I Tried Nailboo’s Dip Kit, and It’s Worth the Hype

I Tried Nailboo’s Dip Kit, and It’s Worth the Hype

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In its never-ending quest to sell me trendy beauty products, Instagram has been sliding Nailboo into my feed for the better part of a year. The dip powder manicure kit has become wildly popular for two reasons: DIY nails have been on the rise thanks to the popularity of social media sites like TikTok, and the ability to do said nails at home continues to get easier and easier. So, if you’ve been searching for a detailed Nailboo review, look no further.

After testing it out, I’ve learned this is one of the easiest at-home dip kits for beginners (and trust me, I’ve tried lots of options). Unlike some more advanced kits, Nailboo is made expressly for those who aren’t quite sure how to dip from home or maybe don’t know how to dip at all — perhaps because they’ve never even gotten a professional dip manicure — by simplifying the complex process with labeled products and step-by-step instructions.

DIY manicures beyond the average two coats of nail polish can either end in disappointment or turn out rather decent. Either way, doing it yourself saves you money on biweekly fill-ins and the occasional broken nail replacement. So, just how easy is this system and is it worth throwing down $55 (and up) for a starter kit? Whether you’re looking for inspiration for Nailboo colors or want to learn more about the Nailboo removal process, I tested out the entire system and I’m sharing everything I found.

Keep reading for my full tutorial, complete with in-depth Nailboo instructions.

Nailboo Dip Kit ProsNailboo Dip Kit Prosnailboo.com

Nailboo Dip Kit Pros

  • Instructional Videos Helped the Process: All of Nailboo’s kits come with the basics. There are four liquids — base, activator, top, and brush cleaner — and a build powder. If you’ve only ever painted your nails with regular lacquer, it might look intimidating. Nailboo anticipated this and has several incredibly helpful tutorials on its website. (I found “Get to Know Your Kit” to be the most informative overall.)
  • The Nailboo Color Selection Is Great: Nailboo currently has 112 colors to choose from. I tried a selection called Modern Mint and was pleasantly surprised that the color was actually more neutral in person than it was on the website. You never know with dip! Once you put on that topcoat, the color can change entirely.
  • It Was Quick: Compared to a traditional lacquer manicure, which can take anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour to dry, or a gel mani, which requires a UV light, dip is a relatively fast option. You’ll need to apply a base and two layers of color, activate, file, and top it off. Wait for that topcoat to dry (two minutes max) and you’re good to go.
  • The Manicure Lasts: I kept the dip on for two weeks then opted to remove it. It was every bit as durable as pricier dip systems.

Nailboo Dip Kit ConsNailboo Dip Kit ConsPOPSUGAR Photography | Maggie Panos

Nailboo Dip Kit Cons

  • The Brushes Could Be Better: Nailboo’s brushes are squared, which means it’s a bit tough to get clean lines along the edges of your cuticles. This might not bother some people, but perfectionists like myself will miss a curved brush.
  • The Topcoat Is a Little Lackluster: I ended up applying two layers of topcoat, which made the drying time much longer. Don’t make this mistake — one coat is enough, it’s just not going to be diamond-like.
  • Nailboo Removal Is a B*tch: Who here is also still waiting for a lasting manicure that doesn’t require a pickax for removal? I filed and then soaked my nails, as per the instructions, but was left with a strange film over the skin surrounding my nails. It wasn’t the worst manicure removal I’ve experienced, but it certainly wasn’t the best.

Final Nailboo ReviewFinal Nailboo ReviewPOPSUGAR Photography | Maggie Panos

Final Nailboo Review

For the price and usability, Nailboo is great. It’s a perfect starter system if you’re just getting into dip nails or you want to give a fun gift. It’s not the most advanced system, and if you’re used to giving yourself fancy manicures, you may want to spend a few more bucks on a professional kit.

(Note that this picture was taken nearly two weeks after the manicure — not bad, right?)

Where to Buy the Nailboo Dip KitWhere to Buy the Nailboo Dip Kitnailboo.com

Where to Buy the Nailboo Dip Kit

Nailboo has three different dip-powder kits ($81-$148) to choose from: the first option comes with one color, the second comes with four colors, and the third comes with six colors.

You can also buy individual colors, like the one I tried, Modern Mint ($14), and the brand’s bestselling shades Peach Please ($14) and Beige Baybee ($14). If you’re looking for a shade that’s just as great in summer as it is in the fall, try the trendy Blueberry Milk ($14) shade (which just so happens to be everywhere right now), and of course the Barbiecore pink shade Necessary Pink ($14). The shade Pop-Arazzi ($14) is also great if you’re looking to try out the galaxy-nails trend that’s all over TikTok right now.

Main ImageMain Imagethree different dip-powder kitsFrom$81$81 at nailboo.comMain ImageMain ImageModern MintFrom$14$14 at nailboo.comMain ImageMain ImagePeach PleaseFrom$14$14 at nailboo.comMain ImageMain ImageBeige BaybeeFrom$14$14 at nailboo.comMain ImageMain ImageBlueberry MilkFrom$14$14 at nailboo.comMain ImageMain ImageNecessary PinkFrom$14$14 at nailboo.comMain ImageMain ImagePop-ArazziFrom$14$14 at nailboo.com


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