Nicholas Galitzine’s Pants Are More Windswept Than His Hair

Nicholas Galitzine’s Pants Are More Windswept Than His Hair

Nicholas Galitzine attending Jimmy Kemmel Live in Los Angeles on April 24, showing off his styleGetty

Nicholas Galitzine has already shown his range. He can do a sexy gay drama like Red, White, and Royal Blue. He can do a sexy straight guy in a lesbian comedy like Bottoms. He can even do a Harry Styles fanfic. He’s a real movie star, and now we’re seeing his movie star drip. Nicholas Galitzine’s style was front and center out in LA yesterday.

The star was seen outside the Jimmy Kimmel studio, promoting The Idea of You—a movie about a guy in a boyband who falls in love with the mom of a fan while headlining at Coachella. He wore a gorgeous blue striped shirt and a pair of flowy navy pants. The flow was so serious that the wind may have been paid a day rate. He also wore white socks with his black loafers, which we don’t see that much of. I don’t actually know that much about men’s fashion rules because I feel like they’re usually boring anyway, but I do believe white socks with dress shoes is a major no-no amongst traditionalists. I just so happen to love seeing Nicholas Galitzine break that rule.

Nicholas Galitzine is seen arriving at 'Jimmy Kimmel Live' on April 24, 2024 in Los Angeles, California.

Even when Harry Styles was in a band, he was always the most fashion conscious of the bunch. And honestly, if Nicholas Galitzine is going to play a character that takes loose inspiration from Harry Styles, he’s gonna have to dress to impress. I would pay to see what his stylist’s mood board looks like.


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