Disney Nails That Will Inspire Your Next Magical Manicure

Disney Nails That Will Inspire Your Next Magical Manicure

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If you’re a Disney devotee, you likely already have a ton of merchandise to prove your superfan status, but why stop there? Extend your love for Disney down to your manicure with your very own Disney nails.

Whether you’ve already booked your next Disney trip or you’re bingeing the classics at home in your princess pajamas, Disney nail art is the perfect way to pay tribute to your favorite movies and characters. You can opt for something simple, like the colors worn by your favorite character or you can go big with a unique, hand-painted design on each finger. You could go with traditional mouse ears with playful decorations, the entire “Toy Story” gang, or a cool lineup of the infamous villains. From long, stiletto-shaped nails to short manicures, Disney nail designs are guaranteed to look amazing on any nail shape and length.

When it comes to Disney nail art ideas, there are infinite possibilities. With so many iconic references to choose from, your biggest challenge will be picking just one. (Pssst, you can also pick more than one — 10, to be exact.) We love a good nostalgia-inducing manicure, but you can’t go wrong with simple but effective Disney nail stickers.

If you don’t know where to start, we’ve got you covered. Read on for the best Disney nail ideas to get your creativity flowing.

Clear Disney Nails

These Disney nail stickers prove you don’t need anything too over the top to have fantastic Disney nail art.

Mickey Glove Disney Nails

These Disney nail designs feature small pink hearts and Mickey’s famous white glove on a baby-pink base.

Evil Queen Disney Nails

The Disney nail art on these gorgeous stiletto nails features the Evil Queen and her iconic poisoned apple, along with a glittered nail.

Disney Stickers Nails

Create a unique pattern or color scheme for your manicure using Disney nail stickers — no professional manicure required.

Minnie Mouse Disney Nails

Use your Disney nail designs as an homage to Minnie Mouse’s signature white polka dots, and maybe even tiny Minnie heads.

"Winnie the Pooh" Disney Nails

These short Disney nails feature characters and elements from both “Winnie the Pooh” and “Toy Story.”

Piglet and Pooh Disney Nails

Put a themed twist to your Disney nails like this Valentine’s Day–inspired “Winnie the Pooh” manicure.

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Belle Disney Nails

These gorgeous, extra-long coffin nails feature Belle’s face on a maroon base and gold detailing. It’s the color palette of her winter outfit from “Beauty and the Beast.”

"101 Dalmatians" Disney Nails

Disney nail art featuring “101 Dalmatians” makes for a playful manicure.

Daisy Duck Disney Nails

Daisy Duck Disney nail art is featured in this manicure with soft lilac glitter and polka dots.

"Princess and the Frog" Disney Nails

This manicure combines three iconic Disney themes in one: “Princess and the Frog,” Tinkerbell, and Disney’s castle.

Mickey-Ears Disney Nails

If you’re aiming for subtle Disney nail art ideas, try solid colors with a small Mickey Mouse detailing.

Glitter Mouse Ears Disney Nails

This subtle Disney nail look proves you can never go wrong with glitter and Mickey ears.

Maleficent Disney Nails

For stunning yet playful Disney nails, try your favorite villain’s face (or in this case, headpiece) among glittery nails.

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"Alice in Wonderland" Disney Nails

These coffin nails feature Alice and the White Rabbit in a winter-themed Disney nail design.

"Lilo & Stich" Disney Nails

Go on a Hawaiian roller-coaster ride with “Lilo & Stitch” nails featuring Lilo’s shirt pattern and Stitch’s adorable face.

Retro Mickey and Minnie Disney Nails

Go vintage with old-school Mickey and Minnie on your Disney nails.

Minnie Mouse Disney Nails

Clear red-and-white polka dots are the go-to for paying tribute to Minnie Mouse.

"Monsters, Inc." Disney Nails

These fun Disney nail designs feature Mike Wazowski’s eye and the color scheme from “Monsters, Inc.”

"The Haunted Mansion" Disney Nails

These Disney nails feature scenes from “The Haunted Mansion” with a solid, dark-green base.

"Tangled" Disney Nails

Mix and match elements from “Tangled” on short nails for an extra-cute manicure.

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Rhinestone Mickey Pattern Disney Nails

For ultra-elegant Disney nails, try a deep glitter french tip and mouse ears made out of rhinestones.

"Toy Story" Disney Nails

We’re obsessed with these “Toy Story”–inspired Disney nails in a french-manicure design.

"The Emperor's New Groove" Disney Nails

Yzma, Kronk, and their potion bottle are featured in this Disney nail art with Yzma’s signature colors.

"Bambi" Disney Nails

These striking nude nails feature a gold french tip next to a portrait of Bambi.

Animal Kingdom Disney Nails

These Animal Kingdom–inspired Disney nails will turn heads when you walk in the park.

Nude Disney Nails

Embellish your clear nails with stars and tiny dots for a subtle Disney manicure.

Pastel Disney Nails

Pastel brushstrokes, polka dots, and mouse ears adorn these stunning stiletto Disney nails.

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"Mulan" Disney Nails

These fun Disney nails feature Mulan along with the signature colors of her outfit.

"Pocahontas" Disney Nails

Pocahontas and her sidekick, Meeko, are featured in these stunning Disney nails with colorful french tips.

Mickey Mouse Balloons Disney Nails

Add a pop of color to clear nails with Mickey Mouse balloons.

Black-and-White French Disney Nails

This manicurist decorated each french tip with a different Disney nail-art design.

Olaf Disney Nails

Olaf is the perfect character to feature with sweater nails for a wintery Disney manicure.

Mickey Mouse French Disney Nails

Use the iconic mouse ears to add a fun detail to your french tips.

Pink Ombré Disney Nails

These charming Disney nail designs feature the mouse we all know and love atop a gorgeous pink ombré base.

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