13 Floral Nail-Art Ideas That Will Make You Stop and Smell the Roses

13 Floral Nail-Art Ideas That Will Make You Stop and Smell the Roses

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When flowers start to sprout from the ground, consider the blooms your inspiration for a spring nail-art refresher. We don’t know if it’s the days getting longer and the sun setting later, but with spring comes the undeniable urge to upend pretty much every part of our beauty routines. The easiest place to start, we found, is with our manicures.

Once springtime rolls around, it becomes much more acceptable to want to fit as many different floral nail-art designs into our manicures as possible, a feat that we do not take lightly. Daisies, sunflowers, roses, you name it — we want them incorporated into our flower nails. There are countless ways to incorporate flowers into your manicure, from small accents to making them the star of your entire set with larger floral designs.

We’ve scoured Instagram to find the very best inspiration for your next floral manicure, and they’re so good, you’ll immediately want to book an appointment and show a few of these to your manicurist. You might opt for small dried flowers all over your manicure or a few petals on top of bare nails for a negative-space option. Regardless of your tastes, you’re sure to find floral nail-art ideas that make you as happy as the real thing ahead.

French-Tip Flower Nail Designs

French tips are a classic nail-art look, but why not take them up a notch with the addition of floral nail art in soft, pastel shades?

Neutral Flower Nail-Art Designs

If you prefer neutral nails but still want to get in on the floral trend, use a nude base shade like beige and jazz it up with floral details at the tips of each finger.

Floral Accent Nail Design

Flowers don’t have to take over the whole manicure. In fact, opt for a floral design on a single finger to serve as an accent for the rest of your manicure.

Multicolor Floral Nail-Art Design

Make your floral nails the center of attention by using different colors to make the design really pop.

Minimal Floral Nail Art

Are you a fan of a minimalist manicure? Keep your floral nail art relegated to the base of the nail for a soft peekaboo effect.

Pink Flower Nail Designs

There’s nothing like matching your neutral pink nails with a pink floral design. It’s a perfect summer flower nail design.

3D Floral Nails

The 3D trend is still going strong. If you want nails like a fairy, get your floral nail art done in a soft-pink sculpted finish.

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Grid Flower Nail Art

The addition of fine lines to this manicure adds a fun, geometric flair to this floral nail art.

Moody Flower Nail Art

This simple floral design pops against a deep-black nail polish for a moody finish that works just as well in the fall and winter as in the spring.

Matte Floral Nail Art

Make your floral patterned nails pop even more by adding an opaque base coat and a matte topcoat.

Patterned Floral Nail Art

Keep your floral designs chic and monochromatic by sticking with a one-color theme like the pink shades used for this look.

Bold Floral Nail Art

Daisy nail designs always pair well with a stark white base coat, but even better is the strong contrast between the colors — all eyes will be on your flower nails.

White Line Flower Nails

Take graphic-line nail art up to a new level by not only using them in your flower nail design but swapping the typical black shade used for a white. The contrast will be stunning.


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