Megan Fox’s 25 Best Hairstyles of All Time, From Jet-Black to Barbie Pink

Megan Fox’s 25 Best Hairstyles of All Time, From Jet-Black to Barbie Pink

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While Megan Fox is certainly a style muse in terms of her iconic red carpet looks and eye-catching manicures, she’s perhaps best known for her jet-black hair. It’s something that’s been associated with the star since before her Transformer days. However, that’s not the only hairstyle she’s sported since her time in the spotlight; orange, blonde, ombré, and pink are all hues that have once graced Fox’s hair. From Halloween costumes to red carpet looks, to street style serves and on-set sightings, there are a plethora of lengths, textures, parts, and colors Fox has made her own. Below we have compiled 25 of Fox’s fiercest hair looks spanning all the way back to 2007 and today.

Red Velvet Bob

Close up of Megan Fox with a red velvet bob

Raymond Hall/GC Images/Getty Images

Naturally, when Fox joined the long list of celebrities with bobs, she had to do it in her own unique way. Her take on the trend—which she debuted at New York Fashion Week— included shaggy blunt ends and an arresting red velvet hue, courtesy of Lime Crime’s Unicorn Hair Full Coverage ($17) hair dye in the shades Valentine and Flaming Red.

Drenched Ginger

Megan Fox with slicked back dark ginger hair that is wet-appearing.


Fox was channeling the beach days of her Sports Illustrated Swimsuit cover when she rolled up on the red carpet of the issue's Florida launch party with her hair wet like she just left the shoot. However, different from the hair she sported for the magazine, this time, she rocked red tresses. Switching things up from her ubiquitous jet black.

Auburn Bombshell

Megan Fox with ginger hair in a middle part and a see-through black dress


Shortly before wearing her ginger hair drenched, she showed up to the New York launch party for her Sports Illustrated Swimsuit cover in an internet-breaking bombshell ensemble complete with auburn locks—a hairstyle she had previously worn for the first time a few months prior at the TIME100 gala.

Black Bangs

Megan Fox at the 2022 Billboard Music Awards with face framing black bangs

Fox rang in the Billboard music awards with a bang (literally), showing up to the award show with her Machine Gun Kelly and face-framing black bangs. She completed the look with her jet-black strands in a middle part. 

Dark & Drenched

Megan Fox at the 2021 MTV Video Music Awards in a tan see through Mugler dress with her black hair in a middle part styled too look soaking wet


This ultra-viral VMA look from Fox is nothing short of jaw-dropping, and that goes for the hair too. To go with her sheer, glitter-encrusted dress in a slinky silhouette, the actress sported her long black hair fully damp and full of waves.

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Barbie Girl

Megan Fox in baby pink hair and a matching, strappy pink dress while at the premiere of Life In Pink


Fittingly for the premiere of Machine Gun Kelly’s Life in Pink film, Fox came in the most Barbiecore of hairstyles. To the red carpet premiere, Fox wore a Barbie-pink middle part that fell just below her chest and featured some visible dark roots.

Red Waves

Megan Fox in London in a grey leather mini dress, snakeskin boots and with dark red hair in a wavy middle part


Adding some darkness and some curl to her red hair, Fox stepped out in London with an edgier, wavy-er rendition of her auburn before heading to Machine Gun Kelly's concert in The Big Smoke.

Bangs & Braids

Megan Fox at the Met Gala in a backless red dress with blunt black bangs and a long braided ponytail


For the Met Gala's post-COVID lockdown return, Fox, once again, came in with a bang. To honor the theme of America: A Lexicon Of Fashion, Fox wore all her hair slicked back into a long intricate braid with pristine bangs that bounced just above her eyebrows.

Pamela Anderson Vibes

Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly at the Casamigos Halloween Party in 2022 dressed up as Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee. Fox is in a blonde wig and a pink and red mini dress and MGK is in a white tank top and black leather pants with black hair.


Fox channeled the blondest of bombshells for her 2022 Halloween costume. The actress exactly replicated a Pamela Anderson look from the 90s–down to the part in her hair. Fox’s voluminous inches were side-swept, wavy with light bangs–just how Anderson had hers.

Cinematic Side Sweep

Megan Fox at the premiere of Good Mourning in a sparkly pink strapless dress and her black hair in a dramatic side part.


Talk about a side sweep! To attend the world premiere of her MGK's movie Good Mourning, Fox was channeling Marilyn Monroe's famous Gentlemen Prefer Blondes look with her own jet black interpretation. Sweeping the strands to the side and pairing the look with a similar eye-catching strapless pink dress.

Side Part, Part Two

Megan Fox in South Korea with her brown hair in a voluminous side part


One of the first times she stepped out with a side sweep came earlier in her career—and with lighter hair. For a South Korean press conference for her movie Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Fox swept her brown hair to the side, showing off its loose ombré effect with deep black at the roots, narrowly cascading into brown.

Braids and Waves

Megan Fox at The Daily Front Row's 6th Annual Fashion Awards with her black hair in a wavy middle part with a few tiny braids scattered throughout.


For The Daily Front Row's sixth annual fashion Los Angeles awards, Fox added a little twist (literally) to her usual wavy middle part. In addition to the flawless loose curls came some small braids scattered amongst the waves.


Megan Fox in Mexico City in a floral dress with her hair in a middle part dyed ombre with bright blonde tips and dark roots


Ombré, okay! At Fashion Fest in Mexico City, Fox flew down the runway and a handful of red carpets with the quintessential mid-2010s hairstyle: brown to blonde ombré.

Blonde Bob

Megan Fox pictured on set of 'Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2' in a blonde bob wig with black Fram glasses and a white button down


By far, one of the biggest strays from her usual long, dark tresses was this blonde wavy bob wig she wore on the set of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle 2 in New York City. It was one of the first instances she ditched the dark altogether—leaving us wondering if there is anything the star doesn't look good in.

Just Brown

Megan Fox with brown hair and a lace dress while at 70th Golden Globes.


The earlier in Fox’s career, the lighter the hair. Though this was still a deep brown, it was noticeably brighter than her current go-to of jet black.

Highlights Galore

Megan Fox in Los Angeles with streaks of blonde highlights in her black hair


For the Los Angeles premiere of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, she added some highlights to her deep brown. Starting dark at the roots with ebbs and flows of amber, finishing with the lightest shade at her tips.

Wooden Wavy

Megan Fox in Seoul, South Korea, throwing the first pitch at the LG Twins vs. Doosan Bears baseball game with voluminous wavy wooden hair


To throw the first pitch at the LG Twins vs. Doosan Bears baseball game in Seoul, South Korea, she toned down the bright highlights to give us some oaky, wooden waves. 

Business Bump

Megan Fox in Milan, Italy, with her hair tied back and styled with a large bump onto of her head.


Business and party in the front. Fox’s Y2K made the bump business casual when she attended the Giorgio Armani Spring/Summer 2011 fashion show during Milan Fashion Week–adding a small raise on the front of her head and slicking it all back in a pony. And you guessed it, this early 2000s hairstyle is trending again.

’60’s Bump

Megan Fox at the 2007 GQ "Men Of The Year" red carpet in a red sweater with her hair tied back and a huge '60's style bump styled onto of her head.


However, the last bump can't compare to this big '60s bump. For the GQ "Men Of The Year" red carpet, she was serving a heaping tablespoon of "Greased Lightnin'" with ultra-raised hair up front and a low pony in the back.

A Slight Chop

Megan Fox at Ferrari's 60th Anniversary red carpet in a red dress, red lipstick, and her hair shoulder length hair in a side part

In 2014 she decided to chop her hair just a tad, right below her shoulders. Debuting the new, long bob at Ferrari’s 60th-anniversary gala.

Slicked Back Pony

Megan Fox at a red carpet in Berline with a shoulder-baring red dress and her hair perfectly slicked in a middle part and tied back in a low pony tail.


Fox has always been chic, and this pristinely slicked-back pony was no different. For the German premiere of Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen, Fox slicked her hair into a sharp middle part, then pulled it back into a pony resulting in a picture-perfect look.

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Megan Fox at the 2009 MTV Movie Awards red carpet with her hair slicked back. The top of her head is styled to appear wet and when it reaches her neck it transitions to looking dry.


Is it wet? Is it dry? It's both, and it's a vibe. At the 2009 MTV Movie Awards, Fox sported one of her most avant-garde looks to date: a slicked-back style that was wet-appearing on top of her head but dry as soon as her long tresses reached the back of her neck.

Slicked Back Bun

Megan Fox at the 2007 Spike TV Scream Awards in a strapless red dress with her hair slicked back in a bun.


To accept the award for Sci-Fi Siren at the 2007 Spike Scream Awards, Fox wore a hairstyle that will never go out of fashion, sporting a perfectly slicked-back, formal low bun with not a hair out of place.

Perfectly Messy

Megan Fox at the 2009 Teen Choice Awards with her hair loosely parted down the middle and all strands curled and wavy in different, individualized ways.


The perfect messy-yet-pristine hairdo can be hard to get right, but in 2009 Fox showed off a look that will fit right in your mood board. Some strands curled, some straight, some wavy, all stylish.

Warrior Princess Vibes

Megan Fox at an LA red carpet with her hair pulled back in messy waves and a slight bump onto of her head.


In a similar vein to her perfectly messy look, this "warrior princess" look, as we've dubbed it, is the perfect combination of ethereal and untamed. With her hair in a slicked-back bump, she let her strands do the talking with wispy free-flying waves and voluminous bounce.

Picture Perfect Bun

Megan Fox at the 66th Annual Golden Globes with her hair gelled into a precise high bun


Last but certainly not least, she slicked back a bun yet again but raised it to the crown of her hair, opting for a gelled-down high bun perfect for the 2009 Golden Globes.

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