24 Neon Nail Art Ideas We Can’t Help But Obsess Over

24 Neon Nail Art Ideas We Can’t Help But Obsess Over

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Neon nails have been a popular manicure style for decades and for good reasons. Made up of vibrant shades, the look is versatile and eye-catching, ready to turn your birthday nails or a casual, everyday manicure into your most stylish accessory. Maximalists won’t be able to resist hopping on the trend, as it utilizes a bright color palette that stands out in a big way. No matter what your aesthetic is, neon nails can translate into any design as they only require a single shade.

There are countless ways to incorporate neon nail polish into your manicure. If you’re looking for on-trend examples, Julie Kandalec, founder of Julie Nail Academy and celebrity nail artist whose clients include Joe Jonas, Emily Blunt, and more, says aura nails and geometric neon-nail designs are both great. Her personal favorites include neon french manicure and jelly nails.

“Instead of traditional white, these nails pop with bright neon colors on the tips,” Kandalec tells PS. “It’s a super fun way to jazz up your nails and add a splash of color that goes with everything.”

In case you need more neon nail-art ideas, we rounded up even more styles to help you plan out your next manicure.

Aura Neon Nails

To achieve this hypnotic nail design, Kandalec suggests using “various techniques such as layering translucent colors, using glow-in-the-dark pigments, or incorporating special effects like iridescence or holographic elements.” It aims to provide that glowy look you’d get when having your aura photographed while adding a nice pop of color.

Two-Tone Neon Nails

Why settle for one shade when you can play with a rainbow? A two-tone contrasting manicure allows you to play with complementary colors while making your nails the center of your looks. Neon-green nail art is especially fun for the spring and summer months.

Simple Neon Nails

You don’t have to be an artist to have gorgeous neon nails — even single-colored manicures can yield bold results. While neon-pink nail art is fun, the shade can also stand out on its own.

Flame Neon Nails

For a neon-yellow nail art design that will garner tons of compliments, try a flame design. For some extra wow factor, you can outline the nail art in a different color to make it really pop.

Neon French Manicure

One of Kandalec’s favorite ways to wear neon nails is by putting a twist on the classic manicure. Instead of a white tip, you’ll switch it for a bright neon hue that’ll draw the eye to your fingers and make a statement.

Confetti Neon Nails

Turn your nails into a party with a cute confetti design. This look puts the shapes around the edges of the nail leaving the center nude but you can also apply them anywhere you want.

Mettalic Neon Nails

Your nails will shimmer with the addition of a metallic neon top coat. Rather than sealing everything in with a clear top coat, this simple tweak is one of the easiest ways to really elevate your nails.

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Neon Sign Nails

Go the nostalgic route with nail art that’s inspired by neon signs from your childhood. The key to recreating is to use a black base then a neon nail polish to create outlines of drawings. You’ll then want to do a smaller outline with a shade lighter than your colors.

Glossy Neon Nails

These are not your typical glossy nails; instead, they add a layer of dimension through the neon outlining. Simply make your outlines and shapes, then add a shiny top coat to finish the manicure.

Star Neon Nails

Your neon nails will look otherworldly with the addition of stars. You can use two neon shades or follow this example that uses a neon color over a neutral base.

Floral Neon Nails

Your nails will bloom with style once you apply a neon flower pattern to your manicure. To save time you can also make it an accent nail rather than apply the pattern to all of your fingers.

Glittery Neon Nails

You can add some sparkle to your nails to really make them stand out. This manicure features two different neon colors and a sparkly top coat.

Ombré Neon Nails

You can’t go wrong with an ombré nail design – especially when you use neon shades. The design will create a mesmerizing finish that seamlessly blends from one shade to the next.

‘90s Neon Nails

Embrace the 1990s beyond your clothing with this pattern featuring shapes and shades reminiscent of the decade. Incorporating a white base will help the neon shades stand out even more.

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Tie-Dye Neon Nails

Can’t decide on just one color? Tie-dye nail art allows you to mix a few of your favorite shades together into one vibrant masterpiece.

Neon Reverse French Manicure

Like a classic French tip, this design is minimalist-approved. Rather than outline the edge of each nail, it focuses the color around the cuticle. You can have fun mixing colors or keep it simple with a single shade.

Speckled Neon Nails

Keep things simple with a speckled pattern that uses a neutral base with the neon color of your choice. The result is a paint-splattered design that doesn’t completely cover your nails but gives a hint of color.

Cow-Print Neon Nails

Animal prints, like cow spots mixed with neon shades, create the ultimate statement. What makes this manicure especially stand out is how it uses a mix of shades rather than sticking to one color palette.

Jelly Neon Nails

Ditch the solid base and upgrade to a jelly texture, which Kandalec says features a translucent look in vivid neon hues with a gloss finish. “I’m particularly fond of their simple yet bold appearance,” she says.

Geometric Neon Nails

Another favorite for Kandalec is a geometric pattern, which she describes as a type of nail art that incorporates vibrant shades like neon pink, green, orange, or yellow, applied in patterns like triangles, stripes, squares, or chevrons. It results in a clean-cut design that looks like a work of modern art.

Cheetah-Print Neon Nails

Go the classic nail-art route with a cheetah print that combines neon with neutral shades. You can stick with this bright yellow palette or go for a ’90s vibe with varying colors of pink, black, and purple.

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Pop-Art Neon Nails

To create the look, you’ll want to apply a neon base first, then apply black nail polish to outline the shapes and designs.

Flocked Neon Nails

Similar to matte nails, flocked neon nails have a more flat yet fuzzy texture. You can pair them with glossy nail shades to add dimension.

Matte Neon Nails

If you prefer to keep things simple, you can opt for a matte design. The flat texture doesn’t diminish the boldness of the shade.

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