PAIGE Denim Guide: Sizing & Fit Review

PAIGE Denim Guide: Sizing & Fit Review

PAIGE makes some of my favorite premium denim styles and has been one of my most-worn brands for well over a decade. Today I’m sharing my favorite styles of PAIGE denim, how they compare, and what shoes work best with them.


Claudine // Laurel Canyon // Cindy // Anessa // Leenah

First, a little backstory: The founder of PAIGE, Paige Adams-Geller, went from working as one of the top fit models in the industry to launching her namesake collection in 2004. She knows from experience what a great pair of jeans looks and feels like, and it shows in her designs and attention to detail.

I first discovered PAIGE back in 2012, when skinny jeans were just gaining traction. This post is a blast from the past, if I ever saw one! Before the mirror selfie was a thing, I would prop a camera on my kitchen counter and take my daily outfit pictures, or sometimes Paul would take them for me outside.

Why Are PAIGE Jeans So Expensive?


PAIGE Leenah (29) // AG jacket (S) (similar for less) // Vince Camuto sandals (8)

PAIGE jeans are spendy, but they’re worth it if you wear denim as often as I do. They have an amazing fit and feel, the washes and fabric details are impeccable, and they keep their shape and wash and wear extremely well.

If you consider yourself a denim connoisseur, or just generally appreciate quality garments and attention to detail, you should definitely give them a try. The cost per wear averages out over time, especially if you purchase when they go on sale. And, of course, second hand shops are always an option.

Do PAIGE Jeans Run True To Size?


PAIGE Laurel Canyon High Waist Flare Jeans (29) // Vince blouse // Marc Fisher boots // YSL sunglasses

For size reference, I’m 5’5″ and hovering around 145 pounds these days, and I’m pretty consistently a size 29 in PAIGE denim (and in most premium denim brands). But if you tend to run in between sizes, it’s best to order both and compare.

When in doubt, wear them around the house for 4-6 hours with the tags on and see how they feel after that. If they are sliding around, or you feel like you need to pull them up, definitely size down.

Also, PAIGE has a petite collection for ladies 5’4″ and under, as well as extra long sizes and plus sizes.

My Favorite Styles of PAIGE Denim

These are the styles I own and love, and a little about each one and how I like to wear them.

PAIGE Laurel Canyon Flare Jeans

at PAIGE // at Nordstrom // at Bloomingdale’s // at Shopbop


PAIGE Laurel Canyon High Waist Flare Jeans (29) // similar blouse // heels


  • Rise: 10 1/2″
  • Inseam: 32″ (also available in 34 1/2″)
  • Leg Opening: 19 1/2″

The Laurel Canyon is a high rise flare with a 32-inch length inseam, and there are some longer lengths available. They come in a variety of colors and washes. Although, I would say they’re closer to a bootcut style. Generally, a flare has a leg opening wider than 20″. See more in my post: Women’s Pant Styles and Hem Lengths Demystified.

Shoe Pairings: Because these are a full-length bootcut/flare style and I didn’t have mine shortened, I have to wear these jeans with heels, but I also think that is how they look best. If you have a more distressed wash, or a raw hem pair, they might read more casual; but this exact pair lends itself well to dressier looks.

PAIGE Cindy Straight Leg Jeans

at PAIGE // at Nordstrom // at Bloomingdale’s // at Saks // at Shopbop


PAIGE Cindy in Tonal Ecru (29) // Rails Ellis (S) // straw clutch


  • Rise: 10 1/2″
  • Inseam: 28″
  • Leg Opening: 14 1/4″

The Cindy is Paige’s bestselling straight leg fit. This high-rise, straight jean is lean through the leg and finishes at the ankle. Some have a finished hem, and some are raw, like the ones I’m wearing here.

Shoe Pairings: These jeans are highly versatile and work with just about any shoe, from heels to flats, from sneakers to boots.

PAIGE Claudine Ankle Flare

at PAIGE // at Nordstrom // at Bloomingdale’s // at Saks

1 1

PAIGE Claudine in Lived In Crisp White Surfside (29) // brown sandals (8) // straw clutch // PAIGE Claudine in Black Lotus // black sandals


  • Rise: 11 5/8″
  • Inseam: 28″
  • Leg Opening: 17 1/4″

The Claudine is high-rise ankle flare. Some have a raw hem, and some have a finished hem. The slim flare silhouette elongates the legs and hits right at the ankle, which is perfect for highlighting your cute shoes!

Shoe Pairings: I like these best with sandals in the summertime, but I also wear them with booties in the fall/winter. I rarely wear these with sneakers or flats; they’re just a little too long on me.

PAIGE Leenah Slim Wide Leg

at PAIGE // at Nordstrom // at Bloomingdale’s

1 1

PAIGE Leenah Ankle (similar wash) // PAIGE Leenah 32″ – Crisp White


  • Rise: 10 7/8″
  • Inseam: 32″ (also available in 34 1/2″ and crop lengths)
  • Leg Opening: 22 1/4″

The Leenah is a 90’s-inspired slim wide leg with a high rise and slightly bowed leg. The white pair I’m wearing above is a full length style, and the blue jeans are one of the ankle-length styles.

Shoe Pairings: I like full length Leenah best with heels, due to the 32″ length and the wide leg silhouette. I wear the ankle length pair with both flats and heels.

PAIGE Anessa High Waist Wide Leg Ankle Jeans

at PAIGE // at Nordstrom // at Bloomingdale’s // at Saks // at Shopbop


PAIGE Anessa in Rock Show Distressed (29)


  • Rise: 11 5/8″
  • Inseam: 27″
  • Leg Opening: 22 1/2″

The Anessa is an ultra high-waisted wide leg style with an easy, relaxed fit; and they’re usually ankle length. I like how they’re cut a little closer to the hips and thighs, without compromising on the wide leg silhouette. The super high rise might be a turn-of to some, but I like how it holds in all the fluff. I tend to wear these more in the summer months.

Shoe Pairings: I wear mine with both heels and flats, since the raw hem and subtle fading lean more casual, but the length allows me to wear any heel height.

PAIGE Nellie Culotte Jeans

at PAIGE // at Evereve // at Shopbop


PAIGE Nellie in Crisp White


  • Rise: 10 3/4″
  • Inseam: 26 1/2″
  • Leg Opening: 19 1/2″

The Nellie is a classic culotte silhouette, and it only comes in this crisp white. The high-rise and loosely tailored shape is timeless and classy.

Shoe Pairings: These jeans have a polished look to them, which lends itself to heels, but the cropped length also works well with flats.

In Conclusion

I hope this post is helpful for anyone looking to purchase PAIGE jeans. I’m happy to answer any questions you have about fit and sizing in the comments. Shop my favorite styles below!

Jeans Similar to PAIGE Denim

I realize this brand is not in everyone’s budget, so I also rounded up some of my favorite “similar for less” styles for you here.

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