25 Short Natural Hairstyles You’ll Want to Flaunt All Year Long

25 Short Natural Hairstyles You’ll Want to Flaunt All Year Long

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Raise your hand if you’re guilty of going to the salon and asking for your favorite celebrity’s hairstyle. Yes? Us, too. But when you have naturally curly hair, it can be tough to find an example of exactly the right style you’re looking for—just one more challenge on top of making sure you have the best haircare products, a protective satin bonnet, and all the right tools. Add to that having short hair, and finding options for inspiration can be tricky. So we did some digging for you and and gathered 25 of the best natural hairstyles for short hair to have at your fingertips for your next salon visit.


Curly Afro

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Style your natural curls using a wide-tooth comb to get the brushed out look Solange is rocking here. Massaging in a product like Sebastian’s Dark Oil will help give your hair "a natural shine from the inside out to add volume, while keeping your hair feeling light," Anthony Cole, Sebastian lead international stylist, says.


Shaved Sides

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Shaving the bottom of your head will instantly add some edge to short curls. "Incorporate a barber-style fadeout on the sides to create this dramatic high-to-low natural look," says Miko Branch, CEO and cofounder of Miss Jessie’s natural haircare products.


Short Afro

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Lupita Nyong’o’s symmetrical Afro is a popular request at the barbershop, says Jay Simone , a NYC hairstylist and barber. "Women, men, and children can get this haircut and style it in different ways, which is what makes it a very flexible hairstyle."

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Slicked Down

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The key to achieving a slicked-down look like Samira Wiley is applying a generous amount of maximum-hold gel from roots to ends while the hair is still wet, says Terri Alexander Ford, owner of the Philadelphia-based salon Hello Gorgeous Hair Studio. "With a fine-tooth comb, gently comb hair in a downward motion while smoothing it with your hand," she adds. "Tie a scarf around your head, and leave it on until your hair is dry."


Short and Sweet

African American woman smilingRick Gomez

The shape of this style "balances out strong features," Marcus Francis, a celebrity stylist, says. With this cut, attention immediately goes to the cheeks and smile.


Halo Curl Updo

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To achieve Kimberly Elise’s updo, use a coiling cream or product similar to Miss Jessie’s Coily Custard before individually curling each section of the hair using your fingers, Branch suggests. "After the hair is completely dried, you can pull it in an upward direction. Secure the halo curls with bobby pins," she says.

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Tight Curls

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"To create this beautiful hair, it is important to use moisturizing products," says Nick Justin Kersten, a hairstylist and founder of his own salon. "Do not use a hair dryer; instead, let it dry naturally."


Bouncy Curls

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Bianco Bruno, Glamsquad’s lead educator, points out that bouncy curls—slightly looser than the tight curl look referenced in the previous look—create a nice silhouette. "They enhance the already beautiful, existing texture while adding a fresh shape," she says.


Combed-Out Curls

African American woman smilingRonnie Kaufman

If you have naturally curly hair and want to wear it out even more loosely, the trick is to rinse away all the conditioner and use a diffuser to get a looser curl pattern, says Jessica Fitzpatrick, DevaCurl’s certified curl specialist and educator. "Be sure to scrunch away all the water, opting for a microfiber towel and then a paper towel to really boot away the excess moisture. Remember, we’re looking for functional frizz here," she says.

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Curly Crop

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Amandla Stenberg’s curly crop is too good. Using a product like Miss Jessie’s Jelly Soft Curls will give your hair the right amount of soft hold. "Just place your part on your best side and lay the hair down to add glamour to this short curly crop," Branch says.


Classic Pixie

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Zoë Kravitz’s classic pixie is all about getting the right haircut first. Use a flat iron for a bit of volume on top, then finish with a little holding spray," Grant suggests.


Small Curls

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If you prefer more tightly coiled curls, like fitness influencer Massy Arias’s, this style requires paying more attention to detail and definition. Use a small barrel iron to create texture and strong holding hair spray to keep it in place.

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Freeform Afro

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If your hair is already short, just use a leave-in conditioner to moisturize. Then air-dry before applying a shine spray to achieve this simple look.


Pinned-Up Curls

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NYC stylist Chereen Monet says for this Kerry Washington-approved look, you just need to tie your curls up, pineapple-style, with a hair tie, then use bobby pins to frame your face with your curls.


Longer in the Front

Smiling young african womanRidofranz

If you already have this haircut and want to give your natural curls some shine, you have to work a bit for it. "Use your hands to stretch the hair out and add lift at the root," says celebrity hairstylist Jenny Cho.

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Tiny Coils

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Distribute a product similar to Miss Jessie’s Coily Custard on wet or damp hair, then use your fingers to create individual coils all over, like Sanaa Lathan’s, says Branch. "Coil your curls in the front to frame your face to achieve this look," she adds.


Pulled-Back Updo

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To get Amandla Stenberg’s look, use a moisturizing hair lotion and run your fingers through the hair first, Branch suggests. "Once the hair is fully dry, lay down the edges with a toothbrush," she says. "Then use a flat bristle hair paddle brush to brush the hair in an upward direction before securing it with an expendable elastic band to create a ponytail with puffed-out curls."


Pixie Cut with Waves

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A pixie with waves is a classic style that will never go out of fashion. Francis says, Jada Pinkett Smith’s look is "a perfect balance of sleek with volume."

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Curly Updo

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Gather your naturally curly, dry hair into a high ponytail to achieve Wiley’s look. Once it’s secure, lightly pull the ends to cascade onto your face, explains Jerome Lordet, salon and style director at the Pierre Michel Salon in New York.


Va, Va Volume

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To get Ruth Negga’s voluminous hairstyle, use something like a small round brush, then blow-dry sections going back and lift at the roots.


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