One/Size’s New ‘Wicked’ Collab Is Already Going Viral

One/Size’s New ‘Wicked’ Collab Is Already Going Viral

One/Size x Wicked collection


Though it’s not out until November, it’s safe to say that Jon Chu’s adaptation of Wicked is one of the most highly-anticipated films of the year. While you’ll have to wait patiently until Thanksgiving to see Ariana Grande’s take on Glinda the Good Witch, we have good news for your inner theater kid: Patrick Starrr’s beloved beauty brand, One/Size, is dropping an Oz-themed collab.

On April 2, prepare to feel like you’re defying gravity with the new four-piece collection, including a glittery upgrade to Beyoncè’s favorite setting spray, which has already gone viral. Ahead, everything you need to know about the One/Size x Wicked collection—straight from Starrr himself.

The Inspiration

The One/Size Wicked collection is a collab with the Broadway musical, not the movie, and has been in the works since 2021. So, while the timing (especially considering the movie's considerable buzz) feels kismet, Starr claims it was a total coincidence. The beauty founder says he's always wanted to collaborate with a broadway show and always identified with Elphaba since they first saw the musical as a senior in high school.

"I said I think I want to fly and do my own thing," Starr says. "People would bully me, they're like 'you can't do makeup, you're a guy.' And I jumped in that broomstick, and I flew, and 17 years later, I have a brand, and I have a collaboration with with Wicked. So, it's been a full circle moment for me."

Starr and his team partnered with Christa Kaimimoku-Wong, the show’s current makeup artist, as well as Joe Dulude II, the makeup designer for the original production, to bring their vision to life. One/Size also had access to face charts from the original production, as well as the actual shades currently used backstage for inspiration. “It’s just so unreal because it’s very unlikely for a brand to get that kind of exclusive access to the tried and true pros,” says Starr.

The Products

The collection includes four products, ranging from face to eyes to tools. First, there’s the Spotlight Highlighter ($34), a warm champagne shade with the slightest hint of green inspired by the finishing powder used on Elphaba on Broadway. The silky formula uses ultra-fine luminescent pearls and a baked formula for a “wet look” glow that can be spotted from the very back row, with no obvious glitter or shimmer.

One/Size Wicked highlighter


The Off the Handle Complexion Brush ($34) is the perfect tool to apply the highlighter. The brush is shaped like Elphaba’s broom, featuring a long handle and duo fiber synthetic bristles. The shorter bristles are ideal for picking up and holding the pigment, while the longer fibers gently buff it into the skin.

One/Size Wicked complexion brush


The main attraction is the Unlimited Eye & Face Palette ($49). The palette features 12 eyeshadow shades and two blushes, half inspired by Glinda and half inspired by Elphaba. The One/Size team worked closely with the show’s past and present makeup artists to incorporate the actual shades used on both characters.

One/Size Wicked eyeshadow palette


For Elphaba, this includes deep matte green, shimmery grass green, soft matte cream, matte eggplant, deep matte emerald, and shimmering emerald. Glinda's eyeshadows include shimmering silver, pale matte blue, shimmery baby pink, pastel matte purple, matte taupe, and matte brown. Elphaba's blush is a bright poppy pink, while Glinda's is a true bubblegum shade.

One Size glitter spray


Finally, to round out the collab, there’s the Popular Glitter Setting Spray ($32), which also happens to be Starr’s personal favorite from the collection. The spray takes everything you know and love about One/Size’s beloved setting mist (which famously kept Beyoncé’s makeup in place in the pouring rain) and adds glitter. Inspired by the glitter Glinda wears on her face, body, and gown in the stage show, the spray has a fine mist of rainbow glitter that can be used on your face, body, and hair. The formula also includes witch hazel and green tea extract to help absorb excess oil and tighten pores.


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