15 Stunning Ways to Try Ginger Hair, from Strawberry Blonde to Cowgirl Copper

15 Stunning Ways to Try Ginger Hair, from Strawberry Blonde to Cowgirl Copper

Woman with curly ginger hair, radiant skin, and glossy lips

@aureefabienne / Instagram

Ginger hair is having a major moment. What started with stars like Emily Ratajkowski and Megan Fox embracing the reddish tone has since trickled down to salons everywhere, thanks to the fact that it looks amazing on pretty much anyone. There are so many ways to try ginger hair, and you’re sure to find one that fits your preferences and undertones. Read on to learn all about the trend and see 15 ginger hair ideas to try the look for yourself.

Meet the Expert

  • Gregga Prothero is a master hairstylist and the founder of Gregga LA.
  • MJ Snyder is a celebrity hairstylist and Unite Hair ambassador.
  • Jenna Perry is a Redken celebrity stylist with salon locations in New York City. She is the colorist behind Kendall Jenner and Emily Ratajkowski’s red hair transformations.

About the Trend

“There seems to be a huge trend in embracing warmer tones,” says master hairstylist and Gregga LA founder Gregga Prothero. “Ginger and copper tones are an excellent match for every skin tone and can really work their magic on anyone. Ginger tones in general bring out warmth and radiance while still having a balance of cool, adding a healthy glow to your complexion as well as bringing a contrast to facial features such as your eyes and brows.” 

Ginger Hair Color

Choosing a shade: “Choosing the right shade of ginger depends on factors like your natural hair color, skin tone, and personal preferences,” says celebrity hairstylist and Unite Hair Ambassador MJ Snyder. “Warm-toned individuals might opt for a brighter, more orangey ginger, while cooler tones may prefer a deeper, reddish-copper shade. Hair condition and maintenance level can also influence your color choice based on what your haircare professional thinks is best for your needs.”

Maintenance level: High. Plan to visit the salon every four weeks to keep your ginger hair bright, and opt for a color-safe, sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner to prevent fading. 

Goes great with: Ginger hair works well with all skin tones, so long as you pick a shade that complements yours. “When it comes to choosing your perfect hair color, think of it like matching your favorite outfit to your complexion,” Prothero says. Lighter skin tones work best with golden or strawberry shades, while deeper complexions pop against copper and auburn. 

Similar shades: Honey red, copper, pumpkin spice

Price: Depending on your hair type, length, and color (as well as the salon you go to), dyeing your hair ginger can cost between $100 to $450. Because ginger hair requires different highlight tones, it can be challenging to achieve at home, so it’s best to invest in a professional service whenever possible—especially if you’re going ginger for the first time. 

What makes ginger hair work so well on almost anyone is the fact that there’s no one-size-fits-all for the shade. “Ginger hair typically refers to a shade of red hair that falls in the range of light to medium red-orange tone,” Snyder tells us. She explains that the key difference between ginger hair and other shades of red is the balance between red and orange hues and the infusion of golden tones—but you can lighten or darken this combination, depending on the look you’re trying to achieve.  “It’s often characterized by warm undertones, and it can vary from strawberry blonde to deeper copper shades,” she adds. In other words? If it’s got some combination of red, orange, and gold, it counts as ginger. With that in mind, scroll on for ginger hair inspo galore.

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Classic Ginger

Woman with ginger hair, pink-toned makeup, and star floating headband

@allenthomaswood / Instagram

When you hear the words “ginger hair,” a look like this one is probably what first comes to mind. It’s a true golden orange, and it looks incredible with a voluminous blowout or artful updo that allows for the dimensionality of the color to peek through.

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Toasted Ginger

Woman with curly ginger hair, radiant skin, and glossy lips

@aureefabienne / Instagram

If you’ve got olive undertones or a darker skin tone, darker shades like copper brown are your secret weapon to bringing out those fabulous undertones,” Protero says. Whether you have long locks or inch-long cropped curls, these tones can make a major impact.

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Auburn-Copper Balayage

Zendaya with an auburn and copper subtle balayage ombre hairstyle

@zendaya / Instagram

In combining the deep red shades of auburn with the orange hint of copper, this subtle two-toned look—seen here on Zendaya—gives longer lengths a hint of subtle dimension. We love how a balayage allows for a lower-maintenance way to hop onto lighter color trends.

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Soft and Simple

Woman with shiny layered ginger hair with subtle blonde highlights

@ajaonyourmane / Instagram

This simple, single shade is one ginger hairstyle you actually can achieve at home. Madison Reed’s Carrara Crimson ($25) is best described as a “light ginger copper red,” and it can add an orange tint to even the darkest natural hair shades.

Byrdie Tip

Invest in a filtered shower head to prevent hard-water damage from messing with your color, and try to make your washes last for as long as possible between shampoo sessions to prevent fading.

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Strawberry Blonde

Katie Jane Hughes with a strawberry blonde updo hairstyle and radiant pink makeup look

@erickinvisible / Instagram

A strawberry blonde shade, like this one combining blonde and reddish highlights, tends to work best with rosier skin tones. “If you’re lighter-skinned, brighter, golden to strawberry hues will play up your natural rosiness and create a stunning contrast,” Prothero says.

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Hints of Copper

Meredith Duxbury with a ginger long bob hairstyle with wet-look half-up style

@erickinvisible / Instagram

When Meredith Duxbury traded her signature blonde strands for this copper tone, it signaled a shift that Redken celebrity hairstylist Jenna Perry (an iconic redhead in her own right) says is taking over the industry. “I think that people are surrendering to warmth,” she says. “For so many years people would request no warm tones in their hair, but I believe that a little warmth can make your skin tone appear healthier.

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Dimensional Ginger

Serena Williams with naturally curly hair with copper highlights and glam makeup

@serenawilliams / Instagram

A good, dimensional color job will trick people into thinking your ginger hair is natural, regardless of your actual shade. Post-transition, use an at-home glazing product like DPHue’s Copper Gloss ($38) to keep your color fresh between professional treatments.

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Bright and Fiery Balayage

Anitta with dimensional fiery ginger hair and a colorful bodysuit

@anitta / Instagram

A combination of blonde highlights and copper lowlights creates a vibrant look—almost like an optical illusion—that changes every time the light hits it.

Byrdie Tip

“Consider using color-protecting products like Unite’s Blonda Daily Shampoo ($34) and Conditioner ($36) to maintain vibrancy and reduce brassiness in lighter ginger shades,” Snyder says. “Regular touch-ups may be necessary to keep the color fresh.”

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Just Peachy

Lindsay Lohan with peachy ginger hair and fresh, radiant skin

@lindsaylohan / Instagram

This peachy shade falls somewhere between strawberry blonde and true orange, a balance that only gets better as you notice all the ways it catches the light.

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Ginger Volume

Woman with brushed out ginger natural curls and sequined top

@allenthomaswood / Instagram

These brushed-out ginger curls are simply stunning, and the dramatic style only works to enhance the shade’s romantic vibes.

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Two-Toned Ginger

Woman with red and blonde naturally curly hair and radiant glam makeup

@dayelasoul / Instagram

This asymmetrical style is a truly unexpected way to embrace the ginger hair trend. Double up your dye job with a surprise under-section that’s slightly lighter than your allover shade.

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Statement Highlights

Back view of woman with ginger bob hairstyle with highlights

@joiewallacehair / Instagram

Accentuate your warm tones by mixing them with dimensional chunky highlights, which stand out against darker strands.

Byrdie Tip

Keep your strands soft with a once-weekly deep conditioner designed to enhance your color, like the Davines Alchemic Conditioner in Red ($31).

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Gingerbread Balayage

Side profile of woman with copper and ginger red balayage bob hairstyle

@chrisweberhair / Instagram

Ease the transition from brown to red by using your natural brunette shades as the undertone for reddish-golden highlights. The finished product is a gorgeous gingerbread shade that will allow you to (literally) stay true to your roots while trying something new.

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Ginger Ombré

Close-up of woman with wavy hair and ginger highlights

@styledbysam_x / Instagram

In lieu of going red all over, try an ombré look. Typically involving a slow fade from brown to orange, this style is painted on balayage-style and is a great option for anyone who’s only looking to stick with their ginger hair for a season or two.

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Ginger-Toned Blonde

Back view of woman with blonde and ginger hair in tousled center bun hairstyle

@arbridalhair / Instagram

Accenting a ginger dye job with blonde face-framing highlights is a surefire way to brighten up your complexion when worn down, or add a bit of dimensionality at the crown in a messy bun. Stick with golden tones instead of cooler ones for optimal blending.


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