8 Different Ways to Use Blush, According to Makeup Artists

8 Different Ways to Use Blush, According to Makeup Artists

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Blush seems like a straightforward enough beauty product. Dab into the apples of your cheeks and call it a day, right? Not necessarily. While that classic application definitely works, there are so many different ways to use blush that can elevate your look. 

For example, a teeny touch of blush on your nose creates a natural, youthful flush, and you can even use blush as a sheer eyeshadow or even lipstick in a pinch. We asked makeup artists to share their favorite unexpected ways to use blush so you can level up your makeup game. 

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Monochromatic Strawberry Makeup

The strawberry makeup trend is all about embracing a sweet, pink-red hue and using it across your entire makeup look. 

“Choose your preferred shade of cream blush and add a wash of color on your eyes, lips, nose, and the apples of your cheeks to achieve a romantic monochromatic look,” says Drita Paljevic, head makeup artist at Kevyn Aucoin Beauty. “Simply apply the blush directly from the color stick onto the apples of your cheeks and use your fingertips to blend it outward, creating a natural flush. Repeat the process for your eyes and lips.” 

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Blush Contouring

One way to give the cheeks a subtly sculpted and lifted look is to focus the blush on the outer and upper part of the cheeks, notes celebrity makeup artist Neil Scibelli. “

“Sometimes when we lose volume in the apples of the cheeks, applying blush there can just accentuate that depletion,” he explains. “Instead apply your blush slightly away from the apples and upwards toward the temple and that will give your blush look a lift.” 

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Blush on Your Nose

Applying blush to the tip of your nose may sound weird, but hear us out on this one. When you think about the areas your face naturally flushes, your nose definitely makes the list. Applying just a touch here creates a youthful, naturally sun kissed effect. A powder blush tends to work best for this since it allows for the lightest application, but a light hand and a cream blush can work, too.

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Sunburnt Blush

Actually getting scorched by the sun isn’t a good look, nor does it bode well for the health of your skin over the long term. However, with the sunburnt blush trend you can fake that “Oopsie, spent too many hours basking by the pool” effect. 

“For this look, apply blush to the tops of your cheekbones and blend toward your temples and ears,” Paljevic says. “For a natural blush application, identify your skin type and tone in addition to your face shape.” 

She adds that finding the right color is a must for this blush trick. It should mimic your skin’s natural undertones and take on a realistic sunburnt hue. 

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Unexpected Blush Colors

You don’t always have to apply a blush within the pink or red color family. Branch out of your comfort zone by trying blush in a bold hue you haven’t yet experimented with. For instance, plum and lavender blushes that are surprisingly gorgeous on a multitude of skin tones, and orange-leaning blushes can lead to a real “wow!” makeup moment. Yellow is another hue to consider, though it’s a bit trickier to pull off. 

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Blush as Undereye Concealer

Applying blush to your undereyes is less about creating a naturally flushed look and more about brightening up this naturally dark area. Sam Kyle, head of creative development and design at Mirabella Beauty, explains that red and pink tones are opposite of blue and green on the color wheel, which means that they can cancel each other out. She recommends working a tiny amount of blush into your concealer to help color correct the dark circles. 

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Pink Powder Blush as Eyeshadow

A small amount of a pink-toned blush applied to your lids complements people with blue, brown, green, and hazel eyes. Scibelli says to start with a champagne base, then to apply the pink to your eye creases. 

“Before the rise of rose gold eyeshadows, I learned from one of my supermodel clients that she would actually add a hint of bubble-gum pink blush just in the crease of the eyes to bring out her eye color and warm up the eyes,” Scibelli says. “This really works, and I've been doing it ever since with my clients.” 

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Layered Blush

Who says you have to only reach for just one shade of blush for a makeup look? In the same way you can beautifully layer different eyeshadow or lipstick colors to create a multidimensional effect, Paljevic says you can use multiple blushes on your face. One of her favorite combinations is pink and peach. You can also play with different blush consistencies, she notes. For example, apply a cream blush and set it with powder.


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