Kim Kardashian Just Rocked a Y2K Fit & the Old Kim Is Back

Kim Kardashian Just Rocked a Y2K Fit & the Old Kim Is Back

Kim Kardashian in 2007 wearing a white bandage dress.Photo by John Parra/Wireimage.

Like all great fashion icons, Kim Kardashian keeps us on our toes. And at the Breakthrough Prize Ceremony, she did the unthinkable: She dressed like her younger self. While Kim has been known to start new trends and push fashion forward, her latest look took inspiration from the past. Kim Kardashian’s 2000s outfit has us reminiscing about the old Kim—and in awe of how good Y2K trends still look on her.

Kim’s style has evolved dramatically since she first stepped in the spotlight. In the early 2000s, her fashion sense embodied the California party girl—with bodycon dresses, flashy jewelry, and a side part all heavy in her rotation. Over the years, she’s traded her fanciest mall clothes for futuristic shapewear and archival couture. It’s been a while since we’ve seen Kim looking so Y2K, and we had to do a double take when we saw her latest ensemble—which looks more like something she’d wear in 2008 than in 2024.

Photo by Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic.

For the old-Kim-inspired look, she wore a white halter bandage dress and an undeniably nostalgic side part. While Kim’s current style leans towards experimental streetwear and edgier silhouettes, it’s surprisingly refreshing to see her get back to her clubwear roots. This dress, in particular, reminds us of the countless white bodycon dresses she’s worn throughout the years—including to her earliest red carpet events.

In addition to dressing the part, Kim physically looks like the younger version of herself. She brought back her dark smokey eyeshadow (maybe she used the iconic Naked palette), and after seeing so many clean girl makeup looks on the red carpet, we applaud her for her bravery. Her long dark hair was also a staple of her old look, and paired with a side part and a view-obstructing bang, it feels like the 2000s all over again. As much as we loved Kim’s iconic blonde and pink hair moments, this dark hair definitely suits her the best.

Kim Kardashian in 2008. Photo by Paul Redmond/WireImage.

While Kim loves outfits that push fashion boundaries, she looks just as great wearing the classics. This look walked straight out of a Y2K magazine, and we had to do a double-check that this is actually current Kim and not an old picture from her days being BFFs with Paris Hilton. Some 2000s trends may never see the light of day again. But if Kim Kardashian can dress like it’s 2008, maybe we all can too.


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