Deep Side Parts Bring Instant Glam to Any Look—Here’s How to Style Them

Deep Side Parts Bring Instant Glam to Any Look—Here’s How to Style Them

Actor Rachel Zegler with a deep side part and glam, loose wave

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Didn’t you hear? The side part is back (although we don’t think it ever really went away). And if you’re in the era of your life where you want to try new things to your hair without risking any damage, we suggest considering a deep side part. They’re daring, classic, and sure to elevate any look you put together.

Whether your hair is long and thin or short and thick (or anything in between), a deep side part can fulfill your mega-glam styling dreams. We asked pro hairstylists Priscilla Valles and Lacy Redway to share tips and tricks for transforming your look with a deep side part. Continue reading to find out what they told us.

Meet the Expert

  • Priscilla Valles is a celebrity hairstylist and extensions expert who has worked with Hailey Bieber, Dua Lipa, and Khloe Kardashian.
  • Lacy Redway is a celebrity hairstylist whose clients include Tessa Thompson, Sheryl Lee Ralph, and Florence Pugh.

What Is a Deep Side Part?

“A deep side part is when you over-direct your hair from one side of your bang to the other,” Valles tells us. Instead of parting your hair down the middle or a little bit off-center, a deep side part is further over to the side, typically past the end of your eye (at least). “A side part can be messy and loose or polished,” says Valles. “It all depends on the look you are trying to achieve.” Adds Redway: “To be considered a deep side part, the hair must be parted closer to the ear than the center of the head.”

When to Consider a Deep Side Part

  • Humid conditions: Dealing with humidity? “Deep side parts look gorgeous with a slicked-back style, so they are a good option for humid weather when you’re looking to keep hair out of your face,” says Redway.
  • Going glam: “[Deep side parts] look very regal with an updo for a special occasion,” says Redway, making them a great option for formal events. “Deep side parts are very sexy… think Jessica Rabbit,” adds Valles. “Usually, when you are glammed up, you would do a side part—you’ll see a lot of deep side parts on red carpets and at weddings.”

How to Create a Deep Side Part

While there are many ways to create a deep side part, they all have one thing in common: They require prep. Go in with a lightweight hair oil, like the Nexxus Repair & Nourish Ultra Lightweight Hair Oil ($15), which Redway says is great for prepping and nourishing.

“You wanna start with a fresh blowout, sectioning the hair and smoothing it out using a bristle brush, volumizing product at the root, and smoothing serum on the ends,” instructs Valles. Once your hair is dried and you’ve blasted heat in the deep side part you desire, it’s on to styling. If the goal is big and bouncy curls, we suggest setting your hair into rollers, like Drybar’s High Tops Self-Grip Rollers ($12). You can do this with each section of hair after you’ve hit it with a hot blow dryer, or you can go section by section with a curling iron. Once your curls have set, comb through the strands of your hair with your fingers, fix your locks into the shape you want, and set it with some hairspray. You can go medium hold if you’re leaving your hair down; however, if you’re creating an updo, we suggest using strong hold hairspray—like Color Wow’s Cult Favorite Firm + Flexible Hairspray ($28)—or even a hair gel to really lock your deep side part in place.

How to Change Your Hair Part, According to Experts

10 Gorgeous Deep Side Part Hairstyles

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Classic Waves

Model Gigi Hadid with blonde waves and a deep side part

Noam Galai / WireImage / Getty Images

"This is a very classic and traditional side part look," Valles says of Gigi's bouncy waves. For a style that's equal parts glam and effortless, "You can use a 2-inch curling iron, curling the ends of the hair in as well so you have that polished curl," she says. Liberally apply hairspray to temper flyaways.

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Short and Angular

Rapper Saweetie with a blonde lob with a deep side part

Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for BET

When it comes to deep-parted asymmetrical cuts, Redway says that lift and body in the larger portion of the hair is crucial. “Using a volumizing mousse before styling is key to getting volume from the root,” she says. Go through your strands with a straightening iron (after applying a healthy amount of heat protectant) to get that sleek effect.

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Loose and Undone

Emma Stone with wavy, side-parted, strawberry blonde hair

Frazer Harrison / Getty Images

For more of an undone deep side part that looks like you simply swept it back with your fingers (and not with a comb), go for this ‘do seen on Emma Stone. “Achieve it by blow-drying hair forward with a round brush, then brushing [it] back casually to make it appear undone,” shares Redway. “Finally, set it with a light hold hairspray.” If your hair is on the flatter side, you can quickly go through your locks with a large barrel curling iron.

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Voluminous Bob

Close up of Zendaya with a voluminous, side-parted bob

Jeff Kravitz / FilmMagic for HBO / Getty Images

Zendaya can rock just about any hairstyle, but we’re really fond of her voluminous bobs—especially with deep side parts that serve major ’80s glam. “For this side part, put some volumizing product at the root when blow drying and add some large velcro rollers to set it, keeping the volume at the root,” instructs Valles. “Tuck behind the ear with a styling brush and spray for a finishing touch.”

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Chic High Pony

Olivia Rodrigo with a side-parted high ponytail at the 14th Annual Governors Awards

Emma McIntyre / WireImage / Getty Images

There’s something so chic about a high pony, and, as Olivia Rodrigo demonstrates, it’s taken to the next level when a deep side part is incorporated. “To achieve Olivia’s look, dry hair thoroughly and section using a comb diagonally,” Redway tells us. “When you pull back the hair into a ponytail, leave the front bangs out of the style to comb directly to the side.” Finish it off with some gel or hairspray.

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Stunning Silk Press

Storm Reid with a deep side part and long, straight hair

Rodin Eckenroth / WireImage / Getty Images

When silk pressing naturally curly or coily hair like Storm Reid’s, you’ll want to apply a generous amount of leave-in conditioner and heat protectant before thoroughly blow-drying your hair. Then, Valles recommends flat ironing in very small sections to get your sleekest, flattest finish.

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Edgy Side Braid

Anya Taylor-Joy with a deep side part, waves on one side of her head and a braid on the other

ANGELA WEISS / AFP via Getty Images

A braid is an easy way to add a little edge to a deep-side parted style. “Once hair is dry, create a deep side part with a sectioning comb and keep most of the hair to the side,” says Redway. “Starting with the smaller section, Dutch braid the hair close to the head, then tuck the braid into the larger section.”

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Curled and Pinned Back

Constance Wu with a touseled bob, her hair pinned back on one side

Steve Granitz / WireImage / Getty Images

If your hair is thick, you might want to get your hands on some hair pins, be they Bobby pins or something more stylized. For a curly, side-parted style full of body (like Constance Wu’s), try adding Oribe’s Grandiose Hair Plumping Mousse ($42) to damp hair before blow drying. Then, “Use a round brush in the front to comb bangs over and create voluminous curls,” advises Redway. “Next, brush a small section of hair back over the ear and secure it with a pin to emphasize the side part.” You can leave it there or take it a step further and use a curling iron to curl the hair away from the face.

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Sleek and Straight

Isabela Merced with a deep side part and long, straight, shiny hair

John Parra / Getty Images

For a super straight and shiny look like Isabela Merced’s, blow out your hair, “apply the side part where you’d like it using a rat comb, then use a flat iron to straighten the hair,” shares Valles. To finish the look, “I love to use a spray shine gloss, especially with straight hair.” Our go-to is Amika’s Top Gloss Hair Shine Spray ($29)

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Old Hollywood Glamour

Margo Robbie with a deep side part and glossy blonde waves

Stuart C. Wilson / Getty Images for Warner Bros.

You truly can’t go wrong with Old Hollywood glamour, and no one does it better than Margot Robbie. All you’ll need to complete this look is a curling iron and some shine spray. “You can use a 2-inch curling iron, curling the ends of the hair inward so you [get] that polished curl,” says Valles. “This is a very classic and traditional side part look. I would use a shine gloss to ensure a smooth finish.”

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