Round Nails Are an Underrated Classic Shape

Round Nails Are an Underrated Classic Shape

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So, you’re a social butterfly who’s found yourself with a calendar full of various events over the next few weeks. If you’re anything like us, your slightly (OK, very) type A mind will immediately start trying to plan your hair, makeup, and nail looks. While you’ve mastered the art of a 10-minute glam and have a signature hairstyle that you know you can rely on, the most difficult part of this equation has revealed itself: what are you going to do with your nails?

Whether you opt for 3D-nail art or want to keep it simple, one thing you might not expect to have decision paralysis about is your nail shape. There are numerous to choose from, but allow us to wax poetic a little bit about round nails; they’re like the chameleon of the manicure world.

“Round nails are a cross between squoval and almond nails,” manicurist and CEO of Nailing Hollywood Mazz Hanna tells PS. “The nails are filed in a way that follows the natural shape of your fingertip.”

Round nails can truly work for any occasion you have planned. Ahead, Hanna explains just how easy they are to achieve, as well as nail-art looks best suited for the shape.

What Are Round Nails?

Round nails are wider than oval nails at the tip. “In addition to following the shape of your finger, use the natural curved shape of your cuticle as a guide when trying to perfect a rounded nail shape,” Hanna says.

While round nails can look good on anyone, a bit of length won’t hurt if you’re trying to achieve this look. “I personally love the look of a slightly extended rounded nail,” Hanna says. “That being said, they also look really beautiful on a shorter, natural nail and can also make it appear longer because the eye is naturally drawn to the curved area rather than your nail itself.” So, whether you’re a die-hard extensions wearer or prefer your natural length, this shape can work for you.

Nail Art for Round Nails

As with any manicure, nail art is subjective and truly varies based on each person’s sense of style. Still, when it comes to round nails, Hanna does have a preference. “French or reverse french manicures are perfect for round nails,” she says. “A classic red single-color manicure also looks beautiful on this shape.”

Still need some convincing? Keep reading to see some of the most gorgeous round nails we’ve come across.

French Tip Round Nails

As Hanna said, round nails complement french tips beautifully, as evidenced by this simple yet striking manicure.

Short Round Nails

Short round nails don’t have to be boring. Add nail art in different finishes to keep all eyes on your manicure.

Round Acrylic Nails

Acrylics are a perfect way to add some length to your round nails. They also give you more room to get creative with your nail art.

Long Round Nails

Looking to elongate your fingers? Long round nails will do just that.

Colorful Round French Tip Nails

Skittles nail art and short round nails are a perfect match.

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