MOTHER Denim Guide: Sizing & Fit Review

MOTHER Denim Guide: Sizing & Fit Review

MOTHER denim is a fan favorite among many women, myself included. If you’re a connoisseur of premium denim, this brand is a must-try. The fabric looks and feels amazing, their washes are always on point, and they have a really good variety of current styles. Plus, no other denim brand does so much for the rear view… IYKYK.


The Weekender // The Insider // The Dazzler // The Hustler // The Tomcat

I get asked a lot about the different styles of MOTHER Denim and how they compare, so a few years ago, I decided to compile all of this information into one post for those who want to refer back to it. Today I’m updating the post with current links and the latest styles, and I also rounded up some “similar for less” styles at the end of the post, for those who prefer to save vs. splurge on denim.

First, let’s address the white elephant in the room.

Why Are MOTHER Jeans So Expensive?


MOTHER The Dazzler in Riding The Cliffside (29)

Yes, MOTHER jeans are spendy, but they’re worth it if you wear denim as often as I do. They have an amazing fit and feel right off the rack, the washes and fabric details are impeccable, and they keep their shape and wash and wear extremely well. Plus, MOTHER denim is made in the USA, which is always a bonus.

If you consider yourself a denim connoisseur, or just generally appreciate quality garments and attention to detail, you should definitely give them a try. The cost per wear averages out over time, especially if you purchase when they go on sale. And, of course, second hand shops are always an option.

Another question I often get regarding MOTHER Denim is…

Do MOTHER Jeans Run True To Size?


MOTHER Weekender Fray (discontinued wash)

For size reference, I’m 5’5″ and hovering around 145 pounds these days, and I’m pretty consistently a size 29 in MOTHER denim (and in most premium denim brands). But if you tend to run in between sizes, it’s best to order both and compare.

When in doubt, wear them around the house for 4-6 hours with the tags on and see how they feel after that. If they are sliding around, or you feel like you need to pull them up, definitely size down.

My Favorite Styles of MOTHER Denim

These are the styles I own and love, and a little about each one and how I like to wear them. Also, if you’re shorter than 5’4″, you will be happy to know MOTHER has a new petite collection line with all of their best selling styles!

The Weekender

at MOTHER (petite) // at Nordstrom // at Bloomingdale’s // at Saks // at Shopbop // at Anthropologie


MOTHER The Weekender in A Groovy Kind Of Love (size 29) // sweater // boots // coat

1 1

MOTHER The Weekender in A Groovy Kind Of Love (size 29) // sweater // similar jacket // boots

Measurements: 10 3/4″ Rise, 31″ Inseam, 20″ Leg Opening

The Weekender is a high rise flare with a 31-inch length inseam and a frayed hem. Although, I would say they’re closer to a bootcut style. Generally, a flare has a leg opening wider than 20″. See more in my post: Women’s Pant Styles and Hem Lengths Demystified.

Shoe Pairings: Because these are a full-length bootcut/flare style, I usually wear these jeans with heels, but lately I’ve taken to wearing them with chunkier fashion sneakers sometimes too. I kind of like the ultra casual look.

These jeans are a really nice option for ladies who want to look current but not too extreme. I wear mine a lot! My one caveat about the Weekender style is they aren’t very long for the taller ladies. If you need more length, try The Hustler Heel, with a 34″ Inseam.

The Hustler

at MOTHER (petite) // at Nordstrom // at Bloomingdale’s // at Shopbop // at Anthropologie


MOTHER The Hustler in Au Revoir (size 29) // t-shirt (M) // sandals (more) (8) // sunnies

1 1

MOTHER The Hustler in Fairest Of Them All (size 29) // tank // wedges // MOTHER The Hustler in Healing Jar (29) // sweater // boots

Measurements: 11″ Rise, 27 1/2″ Inseam, 16″ Leg Opening

The Hustler is a high-rise, ankle-length flare with a raw hem. They come in a lot of nice washes, and I prefer the raw hem styles, for some reason. The Healing Jar is a versatile medium indigo wash, and the denim is super soft and stretchy. The white pair is one of my favorites for dressing up in the summer months. If in doubt, size up in the white. The Healing Jar is true to size, and unfortunately, the Au Revior was discontinued.

Shoe Pairings: I find this length a little awkward with sneakers and flat sandals, although my eye is adjusting to that as longer lengths are becoming more prevalent. They’re perfect with heeled sandals, clogs, and ankle boots. I love how they show off the shoe and you don’t have to worry about the length not being quite right if your heel isn’t high enough.

If you’re taller than my 5’5″, these might make a good crop flare, and if you’re shorter, they’re a good option for a full-length flare. They also come in petite.

MOTHER The Insider

at MOTHER // at Nordstrom // at Bloomingdale’s // at Shopbop


MOTHER The Insider in Fairest Of Them All // old LOFT top // sandals (8) // MOTHER The Insider in Dancing On Coals // ATM tee // pink jacket

Measurements: 10″ Rise, 26″ Inseam, 15″ Leg Opening

The Insider is a cropped bootcut with a step fray hem. These were how I discovered MOTHER Denim, and the Dancing On Coals wash was my most worn pair of jeans for several years. I also have them in the white (pictured above) and a black wash, as well.

Shoe Pairings: I like these best with sandals in the summertime, but I also wear them year ’round with fashion sneakers (P448 John and Veja Esplar are my go-tos), and sometimes with booties in the fall/winter.

Since they’re a cropped style, they don’t work as well for the taller ladies, but they read as ankle-length on my shorter friends.

The Roller

at MOTHER // at Nordstrom // at Bloomingdale’s // at Shopbop // at Anthro


MOTHER The Roller in Let’s Trip (similar) // Everlane sweater // clogs

Measurements: 10″ Rise, 31″ Inseam, 26″ Leg Opening

The Roller is plays right into the wide-leg trend that is having a moment this season, and I think they’re so much fun. Unfortunately, these sold out, and there are so many different variations on this Roller style, but none are quite the same. This pair is probably closest to mine.

Shoe Pairings: These jeans can really be worn with almost any shoe. I like them with sneakers, clogs, ankle boots, and sandals; it all depends on the look I’m going for at the moment. They look more polished when worn with a heel, for sure, but I also kind of like them with sneakers for a weekend vibe.

The Dazzler

at MOTHER (petite) // at Bloomingdale’s // at Shopbop // at Anthro


MOTHER The Dazzler in Riding The Cliffside (29) // sweater // sneakers (on sale)


Fairest Of Them All // grey sweater // booties // black sweater // sandals

Measurements: 9 3/4″ Rise, 27 1/2″ Inseam, 13″ Leg Opening

The Dazzler is a slim straight mid-rise ankle length jean, and they come in a wide variety of washes with both raw hem and finished hem styles. This is probably my most worn pair of MOTHER denim at the moment – it’s between these and The Weekender. I wear my light wash MOTHER Dazzler with the raw hem (pictured above) a ton all year ’round, and I also love these in the white for a classic and clean slim straight ankle style.

Speaking of the white, I love MOTHER Denim’s Fairest Of Them All wash. As you can see, I have them in three different styles! It’s a nice clean shade of white, and it has a good bit of stretch for comfort but doesn’t lose its shape.

Shoe Pairings: I like pretty much any shoe with these jeans. They look great with flat or heeled sandals in the summer, loafers and mules during transition seasons, and sneakers all year ’round. They also work with a lot of ankle boots, as long as they shaft is slim enough to slip underneath.

These are a good option for those trying to branch out from skinny jeans; in fact, if you have thicker legs, they will probably look more like skinnies than straights. If you like the slim straight silhouette but need a little more room in the legs, The Tomcat is a good option.

The Tomcat

at MOTHER // at Nordstrom // at Shopbop


MOTHER The Tomcat in Oui Oui // hoodie // sneakers // jacket // bag

Measurements: 10 3/4″ Rise, 26″ Inseam, 14″ Leg Opening

The Tomcat is MOTHER’s best selling high-rise straight leg jean, with a “borrowed from the boys” vibe. They have a more relaxed fit than The Dazzler, and a slightly shorter inseam, making them nice for spring and summer. They usually come with a button fly, so be aware of that, if it isn’t your thing.

Shoe Pairings: These jeans look great with everything from booties to fashion sneakers. They’re a fairly versatile style, although I admit, I don’t reach for mine very often. It is probably a body type issue, but I much prefer the slimmer silhouette of The Dazzler.

The Rambler

at MOTHER // at Nordstrom // at Bloomingdale’s // at Shopbop


MOTHER The Rambler in Fairest Of Them All (29) // blouse (S) // denim jacket (S) // sandals (8)

Measurements: 11 1/4″ Rise, 27 1/2″ Inseam, 17 3/4″ Leg Opening

The Rambler is a high-waisted style with a wide straight leg with a clean ankle-length inseam. They come in a variety of colors and washes, including this classic white wash.

Shoe Pairings: These jeans have a polished look to them, which lends itself to heels, but you could play around with some flatter shoes. They might work well with ballet flats or closed-toe slingbacks, which are also trending this spring.

The Rider

at MOTHER // at Nordstrom // at Bloomingdale’s


Measurements: 10″ Rise, 27 1/2″ Inseam, 14″ Leg Opening

The Rider is a vintage-inspired mid rise straight ankle style that appears to be slightly wider than The Dazzler (which tend to read as a skinny on women with a more athletic build) and not quite as wide and trouser-like as The Rambler. I also noticed the fabric content on some washes (including Local Charm, the one pictured above) is 99% cotton/1% elastane, so they are going to be a more rigid denim. I’m not sure how I’ll like that, but I’m game to try! I have them on order, and I’ll update this post with photos when I get them in.

In Conclusion

I hope this post is helpful for anyone looking to purchase MOTHER jeans. I’m happy to answer any questions you have about fit and sizing in the comments. Shop my favorite styles below!

Jeans Similar to MOTHER Denim

I realize this brand is not in everyone’s budget, so I also rounded up some of my favorite “similar for less” styles for you here.

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