9 Top Makeup Trends of 2024, According to Makeup Artists

9 Top Makeup Trends of 2024, According to Makeup Artists

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Diving into a new year often involves a little bit of reinvention. It’s a time to reflect on where we’ve been and get excited about where we’re going, but also a time to experiment with new trends and fresh starts. Dabbling in the year’s top beauty trends is one way to do exactly that, and 2024 is ripe for the picking. From glowing natural skin to girlish coquette vibes to grunge-y aesthetics, these 2024 makeup trends offer a little something for everyone.

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Glowing Natural Skin


We’ve seen a strong pushback against the Instagram-glam look for several years in a row now, with glowing skin iterations ranting from “dewy dumpling” to “glazed donut.” That natural glowy skin aesthetic will remain strong through 2024, says celebrity makeup artist Sarah Egan, ambassador for Hi Beautiful You. 

“This year I really saw a shift away from heavier foundations that hid natural skin tone,” Egan says. “Clients want to embrace their skin, so skin tints have really been my go-to choice for almost every makeup look, from natural to glam.”  

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Naked Lips


The perfect complement to fresh and glowing skin is supple, lightly moisturized nude lips, says professional makeup artist Jordan Plath, head of education at Kryolan. For this, the key is to prioritize lip care via gentle scrubs and balms, and to reach for barely-there glosses and lip tints that let your natural lip color shine through. 

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Girlish Vibes


On the coattails of a serious year for Barbie, our experts predict a continuation of that super feminine energy. The 2024 spin is all about “coquette” makeup, which is super flirty and girlish. Think rosy cheeks, glossy bitten lips, doll-like lashes and lined eyes, and soft, feathery brows.

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Silver Shimmer


Prepare yourself for a megadose of silver shimmer on lids and lips in 2024. It’s a perfect high-key way to glam up your look for special occasions. “Beyonce brought this back with her Renaissance tour, and I expect this beauty trend to continue on and evolve in 2024,” says celebrity makeup artist Emily Gray. 

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Peachy Blush


“Warm and peachy blush colors will be prominent in 2024, generously applied to the apples of the cheeks and blended out over a larger area with additional touches of blush subtly added to the eyelids, nose, chin, and forehead creating a warm, radiant glow,” Plath says. You can thank Pantone’s color of the year, Peach Fuzz, for this juicy 2024 makeup trend. 

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Blue Bonanza


Alongside peaches and pinks, get ready to dive into a pool of cool tones! One hue that’s enjoying a major spotlight is blue, and it’s being applied in inventive ways. “This color is being worn via colored mascara, liner, and eyeshadow,” she says. “I love it, and think it looks especially great on those with brown eyes.”

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Soft Grunge


Speaking of the ‘90s, this beauty trend is holding on steadfastly and is poised to get even bigger in 2024. The decade’s famous “grunge” style is particularly popular, though it has a softer, modern twist. 

“We can expect to see a messier application of soft lip gloss in sheer peaches, light berries and pinks, slightly blended out beyond the lip line for a blurred effect,” Plath says. “Smudged eyeliner and softly applied, solid eye shadow in bold colors—reaching from the lash line to the brow—will contribute to this edgy aesthetic, as well as ‘brush stroke,’ asymmetrical eye shadow in light blues and teals.” 

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Graphic Eye Makeup


You don’t have to fancy yourself a skilled artist to get in on the graphic eye action trend that’s surging in 2024. Egan says it can be as simple as a double cat eye, an extended liner, or opting for a bright liquid liner over brown or black. 

“Some of my favorite colors to play with around the eye are blues, greens, and oranges—they really make the eyes pop and stand out. I think it’s a nice segue from the 90s trending makeup that we’ve seen become all the rage in 2023. For 2024 it feels a bit more futuristic. Almost like outer space.” 

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Vibrant Pops of Color


“I’m really loving the vibrant pops of color models wore on the runway this year for Spring 2024, especially around the eyes,” says Egan. “You can easily incorporate this look by doing a bright lip or a bold, bright eyeliner, or even a rosy, strawberry cheek. The pop of color will be the first place that people look, so go with a feature you love to accentuate.” 


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