Justin Bieber Rocked Slippers At Sushi Park & It’s A 4/20 Vibe

Justin Bieber Rocked Slippers At Sushi Park & It’s A 4/20 Vibe

Justin Bieber is seen on April 17, 2024 in Los Angeles, California.Justin Bieber at Sushi Park.Getty.

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Justin Bieber‘s the king of wearing whatever he wants. In fact, one of the Internet’s favorite bits is when he and Hailey Bieber step out together, and she’s dressed to the nines, and he’s in his sweats. So when you see pap photos of Justin Bieber’s slippers on the outside pavement of Los Angeles, you’d be the fool to act surprised.

Justin Bieber wore a pair of fuzzy Louis Vuitton house slippers to Sunset Boulevard’s favorite celeb hang, Sushi Park. If you don’t know what Sushi Park is, it’s a regular old sushi restaurant in a strip mall on Sunset Boulevard with disposable chopsticks and standard ambiance. The only caveats are that 1. it’s pretty expensive and 2. there’s a strict no phones and no photos policy. Meaning your favorite celebs go there to just hang out and not be watched, apart from the pap view from the railing obviously.

Justin Bieber (R) is seen on April 17, 2024 in Los Angeles, California.Getty.Getty.

So if Justin Bieber is going to go to real public things in sweats, you can bet he’s going to Sushi Park in designer slippers. Anyway, let’s talk about the slippers. They come in at a hot $2,800 because of course they do. They’re booties with paw print rubber soles and the Louis Vuitton LV print all over the tops of them. NGL, I actually think the whole outfit is pretty good.

The sweatpants are slouched at the ankle just right. The leather jacket fits him so well. This is not a bummy sweats outfit. This is a more expensive version of how a person should be allowed to dress to go to Walgreens for a Sour Patch Kids run mid-bong sesh. We know that Justin Bieber is now a man of God, so it’s unclear if he partakes, though his wife is pretty open about her legal weed consumption. With 4/20 around the corner, this is a good reminder of what stoner fashion looks like.

Designer slippers on the streets of LA. Justin, I see your vision.

Justin Bieber Rocked Slippers At Sushi Park & It's A 4/20 VibeLouis Vuitton LV Footprint Low Boot $2,800 Buy Now I would wear these boots out too, sorry to be annoying. They come in black, green, and chocolate brown too.


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