Ayo Edebiri’s Balloon Cargos Are the Biggest Pants We’ve Ever Seen

Ayo Edebiri’s Balloon Cargos Are the Biggest Pants We’ve Ever Seen

Ayo Edebiri wearing sunglasses and a vest.Photo by MEGA/GC Images.

The Bear darling and Irish princess Ayo Edebiri has quickly become one of the fashion girls of Hollywood. Everyone’s obsessed with her (rightfully so), and thankfully for us, she’s been feeding us well. While we’ve been stunned by so many of her recent looks, she’s consistently setting the bar higher. From her baby blue suit at the Inside Out 2 premiere to these big pants, we will never get tired of her outfits.

With The Bear’s season three premiere quickly approaching and Inside Out 2′s recent release, we’ve been blessed with tons of Ayo content. And if you’ve been following her as closely as I have, you might’ve decided on your own personal favorite look of hers. (Although it’s pretty much impossible to only pick one.) While her recent striped look is definitely at the top of my list, she just made me question everything with her newest head-to-toe Loewe look.

Photo by MEGA/GC Images.

If Ayo’s 2024 Met Gala look has taught us anything, it’s that her and Loewe are a force to be reckoned with. And even though this look isn’t quite as dramatic as her floral floor-length gown, it still has me in a chokehold. Recently, Ayo wore a full Loewe fit consisting of a button-up vest and massive green balloon pants. I figured that oversized pants would be big this summer (pun intended), but Ayo’s really making the case for them. The fact is, anything she wears is cool—and this look is proof enough.

Ayo knows it better than anyone, baggy pants are now a cool girl staple. Since the dawn of time, people have claimed that oversized clothes are unflattering. But those people aren’t Ayo and her stylist Danielle Goldberg. The big pants, little shirt combo has long been a huge summer trend—and for good reason. Not only do oversized pants provide an interesting silhouette, they’re comfy. No matter what people think of big pants, it feels good knowing you can look hot without sacrificing comfort—and that’s a fashion rule I’ll always stand by.


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