Everything You Need to Know About Brow Lamination, the Trendier Alternative to Microblading

Everything You Need to Know About Brow Lamination, the Trendier Alternative to Microblading

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You might have heard about the latest brow craze—brow lamination. While it sounds like it’s putting plastic over your brows, the name is a little bit deceptive. It's the perfect beauty treatment for anyone who wants straighter brows that are easy to style and stay brushed up longer without falling.

Thinking about trying the innovative brow treatment? Here’s what you need to know.

What Is Brow Lamination?

Just like getting your hair chemically treated, brow lamination changes the texture of your eyebrow hair. The result is a better, sleeker brow. “Brow Lamination is a professional service that relaxes and straightens the brow hairs, so they can be easily repositioned into a full, lifted shape. Because brow lamination removes the natural bend or curve of the hair, the hairs can easily be repositioned and fanned out which helps give the illusion of fullness,” says Benefit’s National Brow & Beauty Authority, Autumn Estelle. “The service is ideal for nearly all types of brows, from those with fine, thin hair structures to brows that are coarser and thicker.” 

How Long Does Brow Lamination Last?

Most of the time, brow lamination lasts between six and eight weeks according to Ashley Gomila, Celebrity Makeup Artist. But it can also last longer or shorter depending on how the hair grows naturally. It’s also important to be extremely careful after the initial service. “The less water applied to the brows the longer the chemicals will last on each hair, extending the period of time you can benefit from the service,” explains the makeup artist. 

How Much Does Brow Lamination Cost?

According to Gomilla, the price point for this service is usually between $80 and $120. Benefit charges $90, which includes waxing, tweezing, or threading the brows. 

What to Expect During Brow Lamination

The three-step process can take anywhere between thirty and fifty minutes. Step one is the lifting process: “This is when the perming solution is applied. Your technician will evenly apply a straightening solution while brushing up the hairs. A small piece of plastic wrap will cover the brows while the solution is processing," says Gomilla.  This lotion opens the hair follicles, straightening and shaping the brows.

Step two is the setting lotion, which is applied in a similar manner to step one. And last is setting the brows: “The brows will be brushed into place, a nourishing oil applied, and any unwanted hairs can be trimmed or plucked.” 

Brow Lamination Aftercare

The good news is that there isn’t a lot of aftercare involved in brow lamination. Still, you want to make sure you do the work to keep your brows looking their best. “Since your hairs have been chemically treated, we encourage clients to use a conditioning oil on their brow hairs each night in conjunction with their nightly skincare routine to keep them healthy and hydrated. I recommend Benefit’s Whoa So Soft Brow Oil to help keep your brows soft and conditioned. It’s like a leave-in conditioner for your brows, formulated with sunflower and argan oils rich in essential fatty acids like omega-6 to help condition, moisturize, and nourish brows,” says Estelle. 

She recommends applying a hydrating product 24 hours post-treatment. “You could also use this as part of your daily routine (even without lamination) by applying one to two drops onto clean, dry brows before bed.”  

And the last thing to note: Gomilla advises her clients to avoid applying makeup to the treated area for 24 to 32 hours to avoid stripping the chemical before it’s had a chance to set. “I also recommend avoiding soaking the brows with water for long periods of time when not necessary.”


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