How to Do Coquette Makeup, the Hyperfeminine Look That’s Everywhere Right Now

How to Do Coquette Makeup, the Hyperfeminine Look That’s Everywhere Right Now

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You might have noticed a trend emerging in the beauty and fashion world: There’s a lot of pink, a plethora of girly accessories like bows and pearls, and everything just feels super feminine. Coquette makeup, which leans into romance and flirty undertones, falls right in line with the trend.

“This look is trending right now because it is an evolved, softer version of the hot pink Barbiecore trend that took the world by storm not too long ago,” says celebrity makeup artist Bryan Cantor. He says you can also think of it as an “amplified version of the stunning makeup we see on the ingenues of Bridgerton—like Daphne Bridgerton” along with a modern-day Marie Antoinette and The Buccaneers.

We’ve got the full how-to below, along with some makeup artist approved product picks to help you recreate the look.

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What Is Coquette Makeup? 

In lacy, pearl-adorned nutshell, coquette makeup is an overtly flirty makeup look that leans on a monochromatic palette of soft pinks. It’s also characterized by doll-like eyes, which are accentuated via wispy lashes and eyeliner. Cantor adds that coquette makeup showcases “oversaturated cheeks, blurred lips, and coordinating eyeshadow.”

“Coquette makeup is perfect for the colder seasons to add color back into the skin,” notes Charlie Riddle, head makeup artist for Stila Cosmetics. “Aside from giving a softer romantic look, it also brings a youthful and more awake appearance to the makeup.”

He notes that the trend also aligns with the heightened experimentation we’re seeing around blush. It’s an opportunity to play with new-to-you colors and placements.

How to Do Coquette Makeup

If this supremely feminine makeup aesthetic appeals to you, here’s how to recreate the look.

1. Flawless, Youthful Complexion

“You want a softer and more natural base for this,” says Riddle. “I would recommend using a serum foundation or illuminating tinted moisturizer or even just using a concealer in areas you need coverage.”

Try Glossier Perfecting Skin Tint ($26, Glossier) or ILIA Super Serum Skin Tint SPF 40 Skincare Foundation ($40, Sephora). Moisturizing and priming your skin first can also go miles in recreating that dewy, youthful look. Conceal lightly only as needed.

2. Monochromatic Pink Color Story

There’s one color you’ll reach for repeatedly for coquette makeup: pink. This includes saturated flushed cheeks in a strawberry or rosy hue, soft pink lips, and even pink eyeshadow. Riddle says, “I love to sweep in the blush over the eyelids and brow bone to really complete this look.”

For a dewy effect, consider a cream or liquid blush, like MILK Makeup’s Lip + Cheek Stick ($24, Sephora). “They’re perfect for creating a coordinating monochromatic look for this trend. Try the shades Rally, Werk or Dash for a perfect pink,” Cantor says.

3. Glowy Highlight

While pink tones are the hero of coquette makeup, a little highlighter can take your look up a notch. You could even opt for one that leans slightly pearly or pink for more of that ingenue effect. Cantor’s favorite is Charlotte Tilbury’s Hollywood Glow Glide Face Architect Highlighter in the shade Pillow Talk Glow ($48, Sephora), which he calls “the perfect pink highlighter to accent your cheeks.”

4. Soft-Focus Lips

Sharply defined lips are the antithesis of coquette makeup. Instead, lean on sheer tones and keep the lines soft. “Create your perfect soft-focus lip for this trend with Charlotte Tilbury’s Hyaluronic Happiness Lipstick ($35, Sephora) in the shades Crystal Happikiss, Pillow Talk, or Enchanting Kiss,” Cantor says. If you prefer a gloss, try Lip Gloss from Anastasia Beverly Hills ($20, Sephora) in the shades Cotton Candy or Soft Pink to complete your coquette makeup look.” 

A lip stain for that “bitten” effect is also an option. Try e.l.f. Cosmetics Glossy Lip Stain ($6, Ulta) or Peripera Ink the Velvet Lip Tint ($9.90, Amazon)

 5. Wispy Lashes

Riddle says that “lashes—and adding indivisible lashes particularly in the middle of the lash for an eye-opening effect—” are a key defining trait of coquette makeup. For a more natural look, try falsies that adhere underneath the lash line. Two great options are Kiss imPRESS Press-On Falsies Eyelash Clusters ($9.49, Ulta) and Lashify Amplify Black Gossamer Lash Collection ($16, Lashify)


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