Matilda Djerf Finally Enters the Hair Care Game With Djerf Beauty

Matilda Djerf Finally Enters the Hair Care Game With Djerf Beauty

Matilda Djerf holding her Djerf Avenue hair mist

Djerf Beauty

If Hailey Bieber is the “clean girl” manicure muse, Matilda Djerf is, without a doubt, the hair icon. The Swedish influencer’s signature fuffy blowouts and slick buns have had TikTok in a chokehold since 2021, and she’s just as well known for her baby blonde highlights as she is for her fan-favorite clothing line and idyllic content. In fact, Djerf’s hair is the closest modern equivalent we have to “The Rachel,” with the hashtag #MatildaDjerfHair garnering TikTok views in the millions.

Considering that her clothing brand, Djerf Avenue, was born as a way to share her staple pieces with the world, it makes sense that her first foray into beauty would be hair products that make it easy to achieve her signature style. It’s something her fans have been manifesting for years and something Derf herself has been dreaming up for just as long.

And on March 27, everyone's dreams are coming true with the launch of Djerf Beauty, a curated selection of two easy to use hair products. Ahead, she fills us in on the launch, and team Byrdie shares our honest reviews.

Matilda Djerf holding her new hair gel

Djerf Beauty

The Inspiration

According to Djerf, she expanded into hair products for the same reason she started her brand in the first place: selfishly. "I myself have never actually found hair products that I really, genuinely love," she tells Byrdie. While she's admittedly never been super into makeup or skincare—though she's trying to learn—hair has always been one of her favorite modes of self-expression. So, with the support of her Djerf Avenue team, Djerf set out to craft the two dream products her routine was missing: the On the Go Styling Gel ($22) and The Breezy Styling Mist ($27).

Her team had been discussing the expansion since 2021, and Djerf Beauty's formulation starting in 2022. Despite not having any prior beauty experience, it was important to the Djerf Avenue founder that the products were made with the best of the best ingredients. Her Breezy Mist product, in particular, took quite a few iterations to get right.

Djerf was adamant that the formulas were made without what she calls "filler" ingredients. "I really wanted all the ingredients to serve a purpose. If it's not, then we don't want it in the formulation." Ethical sourcing was also a main priority, as was the 100% PCR (post-consumer recycled) packaging sourced in Europe.

Fragrance was also top of mind for Djerf, who says she's a "nightmare when it comes to scents." She didn't want anything too sweet or heavy, and settled on what she calls a "universal" sandalwood scent with a hint of cardamum—a nod to Swedish cardamum buns.

Matilda Djerf with her hair product in her pocket

Djerf Beauty

The Products

Djerf's hard work resulted in two essential products. "I always have a blowout, a sleek bun, or ponytail," she explains. "I've never found products that helped me achieve those two styles. I've always had to mix two or three different products to get the effect that I wanted."

The first of the two products, the Breezy Styling Mist, is the secret to Djerf's bouncy blowout. The mist is a multi-use spray that adds volume, hold, and heat protection—a must on Djerf's hair styling checklist. It can also be used on dry hair as a refresher spray if you need a little zhush. "We really wanted the heat protection to be in the styling mist," says Djerf. "It's the only product you'll need—you don't need to use a heat protectant and a texture spray."

Matilda Djerf using her hair mist

Djerf Beauty

Alongside hydrating ingredients like sunflower seed extract (which also helps protect color-treated hair) and aloe, Djerf added salt to the formula to "give it that breezy feeling." She says that one of her favorite ways to use the spray is as a finishing product. "I do my lunch workouts, and when I get back to the office, [my hair] looks tired," she says. "I just like to spray a little bit and then go in with a round brush, and it adds the volume."

When Djerf’s hair isn’t in a blowout, it’s slicked back, which is where the On the Go Styling Gel comes in. The gel is another multi-use product that sits somewhere between a traditional gel and a cream. Shine was of the utmost importance to Djerf, who didn’t want the gel to feel at all waxy or stiff—she credits the squalane in the formula for “a beautiful shine” that always gives her compliments. There’s also marula oil, aloe, and glycerine for extra hydration, and the gel can be used both to slick back the hair, smooth flyaways, and define curls.

Despite the hold, Djerf insists that the gel is soft and silky, even after applying several layers. In fact, she says she's even taken her hair down from a bun and brushed out the gel with no weird crunchiness or flakes.

The Reviews

Star Donaldson, associate social media director

Star using the Djerf Avenue hair gel

Star Donaldson

"A hair gel formulated for all hair types rarely works for my 3c/4a hair, but this gel really blew me away. First, it smells amazing! So many curl products smell like desserts or an island vacation. This gel has a light vanilla and slightly woody scent that compliments my daily fragrance wardrobe. Plus, the scent really lasts all day, which is major for me. The best use-case for my hair texture is to use this as a curl-defining gel. I apply it to wet hair, and it gives my curls great definition without being crunchy. I love this gel so much I've been saving it for special occasions."

Bella Cacciatore, news editor

Bella with a bouncy blowout

Bella Cacciatore

"I am not a pro when it comes to at-home blowouts, but I do think the Breezy Mist made a difference! It gave me more volume than when I usually blow out my hair, and it stayed longer than usual. I usually avoid styling products because I hate how they feel in my hair, but this one doesn't feel sticky or crunchy, and the smell really is amazing—like an expensive NYC hotel lobby. My favorite way to use this, though, is as a refresher on second-day hair. It brings my hair back to life if it's looking a little sad and gives my waves some oomph, thanks to the salt in the formula. Just be sure to use a little and brush it out well, as it can get a little crispy on dry hair."

Olivia Hancock, editor

Olivia wearing the Djerf Avenue hair gel in her curls

Olivia Hancock

"This gel is very lightweight but provides a sufficient amount of hold, lightly defining my curls and taming flyaways. I love that it doesn’t leave a crunchy, flaky hold behind once it dries—it also doesn’t make my hair feel dehydrated like some other gels can. Instead, my hair still feels incredibly soft after applying the gel. Overall, I found it works great to refresh my wash and go, and I’m excited to see how else I can incorporate it into my routine."

Holly Rhue, editorial director

Holly with a fluffy blowout

Holly Rhue

"Djerf Avenue basically bottles up Matilda's fluffy, effortless blowout with the Breezy Styling Spray. I sprayed it onto damp hair before using my Dyson Airwrap and found that it helped me achieve more of a textured, wind-blown look (as opposed to perfectly polished curls). On day two—pictured here—I used it as a refresher spray on my ends and roots, which definitely pumped some volume into my flat roots and left my hair smelling unbelievably good. I'm definitely a fan!"

Djerf Avenue beauty will be available to shop at as well as the brand’s NYC pop-up on March 27.


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