40 Easy 4th of July Nail Designs You Need To Try

40 Easy 4th of July Nail Designs You Need To Try

fourth of july nail art designpinterestChristina Radcliffe//Getty Images

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They say you can tell a lot about a person simply from the way they wear their nails. There are those who are more laid-back and prefer a neat manicure without all the fuss of designs and bright colors. Then there are those who view nail art as a form of self-expression, switching up designs to match their mood or a specific outfit. Regardless of which category you fall into, we have some of the best 4th of July nail designs you can try this year.

We have a variety of options that you can take for inspo on your next nail appointment, or you can try a DIY manicure with your favorite nail polishes or dip powder kit. Whether you prefer a classy French tip, a simple, minimalistic design or love to go all out with a bold red, ombre or tons of rhinestones, you can count on us to help you achieve your nail goals. Even if you aren’t a fan of waiting for nail polish to dry, or you aren’t quite that skilled with a brush, we included press-on nail options, too. And don’t worry, we can even help you figure out how to apply them in a snap!

So, continue scrolling to find the best (and easiest) nail designs to show off during all of your 4th of July activities.


Starry Fourth of July Nail Decals

a manicure that features various designs on each fingernail, like a white base, a blue base with a few white stars and a red baseInstagram / @themaniclub

If you’re already intimidated by the idea of painting your own stars and stripes, try these foolproof decals. Simply paint your base, stick ’em on, and show off your patriotic tips!



Double French With Stars

Double French With Stars2

Double French With Stars


Fourth of July nails don’t just have to be red, white and blue. This idea keeps the theme of stars and stripes, but can be done in whatever colors you want!


Airbrush Aura Fourth of July Nails

a blue manicure with a red ombre circle design on a blue backgroundInstagram / @nailsbymh

A red aura circle on a blue base coat adds dimension and will make your nails pop this Fourth of July.

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Blue Glitter Gradient

Blue Glitter Gradient 4

Blue Glitter Gradient


Cue the glitter! What better way to prepare for fireworks than to get sparkles all over your nails?


Blue Marble Nails

nails that are painted light blue and feature a dark blue marble designDarya Lankina / EyeEm//Getty Images

These marble nails evoke a lazy pool day or the smoke that swirls in the sky after a firework show. These may look tricky, but it’s easy to tie-dye nails using a water marbling technique — just check out a few tutorials on YouTube first.


Red French Nails

Red French Nails 6

Red French Nails


We love this festive take on classic French nails. It’s more interesting, and the shape follows the almond trend we’ve been seeing everywhere.

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Cute Fourth of July Nails

nails that feature different designs on each fingernail, like blue stripes on a white base, white polka dots on a red base, a red anchor on a white base, white dots on a blue base, and red lines on a white baseRosalys Paez / EyeEm//Getty Images

Make your manicure stand out by drawing on red, blue and white dots and stripes, and add a nail sticker to the mix to make it even more fun!



Ombre Holographic Glitter Nails

Ombre Holographic Glitter Nails8

Ombre Holographic Glitter Nails


Mimic the fireworks with this holographic ombre design. Plus, because they aren’t so on-the-nose, they can be worn way past July 4th.


Fourth of July Double French Tips

a hand with a red and white double french manicure and gold rings is placed on a denim backgroundInstagram / @aliciatnails

Go for a twist on a classic style with a French manicure in two patriotic colors. Light blue polish makes this look even more wearable.


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Watermelon Sugar Nails

a nude manicure, featuring a unique red, black, white, and green watermelon design on each fingernailInstagram / @nevnailsit

A Fourth of July barbecue wouldn’t be complete without a few slices of watermelon to munch on. Add the summery fruit to your nails for a manicure that you can wear on the Fourth and beyond.


Blue Chrome Press-on Nails

Blue Chrome Press-on Nails11

Blue Chrome Press-on Nails


Chrome is in! And these navy blue press-ons have just the right amount of shine.


Fourth of July Coffin Nails

a nude manicure with raised blue and red lines design, featuring a square nail shapeInstagram / @joelyoceannails

Don’t be afraid to try a different nail shape! These trendy coffin nails look extra mod with line detailing.


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Negative Space Fourth of July Nails

a hand holding candy with a manicure, featuring negative space and red, white and blue colorsInstagram / @paintboxnails

A classic yet futuristic spin on an American mani everyone can rock. All you need is red, white and blue polish!


Colorful Foil Fourth of July Nails

light sparkly painted nails with red and blue colorful foilInstagram / @color_camp

Nothing says Fourth of July like foil in red and blue. Paint your nails an off-white color and add some white glitter to make them patriotic.



Star Spangled Mani

a manicure with a red base and white star designs, featuring a gold ring on a grey backgroundInstagram / @aliciatnails

Nothing says the Fourth of July like being loud and proud, so make your nails pop by adding large white stars over a bright red mani.


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Simple Red Manicure

a simple red mani with a floral backgroundInstagram / @themaniclub

At the end of the day, there’s nothing more classic than a red manicure (just make sure the nail polish properly dries first). Wear your favorite blue and white outfit and you’re all set.


Red Half Moon Nails

a manicure that features scarlet curves with a pearl ringInstagram / @imarninails

If you’re more of a minimalist and prefer to stick to one shade instead of three, opt for this simple nail design, a chic negative space half moon mani.


Golden Star Fourth of July Nails

a nude manicure with gold stars on a blue backgroundInstagram / @color_camp

Add dainty gold stars to a neutral manicure. It’s perfect for a holiday wedding or backyard barbecue, alike. Place small red and blue dots in between the stars so that you’ll look at home at the cookout.


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Subtle Fourth of July Nails

a clear manicure with two different shades of blue, light blue and navy blue, on the top of the nailInstagram / @aliciatnails

Choose a few of your favorite blue hues this Fourth of July to create a manicure that is festive, yet adorable.


White Fourth of July Nails

a white manicure with colorful star and polka dot designs on a denim backgroundInstagram / @color_camp

White nails are a summer staple. Amp them up by adding microscopic dots in shades of red and blue. For even more patriotism, place small silver stars on each nail.



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