8 ’90s Hair Color Trends That Are Still Going Strong Today

8 ’90s Hair Color Trends That Are Still Going Strong Today

Collage of Ciara, Tyra Banks, and Dua Lipa

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In the ’90s, many cool hairstyles took center stage, from chic bobs to playful updos complete with butterfly clips. But let’s not forget: the hair color trends were equally exciting. Back then, we saw celebrities experiment with hair color in creative ways, opting for everything from fiery red highlights to chunky “skunk” stripes.

Today, celebs are visibly taking notes from the '90s and bringing these expressive hair color ideas to the forefront once more. Ahead, we've rounded up eight of the most popular hair color trends from the '90s and their modern-day references.

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Bright Blonde

Side-by-side photos of pamela anderson and beyonce wearing blonde hair

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Bright blonde remained one of the most popular shades throughout the ’90s. The platinum hue has a diva essence, likely because of its high maintenance requirement. Regular root touch-ups are needed to keep this look on point, and it can take several appointments to reach your ideal bright blonde shade. Those with natural brunette hair like Pamela Anderson will lift easily, but patience is key if you have black or dark brown hair like Beyoncé. Either way, the results are lust-worthy. Using a purple shampoo will keep your blonde coloring nice and bright.

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Chunky Highlights

Side by side photos of Ciara and ginger spice of the spice girls

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In a ’90s state of mind, highlights aren’t supposed to be subtle—they’re meant to be bold. Geri Halliwell, aka Ginger Spice, is one of the early trendsetters for chunky highlights. Now, celebs like Ciara are bringing the look back in full force. If you want to weave chunky highlights into your hair, remember that using a color that vividly contrasts your base is important.

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side by side photos of zendaya and janet jackson wearing cinnamon-colored hair

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Red was a dominant hair color in the ’90s, with many stars sporting variations of the fiery shade. Case in point: cinnamon. Janet Jackson pulled this reddish shade off well, and her cinnamon curls became one of her trademark looks during the decade. Jackson’s example paved the way for fellow multihyphenates like Zendaya. The Spider-Man star’s approach has the same warmth and dimension, further proving that cinnamon is a timeless shade.

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Dip-Dyed Ends

side by side photos of tyra banks and christina aguilera with dip dye ends

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Dip-dyed ends were the predecessors for other color techniques like ombré and sombré. Christina Aguilera famously wore the trend in many colors throughout the ’90s and early aughts. In recent years, famous faces, including Tyra Banks, have worn softened takes on dip-dyed ends.

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Fiery Red Highlights

side by side photos of kelly rowland and megan thee stallion wearing fiery red highlights

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Kelly Rowland was one of many celebs in her heyday who rocked fiery red highlights. While Rowland showcased the color with all-over highlights, today’s versions are often more subtle. For example, Megan Thee Stallion kept her red coloring mostly underneath, with a few peek-a-boo highlights throughout her hair.

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Frosted Tips

Side by side photos of miley cyrus and cameron diaz wearing frosted tips

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Frosted tips were a trend everyone was into in the ’90s—from Cameron Diaz to Mark McGrath—and it’s easy to understand why. Lightened ends mimic what our hair naturally does when sun-kissed—and beyond that, frosted tips simply look cool. Now, celebs like Miley Cyrus are putting their spin on the frosty look by opting for a gradient blend into their natural base colors.

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Money Piece Highlights

side by side photos of sofia richie and cindy crawford with money piece highlights

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Over time, money pieces have intensified in their contrast. Cindy Crawford and other ’90s icons paired their money piece highlights with a dimensional lowlight, a color only a couple of shades lighter than their natural tone. These days, we’re seeing modern it-girls like Sofia Richie lean into darker roots and a brighter face-framing highlight.

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Skunk Hair

photos of dua lipa and christina aguilera wearing skunk stripe hair

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Skunk hair has always been edgy and exciting. In decades past, stars like Christina Aguilera interpreted the trend by placing chunky black highlights in concentrated areas. Current takes—like Dua Lipa’s black and blonde hair—feel a bit more refined, featuring intentionally placed sections of color and seamless blending.


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