Beige Nails: The Minimalist Manicure Trend Sweeping Hollywood

Beige Nails: The Minimalist Manicure Trend Sweeping Hollywood

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Minimalist beauty trends are thriving — just look at some of the recent award shows, red carpet events, and celebrity Instagram pages. Nails, in particular, have seen a massive overhaul recently. Instead of maximalist, over-the-top nail-art trends, beige nails are starting to take over. Trends come and go, and right now, we’re experiencing the pendulum swing back in favor of simple, neutral nails.

Take, for example, the celebrity-loved supermodel-nails trend, which Jennifer Lopez, Sabrina Carpenter, Zendaya, and Kourtney Kardashian are all fans of. Or the spike in milk-bath nails, which see a sheer, milky-white color on your tips. It’s one that Madonna, Megan Markle, and Kylie Jenner have worn recently. All feature a beige nail base — and are about as simple as manicures get.

“It seems to be a reaction to how over-the-top and wild nails were getting for a while,” Eunice Park, manicurist and Aprés Nail’s research and development manager, tells PS. “Now, everyone seems to be trending back toward more natural, wearable nails.”

The pandemic has certainly influenced this shift. “It made us appreciate our natural features,” says Megan Lavallie, makeup artist and beauty content creator. “That’s what minimal makeup, hair, and nails is all about: it allows your unique features to shine.”

Lavallie has been loving beige-color nails with her natural length as of late and even predicted “Parisian nails” to be a huge trend this coming year. In a TikTok video talking about it, she describes it as nail-polish colors that “look kind of like it grew out of your own nail beds.”

Whether you get on board with the beige manicure trend by letting your natural nails grow out, stocking up on barely there beige nail-polish shades, or even opting for beige ombré nails over extensions such as acrylics or Aprés gel-x tips, you can’t go wrong. The result is subtle but refreshing. In keeping with this trend, Park noted that Aprés just launched a new Aprés Neutrals range. “[It] has done extremely well because of this rise in minimal, clean nail looks.”

Keep scrolling to see just how beautiful different beige nail designs are and save inspiration for later.

Beige Chrome Nails

If you want to jazz up your beige nails a little more, add a chrome topper. It adds some extra shine while still keeping the design minimal.

Beige Coffin Nails

Beige nails go great with the coffin nail shape. The extra-long length looks super crisp and clean.

Beige Oval Nails

Oval is one of the most popular nail shapes at the moment. Beige colored nails work great with this timeless, classic tip.

Beige Ombré Nails

If you like the color of beige nails but want to add a design to fit your maximalist style, try going for an ombré effect.

Black Swirl Beige Nails

If you like the idea of nail art but still want to keep things lowkey, adding black swirly lines is a great beige nail design.

Square Beige Nails

For a clean and minimal look, go for a sharp square shape with a beige nail polish color for a your-nails-but-better feeling.

Matte Beige Nails

Add a matte top coat to your beige nails to switch things up a little bit. You can also add an accent nail, as seen here, to infuse more personality into your set.

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Beige Nails With Simple Nail Art

A single tiny black dot placed by your cuticles is a subtle way to add some nail art to your beige nails.


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