7 Spring 2024 Nail Trends to Try

7 Spring 2024 Nail Trends to Try

As we get ready to flip the calendar and bid a not-so-fond farewell to Old Man Winter, we talk a lot about refreshing our closets for spring, but let’s not forget about that nail polish drawer. Nail shapes and colors go in and out of style, just like clothing and accessories, and this is a great time to rethink and maybe update your go-to mani/pedi.


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I was sitting in the pedicure chair a few weeks ago, getting ready to pick out my next color, and I started to grab one of my favorite deep neutral shades. Then it struck me that we’ve been doing the dark and moody thing for years, and where it once looked edgy and fresh, it now seems a little drab and tired.

Even though there will always be a special place in my heart for Lincoln Park After Dark, I intuitively knew that I wanted something lighter and more natural on my nails during these last few weeks of winter. I did a quick Google search on 2024 Spring Nail Polish Trends, which verified my suspicions, and I chose a really pretty dusty lavender called Don’t Bossa Nova Me Around.

Before we start talking about the trending nail colors and designs, we also should talk about the nail shapes that are having a moment right now. If you like to keep up with nail trends, long and pointy stiletto nails are the most current look, and coffin and tapered shapes are still going strong. I also hear that short stiletto nails are coming into vogue, and the almond shape is always a classic.

Personally, I’m sticking with my short squared-off nails because I feel like that looks best on me, and I spend hours a day typing, but I do try to keep up with the color trends… at least the ones that align with my personal style.

So, what are the trending nail colors for Spring 2024? Let’s discuss!

7 Trending Nail Colors for Spring 2024

#1. Milky Nails


photo credit: Amazon (IN.HYPE UV/LED Gel Polish – Semi Sheer Milky White)

Sheer, milky nails give you a delicate and sophisticated look. It’s almost a natural manicure with a glossy, gel-like finish. This is basically, your nails but better!

#2. Ballet Core


photo credit: Amazon (OPI Mod About You)

Think ballet-inspired pink polishes, pearly whites, and similar ethereal tones.

#3. Chrome Nails

OPI Work From Chrome

photo credit: Amazon (OPI Work from Chrome)

Nail polish colors with a metallic, reflective, mirrored finish are super popular right now, made popular by Haley Beiber, apparently.

#4. Nouveau French


photo credit: Sephora

This playful take on the traditional French manicure ditches the white tips and opts for a metallic or pop of color instead. The easiest way to do this at home is with press-on nails, or you can order these half moon guides.

#5. Pastels


photo credit: Ulta (ESSIE Atelier at The Bay)

Pastels aren’t really a new idea for spring, but they play into the barely there nail trends we’re seeing right now. Think buttery yellow, sunny orange, soft pink, romantic lavender, and periwinkle cream.

Bonus: Jelly Nails

Jelly Nails: 2024 nail polish trend

photo credit: Amazon

This is less of a color and more of a technique, so I’m throwing it on here at the end. The purpose of this look is to get an ultra-shiny manicure that has a transparent finish, almost like stained glass. You can achieve this look with any color. Just use one coat of polish to get a transparent, unfinished look, then add a high gloss top coat. Fun!

Which of these nail trends are you leaning into this spring?


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