Hunter Schafer’s Stylist Said the Cannes Headscarf Was Better Made Than Most of Her Closet

Hunter Schafer’s Stylist Said the Cannes Headscarf Was Better Made Than Most of Her Closet

American actress Hunter Schafer  at Cannes Film Festival 2024. Kinds Of Kindness Photocall. Cannes (France), May 18, 2024.Photo by Rocco Spaziani/Archivio Spaziani/Mondadori Portfolio via Getty Images.

This isn’t Hunter Schafer‘s first rodeo, not at all. She’s at Cannes Film Festival right now, and she looks amazing on every red carpet and at every photo call, and honestly what else were we to expect? The actress and model is not only gorgeous, but also weird and interesting as hell. She’s worked with other stylists before, including her co-star Zendaya’s collaborator Law Roach, but since beginning her relationship with stylist Dara Allen, things have had a different energy entirely. And according to Dara, there is far more to Hunter Schafer’s headscarf look than meets the eye, babe.

Dara Allen went on her TikTok early this morning to talk about the custom Prada headscarf look that Hunter Schafer wore to the Kinds of Kindness photo call at Cannes, the look that had even the most adventurous of fashion girls talking. As Dara was packing up the look to ship back to the Prada team, she dove into chat about the headscarf.

Hunter Schafer attends the

“I just have to talk about this thing because it’s gagging us,” she said, showing the camera the scalloping effect on the edge of the scarf. “I was like, What is the trim? How did they do the trim? And then Hunty noticed that, Mama, that’s just the hem. Look.” Dara showed off the hem close so that we could see the hand stitched effect on the white cotton scarf. “That is just a folded edge, hand tacked, like couture hand sewing French seam. That’s fucking fab. The scarf is better made than 90% of my closet. Prada…That makes a difference. Things like that make a big—you think that’s small? That’s huge.”

First of all, this is the kind of dreamy stylist content I have been dying to see. I love Dara for giving us that insight because girl knows I would have never gotten a chance to see such finery up close. But also it’s so fun to see someone like Hunter Schafer, who’s made her nerdy affinities for art and beauty known, be the kind of person who cares about those details.


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