FKA Twigs Rocked A Ludicrously Capacious Bag

FKA Twigs Rocked A Ludicrously Capacious Bag

FKA Twigs in NYC with a half-shaven haircut.Photo by Gotham/GC Images.

FKA Twigs is an indie princess turned fashion it girl—and you can always look to her to see what the hottest new trends are. So of course after seeing FKA Twigs’ oversized bag, we’re all running to find ginormous bags to stash our things in. And while Twigs is known to rock some pretty out-there trends, this might be her most practical fashion statement yet. 

From being a Tumblr icon to paving the way for bleached eyebrows, everything about Twigs screams cool girl. After she pulled off a half-shaven haircut, we realized everything looks good on her. She somehow follows trends while starting her own at the same time, which means we should be taking note of everything she wears. This newest look captures her casual everyday style, which is a rare sight when you’re as booked and busy as Twigs is.

Photo by Gotham/GC Images.

On April 17th, FKA Twigs stepped out in New York City wearing a casual outfit that included a slouchy cutout t-shirt, rolled up pants, and sporty Cloud X 3 sneakers. But the star of the show was her ludicrously capacious bag. The black Gucci monogram duffle makes Twigs look tinier than she already is, only adding to its oversized look. Even paired with such a laid-back outfit, Twigs’ huge bag adds an aura of downtown girl chic.

Recently, we’ve seen every bag trend under the sun—from tiny bags to charms for your bags, but nothing seems as useful as oversized bags do. After Jane Birkin’s lived-in Hermès purse went viral on TikTok, the fashion girlies have been striving for practical and full of life bags. Ginormous bags like Twigs’ are literally full of life and everyday essentials (or maybe unessential things too), and we can’t help but thank her for making a practical bag look so effortlessly stylish.


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