesthetic Clothing

Do you have a record player in your living room? You might love this Pinterest prediction of a full-on jazz revival. Put the lights low, play a smooth jazz record, and then dress like you’re about to go to a basement bar jazz club in NYC. Start with a ribbed turtle neck under a fitted navy striped blazer and go from there.

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Repurposed Fabrics

Pinterest calls this trend “Give a Scrap,” which is great for vintage lovers who also like crafting. Thrifting has been popular for the last few years, but now’s the time to upgrade those vintage finds. Seek some zero-waste sewing patterns or patch a hole in your jeans to get a leg up on this trend.


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