Spring 2023’s Makeup Trends Include White Eyeshadow and Strategic Shine

Spring 2023’s Makeup Trends Include White Eyeshadow and Strategic Shine

Laura Harrier wearing Spring 2023 makeup trends


Do you feel it in the air? It’s time to once again shed those extra layers and welcome spring with open arms. Just like you start to plan swapping out your closet, don’t forget to do the same with your makeup bag. Of course a new season calls for different skincare, hair care, or even nail colors, but let’s be real—what we’re most excited for is spring 2023’s biggest makeup trends. To help us out, we called up a few experts to see what’s sparking their inspiration. 

“We’re gonna see people be much more adventurous with makeup,” says celebrity makeup artist Vincent Oquendo. “I think we’re gonna see it manifest in a lot of different ways living in the TikTok age.” Of course now with social media, it’s easier than ever to learn how to recreate the latest makeup tips and tricks from home. Artists admit they too look to the apps to keep a pulse on the trends. “There are several places I’m looking for spring makeup inspiration this season but I think number one, I’m browsing TikTok,” says Nashville based celebrity makeup artist, Emily Gray. “Some of the themes I anticipate being most prominent are glowy blush, lighter foundation routines, and shades of white on the lids. This is very different from last year where more oranges and pinks were popular.” 

You heard them! Dust off those blush brushes, grab your pastel palettes, and let’s get glamming. Keep scrolling for all the coolest makeup trends to try this spring.

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Mixed Blush

Lady Gaga wearing the mixed blush trend


We are still very much in our blush era. “The multiple shades of blushes trend I’m seeing is a nod to the '80s but in a more wearable way,” says Gray. “The '80s were all about bold colors on the eyes and cheeks. We’re now taking that concept and applying it to our 'less I more' direction of makeup.” Both Gray and Oquendo regularly mix two shades together to create a natural flush.

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Pastels Everywhere

Pastel Eyeshadow spring makeup trend


Pastels for spring? Groundbreaking. But hear us out. “I really think we're gonna see pastels in every single kind of way imaginable,” says Oquendo. “Even brands are anticipating it and forecasting it with pallets and products. Don’t be afraid to play with the colors as shadows, eyeliners, accents, or anything else you can dream up.”

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Bright Waterlines

Alix Earle wearing white eyeliner


Chances are you’ve seen TikTok star Alix Earle spark the resurgance of lining your waterline with a white pencil, and Gray says it’s here to stay. “It’s subtle, but the technique brightens and widens eyes. I love this trend especially for smaller eyes, but it really looks great on most,” she says. “If you want to be more subtle, use a cream or skin colored liner.”

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Subtle Sculpting

Hailey Bieber subtle sculpting makeup trend


“Subtle contour has been popular as of late and I think the trend will continue through the year,” says Gray. The technique gained popularity thanks to celebrity makeup artist, Mary Phillips, who uses sculpting products before foundation for a seamless effect. “One of my clients calls this ‘sneaky contour’ and I completely agree. It sculpts without having huge unblended streaks down your face,” Gray adds. “Simply contour before any foundation, blend, then go in with foundation. It seems backwards, but it gives this wonderful soft effect to your base.” She suggests reaching for a creamy contour stick like this one from Catrice, so it’s extra easy to blend.

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White Eyeshadow

Gabbriette wearing the white eyeshadow spring makeup trend


“I have been loving the white eyeshadow trend that’s picking up for spring,” says Gray. “It gives an edge to your makeup and is perfect for the person who does not want to do a typical 'clean girl' look.” She notes models such as Gabbriette Bechtel have been seen wearing the trend. “Grab a white shadow on a flat eyeshadow brush. Pack the color on the lid, then take a fluffy blending brush and blend it out to the outer edges of the eye,” Gray explains. She notes that from there it is easy to build up the color or even add in a contrasting shade to make the eye pop. 

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Underliner Spring Trend


“I never thought it was a beauty trend but I’ve been doing a lot of underliner,” says Oquendo who describes the look as eyeliner that’s all party on the bottom, and can even extend into the inner corners. He’s done this for many of his clients recently, including Jasmin Savoy for Paris Fashion Week, and Jenna Ortega for her Jimmy Fallon appearance.

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Strategic Shine

Laura Harrier wearing the strategic shine makeup trend


When it comes to complexion, Oquendo predicts that natural finishes are going to be everywhere. “I’m getting a lot of requests for what I call strategic shine. It’s the shine that’s placed very deliberately then you essentially bake the rest of your foundation,” he says. He suggests using something like as the Haus Labs Blurring Powder ($38) under the eyes and in the T-zone for a soft-focus effect before finishing the rest of your makeup.

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