These Affordable Press-On Nails Just Changed My Manicure Game

These Affordable Press-On Nails Just Changed My Manicure Game

Olive & June Press-On Nails Review With PhotosOlive & June Press-On Nails Review With PhotosPOPSUGAR Photography | Lauren HaranoPOPSUGAR Photography | Lauren HaranoEvery editorial product is independently selected by our editors. If you buy something through our links, we may earn commission.

What do blue eyeshadow, bouncy blowouts, and press-on nails all have in common? They’ve all had tremendous glow-ups since the last time they were trending. Now, celebrities like Dua Lipa, Kendall Jenner, and Emma Chamberlain sport blue eyeshadow to star-studded events, voluminous blowout tutorials crowd TikTok For You Pages, and press-on nails have made a resurgence that has put over-priced manicures to shame. While the press-on nails of the past were known to be flimsy and cheap, it’s fair to say that times have (drastically) changed. Now, these manicure alternatives have taken center stage, becoming the preferred option for quick and on-trend nail looks.

Luckily, due to the renewed desire for press-on nails, there are a handful of great options on the market. And, as a press-on-nail-enthusiast myself, I made it my mission to find the best sets that are affordable, durable, and – most importantly – super cute. The winner? Olive & June’s Press-On Nail Sets ($10). Ahead, learn more about why this brand helped me nail the at-home manicure game.

About the Olive & June Press-On Nail Sets

  • Olive & June has some of the most inclusive nail sizes on the market.
  • Each package comes with 42 nails and the Instant Mani pack includes 21 sizes.
  • Two of every nail size is included in every Instant Mani pack.
  • Press-on nails last seven days, while glue-on nails last up to 14 days.
  • The nails are made from up to 94 percent post-consumer recycled materials.
  • The sets include non-damaging, non-toxic glue.
  • The nails are reusable for up to several times as long as you remove them with warm soapy water.

What I Like About Olive & June Press-On Nail Sets

Let’s be real: not all fake nail sets are made equal. Some are flimsy; others don’t fit different nail beds. Some sets don’t come with enough nails, while others don’t have all the right tools. After searching high and low, I’ve realized that it’s hard to find a set that’s just right. However, the Olive & June sets come with everything I need. I really like how there are 42 nails in a kit, allowing me to find the perfect fit for each nail. Plus, I’ll have extra in case any come off. On top of that, it was great to have a prep pad, a two-in-one file and buffer, a wood cuticle pusher, and glue.
In terms of the actual nails, I found these really easy to apply. They’re malleable, which helps them conform to each nail bed, but they’re also sturdy enough that I know they won’t break. On top of that, they’re a great length and they come in so many cute colors and designs.

Olive & June Press-On Nails Review With PhotosOlive & June Press-On Nails Review With PhotosPOPSUGAR Photography | Lauren Harano

How to Use Olive & June Press-On Nail Sets

No matter which fake nail kit you use, the application process is pretty similar. It’s worth noting that Olive & June offers two different kinds of nail options: press-ons and glue-ons. I personally prefer glue-on nails since they last longer, so I opt for glue-on sets more often than not.

To apply Olive & June nails (both press-on and glue-on), start by making sure your nails are clean and free from any polish. Then, pick the right size nail. Olive & June press-on nail sets come with various options to fit different nail shapes and sizes, so carefully match each press-on nail to your own nail. From there, peel off the adhesive backing if you’re doing press-ons, or apply a small dollop of glue if you’re doing glue-ons. Then, align the fake nail with your natural nail, starting from the cuticle and pressing down firmly toward the tip. Hold the press-on in place for a few seconds to allow the adhesive and/or glue to bond securely. (I usually hold it for about 10 seconds.) Once your nails are applied, you can trim and file them if you so please.

What to Consider Before Trying Olive & June Press-On Nail Sets

While I absolutely loved the almond shape of the nails, I noticed the tips of some nails were a bit rough around the edges. I was able to easily file them down, but if I had left them, they definitely would’ve snagged on clothes. I also want to note that I got a light-colored nail set, and they were a bit see-through. I could see a bit of the glue under some nails, which was not ideal, but the hue was still cute regardless.

Where Are Olive & June Press-On Nail Sets Available?

The Olive & June nail sets are available at the brand’s website, as well as at Target (both in-store and online).

Rating: ★★★★

Main ImageMain ImageOlive & June's Press-On Nail SetsFrom$10$10 at Target


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