These Anti-Chafing Shorts Keep Me Comfortable *and* Cool in Los Angeles Heat

These Anti-Chafing Shorts Keep Me Comfortable *and* Cool in Los Angeles Heat

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I think we can all agree that chafing is one of the worst things about summer heat — but warm weather isn’t the only culprit. If you’re anything like me, you chafe in any climate, whether it’s from your skin rubbing against itself while in a dress or from friction between skin and fabric while wearing shorts. As much as I love anti-chafing sticks and balms, I think they’re better for beach or pool settings and don’t find them as convenient (or effective) as wearing a protective undergarment layer. Enter: Thigh Society anti-chafing shorts, aka the best way to prevent chafing between thighs. 

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How I Keep My Thighs From Chafing With Thigh Society 

I live in Los Angeles where it’s warm — okay, hot — for a majority of the year and I spend a lot of time in shorts, skirts, and dresses in a constant effort to not lose my cool (literally) during the dog days of summer. My neighborhood is also super walkable, so I actually don’t drive as much as other Angelinos and do a lot of my grocery shopping and errands-running on foot. To prevent chafing, I usually wear leggings or bike shorts and, on days when I actually get dressed, I unfortunately end up with some chafing if I don’t have something on under my skirts and dresses. 

To get an idea of Thigh Society’s anti-chafing shorts benefits, I selected three different styles —  The Original, The Cooling, and The Staple — for testing. Then, I took them out for a spin during a good ol LA heat wave. Overall, I walked a few miles in each pair to get the best understanding of their efficacy, comfort, and quality. And, while I love all three for different reasons, one pair stood out to me as the best anti-chafing shorts.  

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My Honest Review of Thigh Society

Thigh Society The Cooling Shorts Review $39 Buy Now Chafing in the summer is super uncomfortable and something I try to avoid at all costs. But wearing an additional layer — even if it helps prevent chafing — can add to the discomfort and make me a tad too warm for my liking. The Cooling Shorts from Thigh Society are an excellent solution because they provide enough protection between your thighs without feeling like an entire extra layer.

The material feels slightly thicker than pantyhose so they’re definitely thinner than some of the other options but they’re still durable enough to withstand a lot of wear. It’s also constructed with a Sensil® Breeze nylon, which is specifically designed to give off a cooling effect and keep things nice and breezy down there. On top of that, the material is also moisture-wicking so, in addition to staying cool, you also stay dry, which is very much welcomed in the sweltering summer heat. 

Despite their more sheer design, these shorts are still durable and functional enough to stay put, and you never have to worry about them sliding up or rolling down. I love that they’re super stretchy and don’t ever feel restrictive on the thighs or belly (this was true for me on more bloated days, too). They also come in six different lengths, including some that reach all the way to the ankles, so you can choose an option that works best for your outfits and preferences. The only thing I’d change about them is the gusset. I wish the shorts had a more functional gusset so you can go commando. 

Sizes Available: XS-6XL
Colors: 11
Material: Sensil® Breeze nylon, spandex, cotton

Thigh Society The Staple Shorts Review $39 Buy Now Out of all three styles I tried, The Staple Shorts were by far the most comfortable. The material has a lightweight and buttery soft feel that feels like second skin. They’re also semi-sheer so they provide a little more coverage than the The Cooling Shorts but are still just as comfortable to wear when it’s hot out, so they’re a great choice for shorter dresses where you want some extra coverage but not the extra layer. 

These anti-chafing shorts are constructed from nylon, cotton, and elastane blend and feature a super stretchy fit that forms to the body light a glove and provides very light support without restriction. The shorts also have a thin cotton crotch feature so you can wear them without underwear (though, I don’t think the gusset is absorbent enough for going commando for longer than a few hours). 

Similar to The Cooling Shorts, these also have sweat-wicking technology so they can keep you cool while providing ample coverage.

Sizes Available: XS-6XL
Colors: 4
Material: Nylon, Elastane, cotton 

Thigh Society The Original Shorts Review $39 Buy Now If I’m being completely honest, The Original Shorts weren’t my favorite of the bunch. I still found them super comfortable and functional — they definitely prevent chafing — but they are thicker and, in the spicy Los Angeles heat, I found that not as comfortable as the more lightweight styles. They’re definitely a better choice for more moderate climates. 

Like the other Thigh Society shorts, they’re available in split sizes. This wasn’t an issue with the first two pairs, but I don’t think these fit the same. I am usually a size small in bottoms and chose the small/medium option for all thress because I was concerned about feeling restricted. This size worked well for The Cooling Shorts and The Staple Shorts (they fits beautifully), but The Original’s waistbands weren’t as snug as I prefer with this type of garment and they slipped down a little more because of it. So, if you’re between sizes or not sure if you should go with the smaller or larger split size, I recommend sizing down in this style. 

Fortunately, the sizing concerns aren’t related to the overall quality and function of the garment. So, aside from choosing the wrong size for this style — and it being a balmy 95 degrees while testing — they’re super comfortable, protect against chafing, and provide ample coverage since they aren’t as sheer. Because they are thicker, they’re actually a great option if you already have a painful rash from chafing and need some extra padding between your legs to prevent further irritation and discomfort.

Sizes Available: XS-6XL
Colors: 6
Material: Nylon, Elastane, cotton 


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