Rosé Just May Have Just Declared Which Colors Are the New Black

Rosé Just May Have Just Declared Which Colors Are the New Black

Rosé's street styled in Midtown Manhattan.Getty Images.

All the BLACKPINK girls are fashion stars in their own right, so when they make moves, we pay attention. Rosé was seen in New York this morning, and the look is so good. Rosé’s street style is impeccable (which is why there are Instagram accounts dedicated to identifying the clothes and accessories she wears). This time is no different.

Rosé wore a slouchy navy top with a brown workwear trouser and matching jacket. She paired it with a pair of white sneaks and a camel-colored shoulder bag and big sunglasses. We’ve long known that brown is the subversive neutral of the moment, meant to spice up black. Brown lipstick instead, brown leather goods, brown suits instead of black. But in addition to subverting black, brown is also a perfect pair with navy. The pair of them together feels like the true New Black.

Rosé's street styled in Midtown Manhattan.

The brown set is from The Row, and the sunnies and bag are from Saint Laurent outfit. The sneakers she wore were the Adidas Samba collab with Sporty & Rich, which are a pretty affordable option if you’re trying to shop like Rosé.

BLACKPINK's Rosé's Street Style Names a New BlackAdidas x Sporty & Rich Samba OG ‘White Bold Gold’ IF5661 From $143 Buy Now

With the Met Gala only days away, we always perk up our eyebrows when celebs are in New York around this time of year. It’s true that she was attending the Tiffany event last night celebrating Pharrell Williams’ launch of Tiffany Titan, so it may be a false alarm, but we expect plenty of the celebrities who were there last night to be at the Met. Great way to kill two New York fashion birds with one stone. She wasn’t at the Met Gala last year, but she was there in 2021 wearing a black and white YSL bow dress.


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