7 Simple Ways to Change Up Your Makeup Routine If You’ve Been Doing the Same Thing for Years

7 Simple Ways to Change Up Your Makeup Routine If You’ve Been Doing the Same Thing for Years

Going through the motions with your makeup application each day works well enough, but switching things up every once in a while is a great way to wiggle out of a rut and have fun with some self-expression. If you’ve been applying your blush the same way for years, wearing the same lip color day in and day out, and otherwise steering clear of anything new, this is your cue to take a little makeup leap. These simple switches are the perfect place to start. 


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Swipe On a Bold Lip Color

A glassy gloss or a nude lippie is always a winner, but if you’re feeling experimental then swipe on a lip color you’d normally never apply, suggests makeup artist Sam Kyle, head of creative development and design at Mirabella Beauty. One of her favorites is red, which is a classic hue that flatters any complexion. 

“Red is having a moment this season, and I love the idea of taking one of fall’s hottest shades off the runway and into our makeup bags,” Kyle says. “The addition of a red pout to an otherwise simple, understated makeup look creates a chic, undeniably elegant finish and an instant sense of empowerment. It’s ‘dopamine dressing‘ for your lips.” 

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Go for a Grunge-y Eye

If you’re used to wearing low key (or no) eye makeup, branch out of your comfort zone by going for a very trendy “undone grunge-y” eye look, suggests makeup artist Elaina Badro. 

“This fall 2023 trend was seen on the runways of Dior, Schiaparelli, and Jason Wu,” she says. “In order to make the grunge-y side of smokey eyes appear luxurious, skip heavy foundation and dark lips. Instead, keep lips natural and foundation polished. Elaina Badro."

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Or Go for Barely There Eye Makeup

On the other hand, if you’re someone who does a full beat all the time or who hasn’t walked out of the house without an inky cat eye in ages, then try to embrace a “less is more” approach. Stick to a bare lid, or use a neutral color that suits your complexion, and a few swipes of mascara and call it a day. Maybe the low maintenance approach will appeal, or maybe you’ll want to go back to bold. 

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Try a Different Approach to Foundation

If you’re not 100% convinced of your current foundation approach, consider switching things up in this department. Makeup artist Matthew Waitesmith says he’s particularly a fan of this switch if you’re used to applying a thick layer of heavy, full-coverage foundation. 

“Don't pay attention to the social media videos that urge you to apply layers and layers of thick makeup—that is just ‘makeup theater,’” he says. “Choose a well pigmented makeup formula and place small amounts on the parts of your face that you want to make look more even and uniform.” 

He argues that most people don't need to put makeup on their entire face and create a mask. Start with a nice layer of moisturizer or primer on the skin first, then apply a sheer layer of a light to medium coverage foundation, tinted moisturizer, or BB cream. 

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Add a Touch of Blush To Your Undereyes

Along with trying new colors or different products, another way to switch up your makeup routine is to use your makeup in unexpected ways. For example, Kyle’s a fan of applying a tiny amount of cream blush to your undereyes. 

“The color pink works to counterbalance blue-green tones, so working a bit of blush into your normal concealer application helps to reduce dark circles and gives the under-eyes a much brighter, more youthful appearance,” she explains. “You'll look instantly awake and ready to face the day.” 

You can also try applying blush on the tip of your nose or at your temples!

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Try a New Facial Sunscreen

If you’re not yet a serious sunscreen wearer—or you’ve tried facial sunscreens and have declared they’re not for you—Waitesmith urges you to rethink this approach. 

“There are so many easy-to-use sunscreen products available these days, but people forget to wear them on a daily basis. And there are serious consequences to exposing your skin to UV rays,” he says. “Always wear a layer of UV protecting product on your skin that is exposed to the sun.”

Now’s a good time to try a few different options to see which you like best. Like foundation or mascara, you may need to experiment with a few before finding your holy grail. And years from now? Waitesmith says you’ll be so happy you protected yourself every day.

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Say Sayonara to Black or Brown Eyeliner

For something fun and fresh, ditch your standard black or brown eyeliner and reach for another neutral that feels a bit more daring, like smoldering navy, rich plum, or deep emerald. 

“While black liners can often give the illusion of smaller, recessed eyes, shades like navy and plum can create a sultry, dark smokiness that draws attention to the eyes,” Kyle explains. “Opt for a creamy liner pencil rather than a liquid. Not only will you have more control during the application process, but you can blend a creamy formula to create a gorgeous, smoky effect for fall.”


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