17 Green Nail Designs That Will Make a Year-Round Statement

17 Green Nail Designs That Will Make a Year-Round Statement

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Switching up your beauty look doesn’t always require dying your hair or applying a smoky eye — you can always change the go-to shade of your nails. The latest nail trends include a mix of bold and simple styles, from matte finishes to fun cherry designs, but if you’re stuck on what shade to try next, you can never go wrong with green nails.

Neutral manicures of classic colors will never go out of style, but green nail designs are an easy way to add a pop of color to your look. With endless shades to choose from, you can keep it simple and muted with a sage green, add intricate designs with a neon hue, or try a green twist on the french manicure. To help you get some ideas, we spoke with celebrity manicurists Britney Tokyo and Elina Ogawa to learn more about the shade and why it’s popular.

“The color green in general is increasingly getting more popular for everything such as clothing, sneakers, and accessories — and this is reflected in the latest nail trends,” Ogawa tells PS.

Tokyo adds that the color was included in Pantone’s spring/summer 2024 trend report, which has contributed to its popularity. Ahead, check out some of the manicurists’ favorite green nail ideas.

Mismatched Green Nails

Every nail can make its own statement with a mismatched manicure featuring graphics and patterns. Tie the look together by using different shades for the green nail art that’ll have everyone pinning your nail design onto their mood board.

Slimy Green Nails

Want something bold? Tokyo’s favorite style is the slimy green nail, which uses a neon green shade for the base. To add a more lifelike effect, you’ll want to layer the nail polish to make it look like your nails are dripping with slime.

Green French Manicure

Put a twist on the classic french manicure by swapping the white tip for green. This is one of Ogawa’s favorites. If you want to combine nail trends, mix it with the matcha green shade for a spring or summer-ready look.

Green Cat-Eye Nails

Cat-eye nails have grown in popularity in recent years. The manicure style uses a magnet to get the velvet effect in the nail polish. The result is a sparkly design you’ll want to show off all year.

Plaid Green Nails

Try a plaid pattern on one or all of your fingers for a subtle green design. To achieve the look, you need only a couple of horizontal and vertical lines in another color.

Zebra Green Nails

Y2K is still dominating the trends. One pattern from the decade seems to rule them all: zebra. If you prefer a more straightforward look, opt for contrasting lines while leaving some negative space.

Green Matcha Nails

Bring your favorite beverage to your nails with a soft matcha-green shade. This manicure also features a marble accent nail with swirls of green and white.

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Green Leafy Nails

Nature lovers will be itching to apply this leaf-inspired pattern to their nails. You can mix and match the styles to make it more artistic while leaving behind some empty space that’ll draw the eye straight to the pattern.

Green Floral Nails

This floral green pattern will flourish on your nails. To make your nails really pop, you can apply different shades of green.

Green Cow-Print Nails

This cow print features a bright green shade with black and white spots. It gives big 2000s vibes.

Green Neon Heart Nails

These neon green nails stand out even more, thanks to the addition of tiny pink hearts. The technique works on both long and short nails.

Green Jade Nails

If you forget to accessorize, jade nails can act as your jewelry all on their own.

Gradient Green Nails

You don’t have to settle for just one shade of green — each nail can sport a different color to create your own unique palette. This model uses various pastel shades, but it would also work with matte or neon colors.

Green Swirl Nails

Maximalists will appreciate this swirl design, which features a negative space base and a chrome finish over the green polish.

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Chrome Green Nails

To add shine to your fingertips, go with a chrome finish over your green polish. Whether it’s a dark or light color, the topper will make your nails pop.

Green Sculptural Nails

Bring some elegance to your nails with sculptural pearl designs using 3D gel. This hypnotic look has a beautiful, luminescent finish and different shades of green gel polish.

Green Cable-Knit Nails

Take a look at your new chunky sweater, but in nail form. This design uses a 3D gel to create a sweater texture. You can get the design on all 10 fingers or just one accent nail per hand — it’s your choice.

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