I Tried a Professional Color Analysis Session—Here’s What Happened

I Tried a Professional Color Analysis Session—Here’s What Happened

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I received the best birthday gift a girl could ask for: a lifetime supply of fabric color swatches tailored for me, thanks to a color analysis session. Professional color analysis is a process that analyzes the colors that look best on you, and trained image consultants at House of Colour host color analysis sessions for clients around the world. I embarked on this transformative journey alongside my mom, paying a visit to Amy Harland, a House of Colour image consultant based out of West Des Moines, IA. 

My color analysis session began by having a white drape placed over my body to cover absolutely everything–even a white bonnet was provided to mask my hair color. Next, several fabric swatches were draped over the white overlays in natural lighting to determine my warm versus cool tones. Based on the warm or cool tone of your natural skin tone, you’ll fall into one of four seasonal categories: autumn, winter, spring, or summer. Your season can then help guide your clothing, makeup, hair, and jewelry color choices.

What Colors Look Best on Me?

During my color analysis session, Harland recommended a simple and accessible makeup routine. “Makeup is color and it’s worn right on the face, so it’s really important that your makeup shades be in colors that complement your skin tone. We show that you don’t need as much makeup when you are wearing the right season of clothing,” Harland says.

Her clients are always shocked when she reveals their true mascara color. It was mind-blowing to find out that I’ve been wearing the wrong mascara color. After the session, I decided to swap my usual blackest-black mascara for a deep brown shade.

How each client decides to incorporate the learnings from their color analysis session is entirely up to them. “It’s very interactive in the sense that I want you to participate in the process,” Harland says. “My goal is to give women confidence and empower them, not make them feel restricted. As a company, that's something we really want people to know. We’re not going to restrict you or take anything away from you that you love. This is just all about fun and empowerment," she explains.

Professional color analysis before and after

Megan Lenzi

When my Mom and I were draped with fabric swatch colors in the correct season, it made the fabric look more expensive. For an added bonus, our skin looked more radiant and our teeth appeared whiter. As an autumn season, I look best in earthy, rich, warm tones with gold jewelry. A big shock to me (and my wardrobe) was introducing brown and tan colors as my new neutral instead of black. 

After Harland had her first color analysis session a few years ago, she dove headfirst into the makeup routine, starting wearing clothes for her season, and even dyed her hair back to her natural color. “Once I did that, I felt so much better about my complexion, how I looked, and my confidence. I was like, I need everybody to know about this because it really helped me,” Harland says. “I just wanted to share it with the world."

My mom and I left the color analysis session exuding confidence and mesmerized by our new makeup routines and fabric swatch kits. “When you look great and feel confident, you’re going to portray that to the world and it can change people’s lives. I’ve had lots of women come back and say, 'This changed my life,'” Harland says.

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