Everything You Need to Know About Eyebrow Feathering

Everything You Need to Know About Eyebrow Feathering

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There’s no look more popular today than bold, thick eyebrows. However, achieving this aesthetic can be a real challenge if your brows are naturally on the sparse side, so you might be considering a treatment like eyebrow feathering or microblading to fake it. But how do you know which treatment is right for you? Eyebrow feathering might be great for people with already full brows looking for a more natural look—here's everything you need to know about the treatment.

What Is Eyebrow Feathering?

According to Benefit’s National Brow and Beauty Authority Autumn Estelle, eyebrow feathering is a type of microblading that’s less permanent than traditional microblading. “Eyebrow feathering uses a precise blade to make small cuts into the epidermis of the skin, and then a dye is applied on top,” she explains. “This creates the appearance of individual soft hairs to fill in any sparse spots in your brows.”

If you’re unfamiliar with microblading—it’s a semi-permanent form of cosmetic tattooing. “The brow hairs are drawn on with a blade-shaped tool, which gives the appearance of full brows. This method usually lasts a year or more,” she says. On the other hand, feathering can last anywhere between nine and eighteen months. 

Eyebrow Feathering Versus Microblading

Not sure which eyebrow treatment is right for you? According to Estelle, it really depends on what your natural brows are like. “If you have thin brows, microblading may be best for you because you have the ability to create a more permanent, fuller-looking brow and draw your desired arch shape,” she explains. 

Conversely, if you already have full brows and are looking to just fill in a few sparse gaps (most of us have them), Estelle recommends going with feathering instead. “Feathering gives you the ability to draw on fine, natural-looking hair in areas where you need a little more brow love.”  

How Much Does Brow Feathering Cost

While every studio sets its own price depending on the location, you can expect to pay anywhere between $1200 to $2500 for a full treatment.   

Does Brow Feathering Hurt?

While pain tolerance varies from person to person—the good news is that brow feathering doesn’t have to be painful. “If you are feeling nervous about pain levels, your brow technician can apply a topical anesthetic before starting the procedure to ensure you are comfortable,” she says.

Brow Feathering Maintenance

Treatments like feathering and microblading can require maintenance and touch-ups to combat fading. Estelle tells me, “Like any tattoo—microblading can fade into unnatural and unflattering shades of red, blue, and even green (like tattoos that have faded over time).” If you’re concerned with this, it’s best to skip these treatments altogether. 

However, you can also achieve a similar look with makeup, as well as touch up any fading. Estelle is a fan of using Benefit’s Micro Filling Brow Pen. “Simply trace the faded, discolored strokes with your shade of choice to bring your micro-bladed brows back to life (and to a more natural color)! Because the pen is an ink—it provides the most natural wash of color that will seamlessly blend with your microblading.” 


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