15 Ballerina Buns That Bring the Balletcore Trend to Your Hair

15 Ballerina Buns That Bring the Balletcore Trend to Your Hair

woman with braided low bun


Darling hair ribbons, the great ballet slipper resurgence, and that powder pink shade we can’t seem to get away from: Balletcore is back and better than ever. The dainty, girlish style is everywhere these days, and it’s coming for our hair, too.

With slick-backed buns aplenty, it’s no surprise ballerina buns are trending yet again. The style isn’t anything new, and Unilever stylist and celebrity hair artist extraordinaire Lacy Redway called it a classic. Its genius lies in its accessibility and customizable nature. Think of the ballerina bun as a jumping-off point from which you can tweak the aesthetic and finish to fit your personal style.

Need some inspiration? Look no further. Scroll on for our 15 favorite takes on the ballerina bun.

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Classic Ballerina Bun

Karlie Kloss with a slicked-back ballet bun.


For an ultra-sleek ballerina bun, it’s all about having the right products. We love the Emi Jay Angelstick ($38) for smoothing back flyaways and adding shine—since the stick has an oil base, it doesn’t create that dreaded crunchy texture certain gels can leave behind.

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Deep Side Part Ballerina Bun

Gal Gadot with a deep side part and slicked-back ballet bun.


A rat tail comb is key to creating a perfectly straight side part like Gal Gadot’s. The Hair Edit’s Section & Style Comb ($5) allows for precise combing and smoothing to create a dramatic side-swept part.

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Wispy Ballerina Bun

woman with high ballet bun


For third-day hair or an easy office updo, we go for a ballerina bun with some wispy ends sticking out. This gives it a more casual feel while maintaining the structure and style of a classic ballerina bun.

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Knotted Ballerina Bun

Knotted ballet bun


Alternatively, a more stylized, knotted ballerina bun helps the look feel elevated and chic. To create a smooth surface, start with some styling cream on damp hair. We love the Dae Cactus Fruit 3-in-1 Styling Cream ($28), and we even use it to help slick back flyaways on dry hair.

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Low Braided Ballerina Bun

Low braided ballet bun.


When it comes to braided styles, keeping the hair and scalp moisturized and nourished is key. Before styling into a ballerina bun, use a generous amount of a hair oil like the Bread Beauty Supply Everyday Gloss Hair Oil ($24) from roots to end as both a styling and pre-wash treatment. It’ll leave your hair dewy and your scalp comfortable.

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Swirled Sideburns Ballerina Bun

Ana de Armas in a low ballet bun.


These stylized sideburns are a tiny, unexpected detail that feels elegant. To ensure the shape holds, opt for a strong-hold gel like the Got2b Glued Spiking Gel ($5).

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High Shine Ballerina Bun

Rosalia with a ballet bun.


The key to an ultra-high shine finish is layering nourishing products throughout the styling process. Start with a leave-in conditioner on damp hair, followed by an anti-frizz heat protectant like the Color Wow Dream Coat Supernatural Spray ($28). Once hair is dry, apply a shine spray like the Amika Top Gloss Hair Shine Spray ($29) to lock in all that dewy goodness.

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Braided High Ballerina Bun

high braided ballet bun.


For extra-long braids, a ballerina bun placed high on the crown is the perfect way to keep strands out of your face and looking cute. Gather hair at the top of the crown and wrap around itself to create a rounded shape before securing with a silk scrunchie.

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Twisted Ballerina Bun

Twisted ballet bun.


Another great way to elevate the ballerina bun is by playing with the way you create the bun itself. We love this twisted style—it looks like a claw clip twist without the clip.

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Top Knot Ballerina Bun

Katy Perry in a top knot ballet bun.


Katy Perry's top-knotted ballerina bun is an elegant style option. While it may look seamless, well-placed bobby pins and camouflaged clips are essential to keeping everything tight and in place.

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Swoopy Ballerina Bun

Anitta in a swoopy ballet bun.


This swoopy style is created by taking the tail of the bun and cleverly securing it down the scalp onto the forehead, where it looks like the chicest Nike swoop we've ever seen. Just do it.

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Pearl Accent Ballerina Bun

Kerry Washington in a ballet bun with pearl clips.


Why hide your bobby pins when you can make them part of the look? Kerry Washington's pearl pins work double time to secure her ballerina bun while packing a punch visually.

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Headband Ballerina Bun

Mia Goth in a black headband and ballet bun.


It might just be a plain black headband, but there's something undeniably chic and retro-feeling about a headband-ballerina bun combo. Don't be surprised if you see us rocking the look over the next few months.

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Elongated Ballerina Bun

Lacy Redway styling a long ballet bun on Yara Shahidi.


Rather than wrapping the hair around itself to create a bun, wrap hair vertically to create an elongated style. The result is an elegant take on the dance classic.

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Braided Bow Ballerina Bun

Olivia Culpo in a braided ballet bun with a bow.


Two tips for the price of one: Try a bow or braiding your hair for an elevated ballerina bun. Or opt for both—it's so good.

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