Proof That Cherry Nails Are Always a Good Idea

Proof That Cherry Nails Are Always a Good Idea

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When you think of fun nail ideas, rainbow french tips, chrome finishes, and bright polish hues likely come to mind, but we’d like to make a case for cherry nails. As seen on stars like Saweetie and Kourtney Kardashian, cherry nail designs just scream happy times.

The fruit motif feels equal parts nostalgic and cutesy, with a hit of whimsy. There are a couple of different ways you can wear the look. Instagram is filled with inspiration involving french tips (in a complementary shade of red or the traditional white), a “supermodel” base, and even 3D charms. You can wear cherry nail art on each finger for a super eye-catching and fun manicure, or stick with a few accent fingers if that’s more your speed. Minimalists will likely prefer Kardashian’s version on a nude base with a matching red tip; maximalists will love Saweetie’s rhinestone iteration over hot-pink polish.

With tiny, intricate designs like this, it’s sometimes best to go to the salon and let a professional work their magic. However, if you really want to get the look at home, stickers and even press-on nails can do the trick — like the PaintLab Cherry Reusable Press-On Gel Nails Kit ($9) and the Glamnetic Press-On Nail Kit in Mi Cherie ($15).

If you need some new ideas for your next mani (or just to keep on hand for when you’re in a pinch), keep scrolling for a variety of fun cherry nails.

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Main ImageMain ImagePaintLab Cherry Reusable Press-On Gel Nails KitFrom$9$9 at WalmartMain ImageMain ImageGlamnetic Press-On Nail Kit in Mi CherieFrom$15$15 at Amazon

Cherry Nails With Red Tips

Kourtney Kardashian showed off her cherry nail design using her husband Travis Barker’s “Kourtney” tattoo as the backdrop. Her iteration was on a nude base with red french tips.

Strawberry-Milk Cherry Nails

This cherry nail art feature another trend: a strawberry-milk base. The cloudy pink nail-polish color adds a sweet touch to the tiny cherry designs.

Cherry Nails With Green Chrome French Tips

This french manicure features a funky twist by way of green chrome french tips. Each finger also has tiny hand-painted cherries or mushrooms in red, green, and white.

Cherry Nails With White French Tips

A traditional white french manicure is instantly elevated by the addition of tiny red cherries with green stems.

Cherry Nails With Pink French Tips and Rhinestones

If you like to go big with your nails, this manicure combines cherries with pink french tips and tiny rhinestones.

Short Cherry Nails

You don’t need extra-long extensions to get in on the fun — cherry nail designs work great on short nails, too.

Cherry Nails With Colorful French Tips

Why pick just one color for your french tips when you can use a variety? This manicure has red, white, and chrome tips and a cherry nail design on one finger.

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If you look back in time, every decade has been dominated by one core manicure.

Mismatched Cherry Nails

This manicure features mismatched designs on each finger — in red, white, and nude — but still incorporates the cherry motif.

Rhinestone Cherry Nails

Make your cherry nail art pop with the addition of rhinestones, like this pink french manicure.

Large Cherry Nails

Most cherry nail designs feature tiny drawings, but you can make the fruit much larger if you’d like it to be more of a focal point.

Accent Cherry Nails

This french manicure only features cherries on three of the five fingers, making the fruity design a fun accent.

Cherry Nails With Pink French Tips

Rather than picking red or white for your french tips, try a light baby pink. This shade adds a subtle touch of color behind the cherry nail design.

French Manicure With Rhinestone Cherries

This french manicure has deep white tips and rhinestone cherry nail art on two fingers.

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