Megan Fox’s Just Tried Out the Mushroom Bob Hairstyle

Megan Fox’s Just Tried Out the Mushroom Bob Hairstyle

Megan fox with icy blonde long hair and a tan outfit


In recent years, Megan Fox’s signature jet-black hair has become a bit of a distant memory. First came her Targaryen blonde and Pamela Anderson styling. Then, she tried a dark copper colorway, as well as a bright Barbiecore pink. And most recently, she went with the most extreme change yet, cutting (and coloring!) her hair into a red velvet bob.

Now, she’s experimenting with styling. On November 8, the actress posted an Instagram carousel announcing that her debut poetry book, Pretty Boys Are Poisonous, was officially available for purchase. Of course, she also updated her fiery bob, styling the new cut in a voluminous mushroom cap shape and with butterfly hair clips.

Megan Fox with a mushroom shaped fiery red bob, glittery eyeshadow, and a tan tank top


While showing off her blood-red tattoo nails, Fox posed with a voluminous new take on her bob. What makes this style feel fresh is the inward curl at the ends, kind of like a reverse malt-shop flippy bob. We’re calling this style the mushroom bob.

Food comparisons aside, she also brought playful, colorful clips into her mane in the form of butterfly clips. Along with some faux bangs, she pulled her hair back behind her ears and added three butterfly clips to hold it in place with the tiniest upward turn at the ends. Her side-swept curtain fringe extended right past her eyebrows, completing the style.

Megan fox with three butterfly clips in her fiery red bob and glittery eyeshadow and oversized blazer


Underneath her hair was a gorgeous makeup look. Creating dewy, hydrated skin, she highlighted the high points of her face and brought some sculpting contour to her cheeks. Her brows were filled to perfection and sat right above a shimmery eye. Underneath long, fluttering lashes was a sharp cat eye shape that fell underneath golden eyeshadow. Her inner eye corners featured a white-gold pop of reflective color that blended into her rose-gold shadow. Fox’s lips finished off the glam lined with a dark pink and covered with a lighter pink gloss.

Her mushroom fall update extended to her outfit, too, with a tan semi-sheer tank top, an oversized blazer, and dainty gold earrings. Then, she was ready to poison all the pretty boys.

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