24 Easy, Cute Hairstyles That Will Get You Out the Door in 5 Minutes Flat

24 Easy, Cute Hairstyles That Will Get You Out the Door in 5 Minutes Flat

Hilary Duff with her hair in a spiky bun

@nikkle901 / Instagram

Some days, getting ready is a leisurely—and genuinely enjoyable—process. You have plenty of time to play with products, experiment with multicolored eyeshadows, and try 15 different accessories before landing on a grid-worthy outfit. Other days, though, you simply can't be bothered with more than a tinted moisturizer and a messy bun before dashing out the door. We all have our lazy beauty days (even this beauty editor right here).

But there are ways to leave the house feeling your best with minimal effort. Once you've perfected your five-minute makeup routine, all you need is one of these easy, cute hairstyles (and maybe a brush and a few elastics) to get you where you need to be on time, every time. Keep scrolling to find your new favorite.

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Cute Clips

Camilla Cabello wearing small blue, green, and yellow clips

@nikkilee901 / Instagram

Consider trading your early aughts butterfly clips for the slightly more grown-up version that perfectly marries fashion and function. Use a few to pin back the front pieces of your hair and make an accessory-led statement in the process. Mix and match your favorite rainbow shades, or opt for browns, blacks, and nudes for a subtler take on the look.

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Simple Spiky Bun

Hilary Duff wears a slicked-back spiky bun

@nikkle901 / Instagram

This slicked-down look is a great go-to for greasy-haired days when a wash just isn’t happening. The sculpted side part gives the style a bit of polish, while the peek of spiky strands keeps things looking balanced (and a whole lot more intentional than the usual greasy low bun).

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Upside-Down Spiky Bun

A model wears an upside-down spiky bun

@jennychohair / Instagram

Remix the spiky bun look by—quite literally—flipping it on its head. Start by pulling your hair into a ponytail wherever you want the bun to sit, then twist it up and pin it down while leaving the ends out to create the architectural fan shape. Finish off with a spritz of hairspray, like the Vavoom Triple-Freeze Extra Dry by Matrix ($23), to hold everything in place.

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Low Bun

Ana De Armas with a slicked-back low bun

@jennychohair / Instagram

The secret to this bun's elegance is the severe middle part. Once you've got that down, a quick twist around an elastic and a spritz of hairspray will get you out the door ASAP.

“To create a perfect center part, or any part for that matter, comb all of your hair back away from your face with a wide-tooth comb,” Devin Toth, a hairstylist at Salon SCK in New York City, previously told Byrdie. “In doing so, each of the comb’s teeth actually makes a different hair part for you to choose from. Pick which part you want, align your comb exactly on top of that part, and comb the hair on each side downward.”

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Perky Ponytail

Model wears Barbie-inspired high ponytail

@jennychohair / Instagram

Barbie, is that you? Steal the icon’s signature style with a perfectly placed pony at the back of your crown. To make it look more work—and less workout—appropriate, wrap a section of hair around your elastic and secure it with a bobby pin. 

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Slicked-Back Ballerina Bun

Selena Gomez wears a slicked back bun with a red lip and cat-eye makeup

@selenagomez / Instagram

A slicked-back ballerina bun like this one may be simple, but that’s what makes it so chic. Bringing the hair away from your face allows your makeup to take center stage, providing the perfect opportunity to accessorize with a dramatic cat-eye and red lip.

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Bows and Braids

Hailey Bieber wears small French braids with bows and pink eyeliner

@haileybieber / Instagram

For another take on balletcore, decorate any lazy girl hairstyle with a few bow-shaped clips. Take a page out of Hailey Bieber’s book and use them to pin back a few baby braids at the front of your face.

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Natural Texture

Model displays her natural curly texture

@lacyredway / Instagram

The easiest way to style your hair? Just let it do its thing. If you have naturally wavy hair, apply an air-dry product while your hair is still wet. To enhance natural curls, flip your head and scrunch your strands with a mousse, like Living Proof’s Full Texturizing Hair Foam ($32).

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Space Buns

Ashley Graham wears space buns

@justinemarjan / Instagram

Two buns can often be better than one, and this space buns look serves as proof. To try it for yourself:

  1. Start by parting your hair down the middle (make sure you get a clean line to the back of your head to make the style feel more intentional).
  2. Pull the side sections into two pigtails at the top of your head. Make sure they look symmetrical and balanced before securing them with elastics.
  3. Twist the lengths of your hair around the elastics to form the bun, and use bobby pins to ensure they stay in place.

From there, you can manipulate the buns to achieve your desired look, or borrow some inspo from Ashley Graham and decorate them with butterfly clips.

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Baby Buns

Yara Shahidi wears multiple buns

@yarashahidi / Instagram

Two buns not enough? Use the same technique to create small buns all over your head, a la Yara Shahidi.

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Slicked-Back Bob

Lucy Boynton wears a slicked-down bob

@lacyredway / Instagram

Stick-straight hair tends to get greasy faster than its curlier counterparts, but this style uses that to your advantage. Put the grease to work by using it—along with a dry-finish hairspray, like Color Wow’s Cult Favorite Firm + Flexible ($28)—to slick down your look into a sleek style.

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Messy Bun

Sofia Richie Grange wears a messy bun

@sofiarichiegrange / Instagram

Leave it to quiet luxury queen Sofia Richie Grainge to make a messy bun look #rich. The trick here is making the style look intentional (versus something you just rolled out of bed in), which can be achieved with a perfect center part, artful placement at the back—not the top—of your head, and a few purposeful pieces pulled out beyond the elastic.

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Baby Braids

Storm Reid wears baby braids

@stormreid / Instagram

Wearing your hair down is an easy default on lazy-girl days, but why not make things a bit more interesting? The addition of baby braids will do just that. Try two face-framing ones like Storm Reid, or add a few extras all over your head.

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Twisted Bun

Model wears slicked-back twist bun

@lacyredway / Instagram

This streamlined look is held in place courtesy of two drugstore products. Stylist Lacey Redway used TRESemmé’s One Step Blow Out Cream ($6) to prep the hair and spritzed on the brand’s Extra Hold Hair Spray ($8) to lock the look in place.

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Faux Bangs

Paige Desorbo wears clip-in bangs with a high ponytail

Paige_Desorbo / Instagram

Even if you aren’t ready to commit to full-time bangs, you can use a set of clip-ins to instantly make even your most basic everyday hairstyle feel like something new.

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Decorated Braid

Model wears low braid decorated with a scarf

@jennychohair / Instagram

You don’t need advanced braiding skills to make your lazy-girl plait look pro-level. The trick? Dress it up with an accessory. Braid your strands into your easy style of choice, then add a scarf to compliment your look.

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Middle-Part Pony

Maria Menunos wears a high ponytail

@justinemarjan / Instagram

Stretch your wash one extra day with this peppy ponytail, the stuff day-five-hair dreams are made of. Gather your hair into an elastic at the top of your head, I Dream of Genie-style, then add some texture to your lengths with a curling iron (fun fact: waves hold better on dirty hair, so you won’t need nearly as much product to keep them from falling). Give the look a refined finish by wrapping your elastic with a section of hair, and prevent frizz with a high-hold spray like Nexxus’ Maxximum Super Hold Styling and Finishing Mist ($12).

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Clipped-Up Twists

Chantel palmer wears twists in a claw clip

@chantel.palmer / Instagram

If you’ve already got a claw clip in your collection, you know that the accessory can up the ante on any hairstyle in 10 seconds flat. Whether your hair is loose, braided, or twisted, just gather a section together and secure it with a clip—how “done” or “undone” you leave it is entirely up to you. In the market for a new clip? This Squiggle Hair Claw Clip from Anthropologie feels far fancier than its $10 price point.

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Lotto wears half-up pigtails

@Latto777 / Instagram

Pigtails are coming back in a big way, and there are about a zillion ways to integrate them into your lazy-day look. We love this sky-high, half-up, half-down look, which feels more grown-up thanks to the wrapped bases.

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Model wears braided pigtails accessorized with shells

@lacyredway / Instagram

For a slightly more intricate pigtail look, try some cascading braids. Opt for a classic three-strand twist, or—if you’re a real pro—get fancy with four- and five-strand styles or fishtails.

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Bubble Pony

Model wears bubble ponytail

@clairerose / Instagram

Breathe new life into a boring old ponytail by dressing it up with some bubbles. Once your hair is tied up, add elastics at one-inch intervals down the length of your pony. Use your fingers to separate the strands and create some volume, and feel free to accessorize with bows and clips.

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Justine Skye wears a braided topknot

@justineskye / Instagram

Whether your strands are natural or in braids, a topknot can bring your look to new heights with little effort.  Just pull your hair into a high pony, then twist the lengths in the same direction from the base to the ends, wrapping into a circular motion around the base of the elastic. Secure it with pins, and you’re ready for whatever the day (or night) has in store.

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Alix Earle wears a black headband

@alixearle / Instagram

The fastest way to fix roots that refuse to behave? Pop on a headband. We love a super-thick style like the one Alix Earle shows off here (bonus points for how it can kid all the grease on your crown).

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Half-Up Ponytail

Sydney Sweeney wears her hair half-up with a velvet bow

@sydneysweeney / Instagram

Can't decide whether you want to wear your hair up or down? This style will give you the best of both worlds by pulling your hair off your face in a polished way while letting you show off some length.


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