‘Wednesday’ Star Joy Sunday is Lancôme’s New Global Ambassador! Here’s the Beauty Product She Can’t Live Without

‘Wednesday’ Star Joy Sunday is Lancôme’s New Global Ambassador! Here’s the Beauty Product She Can’t Live Without

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In addition to her breakout role as Bianca Barclay on the hit Netflix series "Wednesday," Joy Sunday is adding another iconic title to her resume as Lancôme's new Global Ambassador. "It hasn't hit me yet," she says. "Maybe it's because I'm on cloud nine; I feel so blessed."

While she looks like a total natural when modeling in her new stunning beauty campaign (her debut is for the new L’Absolu Rouge Intimatte Blushing Nudes line), Joy shared that her relationship with beauty was “quite complicated to start out, because I really had to find it for myself,” she explains. “My family always made me feel beautiful, but the outside world, not so much, and it was such a beautiful but necessary journey to find it within myself, and it’s really carried me through in my career,” she says.

Her aha moment came in high school when she realized she had the ability to do what she dreamed of. "I understood what a blessing it was to have that confidence and to be able to share it," she says. "And that's when I began to feel my own beauty." (Can we take a moment to acknowledge how refreshing this is? It wasn't a guy or a dress or even a lipstick—it was her confidence in her ability to make her dreams come true that made her feel beautiful. We love you, Joy!) Here, the life lessons that bring Joy, well, joy.

Spend time with yourself.

"I always find beauty is solitude," she shares. "Just being with myself and knowing that the best and most reliable source of beauty is from me. So really taking the time to be with myself and settle my spirit first, I think, has always made me feel prepped for the day and it helps me accept myself in whatever form I find myself in when I wake up. It's easy to take in other influences first thing, which is why I find it best to find it within yourself first."

Make products work double duty.

"I focus on my lips, and the easiest tip is I use the same eyeshadow palette for the eyes and the lips. So I'll throw on the darker color on my lips and the lighter color on my eyes and that'll get me going. I do the liner and mascara if I can; otherwise those (eyes and lips) are the two I depend on. I also use my blush as eyeshadow."

Treat your favorite feature as your best accessory.

"I love wearing colors and playing with colors in clothing, and I feel like my lips are another accessory. They're almost a piece of jewelry for me, so anything I can use to play that up [Joy mentioned graphic white eyeliner and purple ombre lips!], I'll go for it. I love playful eyes; I love to accentuate my eyes so any fun eyeshadows or fun eyeliners, I love to do those."

Whenever you get the chance, shine.

"One day maybe I'll have to let it go, but it's glossy lips all the way," she laughs.

Base your beauty looks on your fashion looks.

“Whenever I’m putting together an outfit, my stylist will say, ‘OK are we going to do eyes or lips today?’ and it truly depends on the silhouette for the outfit—it’s always involved.”

Rely on skincare so you can keep your complexion makeup simple.

“Whenever I’m doing my own makeup, I like to keep it simple. I rely on skincare—I love the Genifique line, whether it’s their mask or serums or night cream; it restores my skin for the morning, keeps me moisturized, and keeps me from breaking out.”

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Don't skip your nighttime skincare routine (no. matter. what.).

"It doesn't matter if I'm spinning, I will do my skincare routine. I'll cleanse, put on a serum, put on lotion. It takes seven minutes; I can do it."

Invest in a red-light device.

“I do love a little red-light device. I’ll throw on the Lancôme sheet mask, then I put the mask on and it just warms up [my] face and it helps target sun damage, and I think it resets my spirit as well; it makes me feel beautiful. I love to do that when I feel like I’m about to break out.”

Don't leave home without your lip balm.

“If I was on a desert island, I’d bring the Lancôme Lip Balm. She’s so pretty; if I was on a desert island, it would make me feel like I was at New York Fashion Week.”


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