Ice Spice Traded Her Signature Copper Curls For a Barbiecore Pink Bob

Ice Spice Traded Her Signature Copper Curls For a Barbiecore Pink Bob

Ice Spice on the red carpet

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Besides her repeat-worthy hits and ultra-chill personality, Ice Spice is most known for her signature bright red curls, which often bounce and wave in all of her viral music videos. However, for her latest sure-to-be hit video with Nicki Minaj, one thing was missing… those ultra-recognizable Curly Qs.

Instead, in the freshly released video for “Barbie World (with Aqua)” off of the heavily anticipated Barbie movie soundtrack, Miss Spice fittingly traded in her ubiquitous auburn for Barbiecore pink, and her curls for a flipped malt shop bob.

Ice Spice with red curly hair

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Because she's "bad like the Barbie," Spice styled her new pink 'do in a sweeping side part, allowing some of the Starburst-pink strands to swoop down over her left brow before getting tucked behind her ear. The new pink tresses fell just above her shoulder and curled slightly upward for that pin-up-doll realness. 

To go with her cotton candy 'cut, the "People's Princess" kept her beat simple with a thin black cat eye and a parallel bright yellow wing above her crease that exactly matched her off-the-shoulder top. Her lips were lined and coated with a peachy shade, and the look was finished off with a pink, baby blue, and light orange striped mini skirt; silver bangles; an iced-out chain; and black heels.

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Minaj also debuted a new hairstyle in the music video—a long hot pink mullet—before Spice came back into the frame with her signature red hair in a hip-length straight style.

Ice's look was paired with baby pink Chanel-esque tweed; however, it was 'spiced' up with chains and charms dangling off the jacket and bra that were reminiscent of the purses, heels, and accessories you could have your childhood Barbie doll wear.

Minaj paired the hot pink mullet–that she wore as she rode a matching pink jet ski through cotton candy clouds in a sunset sky–with large reflective sunglasses that reached all the way to her forehead. For clothes, she wore a low-hanging groovy pink swimsuit with brown and cream swirls flowing around the garment. Spice rode alongside Minaj on a matching jet ski in a hot pink one-piece and matching shorts–still with her classic orange shade, but with looser waves to match the beachy ensemble.

Every look, prop, and set in the new video perfectly matched the most anticipated movie of the year, with Spice and Minaj's personal flair giving the Barbs and the Spice Cabinet—as the two rappers' fandoms have been dubbed—everything they wished for and more, helping prove that two are "Barbie, bitch if you're still in doubt."

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