We Need to Know More About Charli XCX’s $100 Denim Panties

We Need to Know More About Charli XCX’s $100 Denim Panties

Charli XCX at the Oscar After Party hosted by Vanity Fair.Christopher Polk for Variety.

International diva Charli XCX graced the cover of British GQ’s Heroes issue this morning, and well duh, it was sexy. Miss XCX is approaching the release of her new album, Brat. She’s a club fashion icon, but Charli XCX’s denim panties really take the cake.

Charli’s cover look was giving hot girl jock meets walk of shame meets backyard barbecue. She wears a brown oversized boyfriend jacket by Loewe, a graphic cropped spring break t-shirt with a heart cut-out by Sarah Aphrodite, a pair of denim shorts by Guess, a pair of red heels by Gianvito Rossi. She’s also got a class of accessories in tow: a fresh soccer ball under her arm, a Monster energy drink, and a skateboard. Personally very obsessed with the denim short shorts that are borderline underwear. And if you’re trying to get this look, the shorts are only $100.

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Charli XCX's Denim Panties Are the Brat MoodboardGUESS washed-denim brief shorts $106 Buy Now These denim briefs were featured on Charli XCX’s cover look for British GQ’s Heroes issue.

In the interview, Charli talks about her journey to being able to make authentic art. “I know that if I suffered in silence, pushed through it and didn’t say what was on my mind, and maybe got like a brow lift or whatever, I could probably operate in a more commercial world,” XCX says. “Sometimes I tempt myself with going there, but I think the problem is my fanbase knows that that’s not who I am, so they kind of smell a rat, and they’re like, ‘This is inauthentic.’ But then I think that sometimes puts me in this position where the masses are like, ‘What the fuck is this?’”

She continues. “But I would in no way be as happy, creatively satisfied or, honestly, as good as some of the people who are operating on a hugely commercial level,” she says, “because maybe I’m just not built for it.”


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