Sabrina Carpenter Got Her 25th Birthday Dress On Depop

Sabrina Carpenter Got Her 25th Birthday Dress On Depop

Sabrina Carpenter singing at the Eras Tour in Singapore.Getty Images.

Sabrina Carpenter celebrated her 25th birthday over the weekend, and she IS the people’s popstar. First thing’s first, on her cake was a Leonardo DiCaprio meme that said, “Nooo don’t turn 25 your so sexy aha,” a nod to the fact that Leo pretty famously loves to date women in their early 20s. But the gaggiest piece of information to come out of this party in MY opinion is Sabrina Carpenter’s Depop dress.

Yes girl. The “espresso” singer got her birthday dress, a bright gold silky satin dress with an embellished neckline, straps, and a belt, on your friend group’s favorite secondhand shopping app. It’s like, I knew Sabrina Carpenter was probably scrolling Depop like it was Instagram, but I didn’t know, you know what I mean?

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The Depop seller, a girl named Jules Berg, posted a TikTok explaining how it happened. She got a DM from someone asking if they could pay extra for the dress to be overnighted, and she had politely declined. After that, the customer said they were a stylist for Sabrina Carpenter and that she wanted to wear the dress for her 25th birthday. “I’m screaming, I’m scrambling, I get my sister to send out the package,” Berg said. “I wasn’t even sure if she was gonna end up wearing it because usually celebrities have like a million different options.”

Then lo and behold, Miss Carpenter posts the dress all over her Instagram in all its golden glory. “This is actually insane,” Berg went on to say. “I’ve only been doing Depop seriously for around a year.” The dress, the Depop seller said, is vintage Cachet, which she sourced in New York City a few years ago for $50.

Not sure how easily it’ll be to find the exact dress, especially because Berg found the dress as a long gown and cropped it into a mini herself, but if you want to shop her closet for other finds, her Depop is @jbeescloset.


depop is @jbeescloset 💛 thank you @Depop @Sabrina Carpenter for the opportunity!!

♬ Espresso by Sabrina Carpenter – 𝓙𝓸𝓱𝓪𝓷 | ☾


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